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How to Access to Dark Web with the Best VPN for Dark Web 2023

Use the best VPN for dark web to access it safely with a step-by-step guide. You can browse the dark web without security issues and risks of being hacked by this page.

The dark web is below the surface of the internet, or we say, under the surface web and deep web. It contains illegal or criminal content and cannot be reached by common search engines like Google or Bing, which requires a special browser called the Tor Browser to visit. This passage would show you how to access to dark web with explicit steps. 

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All your activities on the dark web need the Tor Browser since dark websites have special domains end with .onion. Therefore, the first step that needs to be taken is to install the Tor Browser on your devices.

It’s simple to install this browser on your devices because it can be searched on Google and you can just select the version that suits your device to download. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. For Android users, you can even choose the APK version of it or get it on the Google Play store. While the Tor browser does not support iOS or iPadOS, iPhone users can choose a browser called the Onion Browser in the App Store, which is “open source, uses Tor routing, and is developed by someone who works closely with the Tor Project. However, Apple requires browsers on iOS to use something called Webkit, which prevents Onion Browser from having the same privacy protections as Tor Browser.” according to the Tor Project. 

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After installation, you can start to browse the dark web now. But newcomers of this browser or dark web usually do not know what to find or how to use, as this moment, you need the Hidden Wiki, an encyclopedia of the dark web with URLs and descriptions of websites you may need.

If you find this wiki cannot help you find what you want. Then you need search engines that can work on the dark web like DuckDuckGo or Onionland with just URL results.

Now you can browse the dark web freely as you wish, whether Bitcoin sites or drug stores would be easily reached.

While dark web is also a place full of danger. There are no regulations of all the websites on the dark web and their domains change constantly due to internet attacks, hacking activities, etc. Moreover, malware is prevalent on the dark web is open and you have no idea of what those malwares can do. Personal information and privacy are at high risk when you browse the dark web. For that case, you need another tool to keep your surfing experience safe and sound. A VPN, aka virtual private network.

Dark wen can be dangerous for your device to visit, but iTop VPN can help you with that with industry-leading encryption techniques and advanced malware detection. Let’s dive deeper into this VPN software and see whether it can do you a favor.

Best-in-class Encryption

With iTop VPN, you are free from risks of internet attack or hack from others. Once you connected to the network of this fast VPN free, your device and activities on the dark web would be encrypted. No one else can see what you are doing or what you have done, let alone influence the security of your devices.

Powerful Malware Detection

iTop VPN is innated with 2 features called Security Reinforce and Browser Privacy respectively. The first one could check the weakness of your system and help to improve it. The second one can detect and then clean all the privacy issues of your browsers automatically. And these 2 features are 100% free to get in this VPN for Windows. Just install this software and you can check these 2 features in the Privacy Protection. No need to worry about the safety of the dark web since you use iTop VPN. 

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Full Compatibility

iTop VPN is available on Windows (updated version Windows 11 supported), macOS, and iOS. For questions like how to access dark web on Mac or how to access dark web on iPhone, this free VPN macOS will be the solution to them.

For users who are not clear about how to access to dark web with iTop VPN, detailed steps are listed below. Using iTop VPN is as easy as using the dark web. Steps to use it are also prepared below:

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN for your devices.

Step 2. Open this best free VPN for Windows and connect to the VPN network. 

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Step 3. Open the Tor browser and enter any URL of the dark web.

That’s all. Only 3 steps later you can start your journey on the dark web with a security and privacy guarantee.

Perhaps you have heard about the deep web, dark web, and surface web, yet you struggle to differentiate these closely related terms. While they both revolve around the web and the internet, they describe the different levels of internet content.

Surface Web

As the name suggests, the surface web is what you see on the surface when you search for something on a search engine. It is the internet data indexed by search engines and accounts for about 4% of the entire internet content.

Deep Web

Deep Web is the internet content that is not indexed by the common search engines. You will probably not access these data with a simple search because they are password protected or hidden from the common search engines. Most of these deep web pages consist of data stored in databases to aid services such as social media, banking, medical services, and educational libraries.  Accessing the deep web is relatively safe because it requires access credentials.

Dark Web

The dark web is the internet content/ web pages specially designed for anonymity. These sites use TOR URLs that are inaccessible without specific software. In the dark web, people transact anonymously. Here, illegal transactions and sensitive information run anonymously. Things like illegal firearm purchases, human trafficking, and drug deals happen here.

However, not everything that happens on the dark web is bad. Whistleblowers, secret military information, and journalists exchange information without knowing their identities. It is good for them because the nature of information is costly and often life-threatening.

Bottom Line

All the content about how to access to dark web has been presented to you. Now you can browse the dark web safely with the guard of iTop VPN. With its security reinforce and browser privacy protection, you can say goodbye to all the viruses or malware on the dark web. Moreover, iTop VPN is more than a VPN for dark web, it is also a VPN for porn, streaming, gaming, etc. more useful features are innated in the app. No more wait or hesitation, to access the dark web or anything else on the internet, just open the Tor browser and connect to the iTop VPN now!

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