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How to Watch Tour de France Live Stream with VPN

Tour de France is one of the most-watched cycling events. How to watch and where to watch Tour de France ongoing? Read the blog to know everything.

The biggest event in cycling is back. The 21-stage race will once again take place in the summer, starting on Saturday, July 1, and ending on Saturday, July 23, for the 2023 Tour de France. Cycling's most prestigious competition, the Tour de France, is free to watch in some nations around the world on several streaming sites, including the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, and Australia. However, if you are currently abroad and your coverage is geo-blocked, you could always use a VPN to access it (assuming you are not breaking any broadcaster T&Cs, of course). With VPN,  you can unblock Tour de France in restricted countries and accelerate streaming speed. You might be shocked by how easy it is to complete watching Tour de France with VPN. Continue reading and learn how to watch Tour de France live stream.

How to Watch Tour de France 2022

  • Date: Sat, Jul 1, 2023 – Sun, Jul 23, 2023

  • Place: France, Basque Country

  • Stages: 21

  • Distance: 3,404 km (2,115 mi)

You cannot utilize the NBC or ITV live streams if you reside or travel outside of the US or the UK. For customers with foreign IP addresses, both providers restrict access to their video content. In actuality, all broadcasters and sports streaming platforms only cover their own countries. NBC or FuboTV premium subscriptions are useless because you cannot access your paid content when traveling.

Besides, you will not be able to access them when traveling outside of your home country, even if you have a subscription to the applicable Tour de France rights holders. By using your IP address to determine your location, the service will immediately ban your access.

Utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to overcome this challenge. In order to prevent the servers and services you are visiting from knowing what you're doing, a VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the internet. The entire exchange of information is totally encrypted.

It might be difficult to choose the finest VPN for your requirements. Numerous VPN companies have flooded the market in recent years, which offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, there is a VPN service suitable for your purpose regardless of how casual or important your privacy needs are thanks to the variety of economical VPN solutions that are now offered. It also means that users would have to sift through more hyped-up VPN advertising.

There are many VPN service providers; some are safer and more dependable than others. Typically, we advise using a commercial service like iTop VPN. After evaluating dozens of VPNs, we believe iTop VPN to be the absolute best.

Free VPN provider iTop VPN offers a reasonably priced subscription package and a few odd privacy additions.

The free plan clearly outperforms most of the competition by providing 700MB of data per day (21GB per month) and a choice of about sixteen free VPN servers (including the US and UK).

You may access more than 100 locations and 1,800 streaming and gaming-dedicated servers by subscribing. (P2P is also available, but only on a small number of specialized servers.)

Vital features of iTop VPN are:

  • 1800+ Worldwide servers to watch Tour de France everywhere

  • Dedicated streaming servers to live stream Tour de France (such as ITV, Hulu, Sling TV)

  • Unlimited data and bandwidth to watch Tour de France smoothly

  • Best-in-class encryption

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Step 1: Download the Tour de France VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and install and launch it on your device.

Step 2: Choose your wanted location and connect it. Here we take France as an example.

Choose Tour de France VPN Location

Step 3: When connected, the connected location and words that indicate connection are displayed on the homepage.

Tour de France VPN Connection

One of the best things about the Tour de France is that it is completely free to watch in lots of countries around the world. For example:

  • Watch Tour de France in the UK - ITV4 and ITV Hub streaming service/ S4C and S4C on BBC iPlayer

  • Watch Tour de France in France - France TV Sport 

  • Watch Tour de France in Belgium - RTBF 

  • Watch Tour de France in Italy - Rai Sport

  • Watch Tour de France in Australia - SBS

If you're from any of the countries listed above but you're abroad right now, don't worry about missing out on that free coverage - all you need to do is download the safe VPN iTop VPN and reconnect to your home streaming coverage.


Obviously, there are many free streaming websites, but they are rife with adverts, trackers, and, most importantly, viruses. You are highly discouraged from putting your security at risk by using pirated streaming. Hence, download and use the free iTop VPN to keep privacy and visit any streaming sites to stream Tour de France.

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