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Review of VPN Proxy Master PC & APK - Is There A Better Choice?

Review of the best VPN service for 2022 - the VPN Proxy Master & Download. Best VPN Proxy Master free alternative on PC & Android 2022 update.

As one that most eye-catching best free VPN for Windows, the VPN Proxy Master is the shining spark that releases in 2020, and soon became one of the hottest trends in the VPN market. The VPN Proxy Master has a very professional-looking interface. Its dark design presents a perfect night mode & be good for your eyesight protection. And users can easily access all functionalities they need by clicking the VPN Proxy Master's left panel on its Windows APP. Also, the VPN Proxy Master offers their APP on both Android & iOS AppStore, which means the VPN Proxy Master is mobile friendly.

VPN master logo

One of the most promising things is, the VPN Proxy Master claims that their VPN service has no bandwidth or speed limits, offers unlimited server switching & completely free to use. Obviously, we would prefer a VPN that allows customers to have a real VPN free-to-use service as the trial and error since you have no idea if the provided service fits your needs or not. Seems like that everything is good here on VPN Proxy Master side, let us check out the detail of VPN Proxy Master, to dig out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Security of VPN Proxy Master – Decent Protection

Move to our most cared part of a VPN performance, the security. With the no-logging policy guaranteed, both the VPN Proxy Master free version and upgraded VIP account will support the OpenVPN protocol. That means both their free version and the paid version will be benefiting from military-grade encryption (SHA-256). And your outward & inward traffic would have fully fortified encryption.


The V2ray & IKEv2 are both provided as the aid of certain security scenarios. But just as its presence in explanation, the V2ray & IKEv2 protocols do not work on all networks but selected situations, so here we just put them aside in the comparison. A potential security issue of the VPN Proxy Master is, it does not provide a double encrypted protocol. That could be the grit on the lens and the fly in the ointment.

Connection & Accessibility of VPN Proxy Master – Isn’t Ideal

While this VPN Proxy Master claims to be the fastest VPN service ever with unlimited bandwidth, with announced their unlimited free VPN service policy. The third-party speed tests tell us a different story. Free users have access to only a limited number of servers and the server list shows that almost all servers are under heavy load (which could be a perfect excuse for not performing an appropriate speed). Even on the paid premium version, the servers still can’t support streaming content effectively. On the specific premium US server for Netflix & Hulu, the VPN Proxy Master isn’t performing better, which is supposed to be faster since you’ve paid for its premium service. 

VPN proxy master regions

The VPN Proxy Master free version provides free VPN servers located in seven different regions. Including the United States, United Kingdoms, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, India, and Singapore. If you upgrade to a premium account, you will have around 30+ servers that are open to being selected as VPN geo-spoofing options. But the server load is still considerably high & marked as fully occupied (on an average of 70% occupation rate).

Additional Features & Pricing – Not Acceptable 

The VPN Proxy Master offers some extra features that could be useful. Like Wi-Fi Protection, it will allow a direct connection without VPN when connected to a secured Wi-Fi. Its DoH Service could encrypt your online activity and avoid monitoring from your local ISP & online tracers. The split tunnel allows you to make a whitelist so these trusted APPs/Websites will not go through your VPN traffic.

VPN master settings

You can use VPN Proxy Master freely, but with part of its functions disabled. If you are focus on its premium features, like unblock regional restrictions of Netflix, Hulu & other streaming platforms. Or you need to enable the Peer-to-Peer downloading feature, then you have to upgrade your VPN Proxy Master to a Premium account. And after days of using, we found that the VPN proxy master has terminated our service after around 14 days I was installed it on my computer. It is not performing as they claimed as a free unlimited trial VPN for Windows.

VPN master service terminated

Then we come to the pricing part. It has comparatively higher pricing than most VPNs, even those we considered “Premium VPNs” which don’t offer a free-to-use deal. The VPN Proxy Master premium subscription will cost you $5.33 per month. In comparison, the ProtonVPN costs you $4 per month (for a 1-year plan), NordVPN asks $3.67 per month (for a 2-years subscription). It is hard to say that the VPN Proxy Master was reasonably priced.  

VPN master clearly overpriced

The concerns on the capability of VPN Proxy Master service are mainly about three focuses. The connection speed, the extendibility, and the controversy, the pricing. Sure the VPN Proxy Master is still considered a decent VPN service by all means. But if you are seeking a better-performance VPN at a cheaper price, then the iTop VPN could be the best candidate.

itop logo

You can get the download link of iTop VPN very easily on both VPN for Windows, Android and iOS platforms. The design language for both versions is easy to use, with simple server switching, clear menus, and expanded additional internet security features.

iTop – Security

Generally speaking, iTop VPN has a good security protection capability when compared to the VPN Proxy Master. Based on OpenVPN & AES-256 encryption technology, both these two kinds of VPNs reached military-grade protection. The difference is the iTop VPN support HTTPS double encryption – which will enhance the safety factor when activated (speed compensation as the cost of higher security protection). Meanwhile, the VPN Proxy Master supports IKEv2 & V2Ray, these two protocols could be very useful in special environments (IKEv2 & V2Ray does not support some devices/platforms). Each has its strengths. Overall speaking, they are both doing good.


iTop – Connectivity & Variety

As we’ve debated above, the VPN Proxy Master provides various severs & proxies located in different countries.  You could bypass the geo-limitation & connect to different countries without the geo-blocking. The iTop VPN can access over 2000 servers located in more than 40+ countries over the world. You can do geo-spoofing without any trouble with iTop VPN.

VPN that across the world

One of the spotlights the VPN Proxy Master has is it offers online streaming optimized servers. The iTop VPN also stays ahead of the online gaming support. Both online streaming platforms like Netflix & online gaming acceleration like COD: Warzone is supported. Meanwhile, the iTop VPN allows you to connect to a safer server when visiting social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Also, the iTop VPN could be much handy if you are traveling to an SNS-banned country like UAE or China. You can easily bypass the ban in these countries.

unblock gaming

The iTop VPN also has a better speed performance. You could find that there is a lesser server load here in the iTop VPN server list, which performs better than the VPN Proxy Master. The speed test result also approves that the iTop VPN has a better connection speed.

iTop- Pricing & Free Service

As we introduced, the VPN Proxy Master has done a bad job of overpricing. The quality of service isn’t worth your $5.38 per month (for 24 months) to have it. The iTop VPN, as the competent free VPN service, takes great advantage of the pricing domain.

iTop VPN has a cheaper price

Yes, you will need to purchase a premium account to unlock all features, just like the VPN Proxy Master, but the iTop VPN still offers a complete free-to-use service for every user. And don’t forget it will cost you only 2.31$ per month to enjoy a better service. Anyway, from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, undoubtedly the iTop VPN is the winner of this game.

If you are seeking a better VPN service that offers the same safety protection, better connection speed, and more varieties at cheaper price, then the iTop VPN could be a perfect VPN Proxy Master alternative for you to choose.

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