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How to Book Hotel Cheaper? Free Tricks You Might Want to Know

Here are several free tips and tricks for cheap hotel booking, including via VPN, last-minute deals or through a hotel chain’s website.

A cheap hotel is in high demand - we all love a good bargain on travel! No one wants to blow the entire vacation budget on a hotel. The good news is that we can easily find cheap hotel booking anywhere we want to go. The following tips and tricks will help you figure out how to book a hotel cheap for your trip, whether with a VPN, last-minute deals or through cheap hotel booking sites. 

Cheap Hotel Booking

There are quite a few easy ways to find cheap hotel deals near me, such as cheap hotel booking with VPN, flash sales, auction sales, and last-minute deals, to name a few. Read on for more bargains. 

Book Cheap Hotel Rooms Near Me

Cheap hotel booking is available with a VPN - you can get nearly 32% off for a hotel. Flash sales can also help you save 20% easily. Try the last-minute deals, you can save up to 26%, no strings, just saving more money. Don’t forget auction sales, you could save 20%-22% via this cheap hotel booking approach. You are also recommended to combine flights and hotels( 12% saving), look for cheap hotel booking through a hotel chain’s website( 5% saving), and clear your browsing history (5% saving). Taking advantage of fringe benefits to enjoy free meals/parking, and free use of facilities. 

There are many benefits of booking a cheap hotel with a VPN. We enlist some of the main advantages of using a VPN to book cheaper hotels.

  • Hotel booking sites use your location to determine the prices they show you.

Hotel booking websites use cookies to analyze your locations and preferences, then determine the hotel prices for you. A VPN can change your IP address and thus the booking price is changed. Like change to UAE with UAE VPN.

  • Different hotels usually set up different price strategies based on different user group

With a VPN, you can switch to different servers and locations to find out the lowest hotel prices.

  • An average 15%~40% discount for booking online with VPN is proved

Through a VPN, you are likely to save hundreds of dollars on hotel booking. There are lots of real cases proving that. You can save 15%~40% for booking hotels with a VPN.

Using a VPN can get more savings, so we focus on how to book a hotel cheap with a VPN. Below is why and how we can book cheap hotels with discounts online using unlimited free VPNs

How to Book Hotel Cheaper

•  Use a VPN to Change Your Location

Your IP, Internet Protocol is an easy way to detect your location and personal data. The hotel booking websites can offer different hotel prices, depending on your location. That’s where a VPN makes sense - it helps change your location and book hotels cheaper.

 Put eyes on Flash Sales & discount in different region & country

Flash sales and discount websites are good places to go for cheap hotel booking. Websites like HotelCoupons.com have coupons for discounts on hotels across different places. You can use a VPN to locate in different zones & areas and dig our more flash sales and discounts.

 • Check Hotel Chains Websites in different regions with a VPN

Hotels deals are more affordable in low-income countries than those in high-income countries. When checking hotel chains’ websites with a best free VPN for Windows, you can find cheaper hotels by switching to different places. 

 • Clear Your Browsing History

You’d better clear your browsing history and cookies. Cookies store your browsing history and hotel search preferences. Cheap hotel booking websites use data collected by cookies and IP addresses or GPS locations to determine the booking price. If you are browsing hotel booking repeatedly, they know the chance to book hotels are high and increase the price of hotels. Through a VPN, you can change the location, clear cookies, and find better deals to save more on hotel bookings. Make sure you use a reliable free VPN for your needs. Based on our test, iTop VPN has a powerful browser record cleaner and is a good helper in easy saving. 

How to book hotel cheaper? You can do so simply with a few clicks via iTop VPN. Use the following steps to learn how to use iTop VPN to geo spoof & book hotels cheaper/with more discounts.

Step 1. Free VPN download and install iTop VPN on your device.

Step 2. Click All Servers and select a server from the server list. 

How to Book Cheap Hotel - Select Region

Step 3. Click the Connect button to connect the server you choose. You’d better log out all your Instagram account and re-login with iTop VPN connection. Switch to different server addresses to book cheaper hotels. Your IP address will be hidden. That’s it!

How to Book Cheap Hotel - Select Region

iTop VPN is our top recommendation to access different hotel booking websites with cheaper prices around the world anytime anywhere you want. Apart from cheap hotel booking, below are some other useful features provided by iTop VPN you might be looking for. 

Cheap Hotel Booking with iTop

 • Better security protection. iTop VPN enables you to connect to a server with IPv6 protocol with better security. It insists No-log policy and uses DNS protection to avoid any potential risks. It is an AES-256 encrypted and NIST-approved solid encryption method.

 • Super geo-spoofing and location masking. You can spoof your location with the VPN by assigning it an IP address located in other places. 1800+ high-quality servers are provided in 100+ locations.

 • Anti-phishing. iTop VPN provides you with passive protection against phishing attacks and stores your logins safely. (Also read: is VPN safe? >>)

 • Ultra-fast speed. iTop VPN features a fast connection and unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to browse and book cheaper hotels quickly without lagging.

 • Ad Blocker. Thanks to the ads blocking feature, it helps block ads when you are looking for cheap hotel booking with browsers. No popping-ups, no traces, just safe and easy money-saving.

Wide device availability. iTop VPN works on multiple platforms, including VPN for Windows, VPN for macOS, and iOS. You can use it to get cheaper hotel booking on any device you own. 

These tips will help you get cheap hotel booking easily. You can book cheaper hotels via a VPN, last-minute deals, auction sales, flash sales, combing flights and hotels, and more. There is one surefire way to save money: use a VPN to spoof your location and book cheaper hotels online anywhere anytime. iTop VPN also has tons of other benefits like great security protection, ad blocking, and anti-phishing, to name a few. Free download iTop VPN and book the cheapest hotels right now.




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