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How Do We Crack & Use Free Cracked VPN for PC? Newest Cracked VPN for 2024

Where can we find the best-cracked VPN? How do we crack & use these VPNs freely? This post will be a detailed guide about how to use a cracked VPN for a PC.

With the intensified network blocking & censorship, private stealing & monitoring, your internet life may not be as wonderful and safe as you used to believe. VPN has become a thing must-to-have for most internet users who don’t want their safety been threatened.

Cracked VPN - Title

How can we enjoy VPN services without paying more than $100? Probably a cracked VPN would work this time. A workable cracked VPN for PC is probably the best thing we can expect to have. How and where can we get a cracked VPN? 

Nord VPN is considered one of the most popular VPNs to use – it proclaimed their service is the most secure VPN on the internet. With the Nord VPN special technology, the Nord VPN will eliminate the possibility of your online activities being monitored & sniffed.

Cracked VPN - Nord VPN

Though the Nord VPN is reliable & powerful, the service cost of Nord VPN is high – to enjoy the best tier online privacy protection can cost you $12.95 per month. The following post will present how to crack Nord VPN.

Step 1. Make sure you’ve cleaned up your old version Nord VPN installation (If you have installed the Nord VPN before), all information needs to be cleaned up, including registration & temperature files. To use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall the software is recommended in this guide.

Step 2. Download & install the Nord VPN by clicking on the hypertext link (Notice: not the green download button). Then finish the downloading & installation. (

Cracked VPN - Nord VPN Download & Install

Step 3. After installation, execute the Nord VPN client, click “Sign In”, enter the username & password of a cracked account, then you are good to go.

Cracked VPN - Nord VPN Sign In

NOTICE: Due to the nature of cracked VPN software which confronts the profit & interests of VPN companies, the cracking methods are always unstable and prone to failure, please keep updating & try different methods on (

Cracked VPN NordVPN-Serial-key

You can click green “Download Here” & download the crack account list (in a .zip file) and try to use a different account & password to sign in. 

Cracked VPN - Nord VPN

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Express VPN is another famous VPN on the market. You should have seen their commercials. Besides the overwhelming Ad attacks, the ExpressVPN is still a solid, reliable VPN service that offers you all-round network security support & geo-spoofing features. If you want a useful VPN, ExpressVPN should be one of the best choices for you.

Cracked VPN - Express VPN Title

The pricing of ExpressVPN is notorious. It costs you $ per month to use and possibly a good reason for why you need to use a cracked VPN. Again, let’s check out how to crack the Express VPN.

Step 1. Again, make sure you’ve cleaned up your old version of Express VPN, all information needs to be cleaned up. To use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall the software is suggested in this guide.(

Cracked VPN - Express VPN Download

Step 2. Download & install the Express VPN at Select the version which matches your device, then finish the downloading & installation.

Cracked VPN - Express VPN Download

Step 3. After installation, execute the Express VPN client. The Express VPN will ask you to input the “Activation Code”.

Cracked VPN - Express VPN Activate

Step 4. On this page, (, you need to copy & paste the URL and reach the newest updates of ExpressVPN activation codes.

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Cracked VPN - VPN Problems

There is nothing wrong with the willingness of cutting off the cost to use a free VPN service. But it is obviously not favored by VPN companies – they might don’t like you to use crack VPNs – remember, there is no free lunch.

  • The biggest issue of using a cracked VPN is that the cracking is not stable – companies would like to put their maximum effort to fix the back doors & limit the cracked accounts. So the VPN cracks are not stable & not always available. You may find that the free cracks are no longer usable in a very short period of time.

  • Some people with ulterior motives take use of users penny wise to save money, there is a high chance that malicious software & trojans will be added & implanted while you are doing crack.

  • Luckily, there are still very good substitutes: there is a wonderful free-to-use VPN, iTop VPN. The purpose of choosing a cracked VPN is to avoid the payment and use it freely. thus, why not use a decent free VPN service immediately?

The iTop VPN can be your best replacement for your cracked VPN for PC – if you are seeking a free VPN to use. The iTop VPN provides reliable & trustworthy services and charges you no cost to use.

Cracked VPN - iTop VPN

Besides the free-to-use policy, the iTop VPN also gives you all-around internet security protection as a best free VPN for Windows. You can access IP Hider & DNS Protector in the “Privacy Protection” features of iTop VPN, and all these features are open for free user access. If your purpose is to hide your online identity, using this free VPN instead to find a cracked VPN online can be an acceptable selection.

Cracked VPN iTop VPN

On the other hand, if you are seeking a tool that can help you do geo-spoofing & access certain online resources like downloading torrents or watching porn with porn VPN, you might like to use iTop free VPN.

The iTop VPN also available on mobile devices like iOS, Android, if your need a cracked VPN APK, the iTop VPN can still be a wonderful replacement.

How to Use iTop Free VPN as VPN Crack Substitute

Step 1. It isn’t hard to use iTop free VPN as a cracked VPN replacement, just download the software & install it.

Cracked VPN

Step 2. Then click the “Connect” button, you will be connected to the private network.

Cracked VPN

Step 3. If you need advanced geo-spoofing features & network protection, you might like to check the tools in “Quick Access”. Everything you might need for internet enhancements; you can find them here in iTop VPN.

Cracked VPN

A VPN is necessary for your network security today. A cracked VPN can surely give you reliable security services & benefits, without an economical burden. This post introduces the use & crack of cracked VPN, and also suggests a usable free iTop VPN if you are willing to take it as a replacement, hope it helps. See you around!

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