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WireGuard VPN: The Solution for Your Online Vulnerability

Data vulnerability is an emerging concern of every cybernaut. To tackle this snag, we have presented WireGuard VPN with its alternative as well.

Are you an edgy individual who is highly strung regarding his online privacy? Or, are you a frequent internet user who is now in doubt about his data being exposed? This is a rising concern of every netizen, for the increasing number of online crimes is giving everyone second thoughts. 

However, you need not worry, as the technology has cut the Gordian knot again by introducing VPN, a virtual private network that maintains your online anonymity.With the increasing demand for VPNs, WireGuard VPN, a leading free VPN because of its seamless functionality and exemplary privacy protection, is rising.

WireGuard VPN

In the following article, WireGuard VPN is elucidated, including an overview, thorough setup guide and its amazing alternative better for beginners - iTop VPN.

Jason A. Donenfeld, a security researcher, developed WireGuard VPN, a lighter VPN protocol to give users a simpler protocol when tangled between other protocols' intricate interfaces. Well, the simplicity of this VPN became the basis of its popularity, for it works under a 5000 lines code providing all the perks simultaneously.

WireGuard VPN objective is to provide an effortless and swift VPN to safeguard user' data with its convoluted encryption method. It uses state-of-art cryptography like Poly1305, HKDF, Curve 25519, SipHash24, ChaCha20, and BLAKE2 along with Noise protocol framework and another security operation, leaving no room for hackers and snoopers.

WireGuard VPN provider is one of the best free VPNs for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux kernel and BDS. Providing the users a speedy and easy interface with a strong level of encryption, one can now surf on the internet without the worry of being traced.

WireGuard VPN setup varies from devices. Here, the guides can help you learn how to set up WireGuard VPN on PC, Mac, iOS and Android mobiles repesctively.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Windows

You need to check whether the internet connection is stable. If so, follow the guide to set up WireGuard VPN provider on Windows.

Step 1. Download and install WireGuard VPN.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Windows - 1

Step 2. Launch the VPN for Windows and create a tunel by clicking Add Tunel > Add empty tunnel.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Windows - 2

Step 3. It will automatically generate a public key and a private key. Now, give a name of the new tunel and use the following configurtion.


PrivateKey = 6I79zNsp26O2gCYkScEXdypB2UZ8IbNv2pV36QstKlo=

Address =



PublicKey = uZik78EWgYCLQRMdG6k6QK0mzHFqfr4uhOEjPyXe5WE=

AllowedIPs =

Endpoint =

Tip: Please change the keys and IP address depending on your situation.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Windows - 3

Step 4. After saving, you can get the tunnel on the left sidebar. Select it and click Activate button to turn on the connection.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Windows - 4

WireGuard VPN Setup on macOS

How to set up WireGuard on macOS? Follow the given steps and enjoy your internet freedom on your Macs.

Step 1. Download WireGuard VPN provider for Mac from App Store.

WireGuard VPN Setup on macOS - 1

Step 2. Launch the app and Add Empty Tunnel.

WireGuard VPN Setup on macOS - 2

Step 3. It is the same to configure the tunnel as setup for Windows. Input the settings and click Save.

WireGuard VPN Setup on macOS - 3

Step 4. Now, click Activate to turn on the connection.

WireGuard VPN Setup on macOS - 4


For both setup on Windows and macOS, you can choose to import tunnel files received from other VPN providers, like OVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited etc., instead of configurating a new tunnel manually.

WireGuard VPN Setup on iOS

Your online data is prone to risks as much on your mobile devices as it is on your PCs. Fortunately, the WireGuard VPN provider also works as a reliable VPN for iOS. The following steps guide you on how to download WireGuard your iOS.

Step 1. Go to the App Store and install WireGuard VPN on your device.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on the "+" on the top right of the screen. Multiple options will be popped up from the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. Select “Create from archive” to proceed. You can find your config file in your email, download it from the server, or airdrop it from your Mac.

Step 4. Go to your mails, click on the attached file, and then tap on "More."

Step 5. Now, choose "Copy to WireGuard," and your config will be imported. You can now activate it easily.

WireGuard VPN Setup on iOS

WireGuard VPN Setup on Android

Follow the given guide if you own an Android device.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and install WireGuard VPN.

Step 2: Tap on the "+" sign and choose the options you want to opt for.

Step 3: Select "Import from file or archive." You'll either find the config file in your email, or you can download it from your server.

Step 4: Once you find the config file on your device, import the WireGuard VPN connection settings.

WireGuard VPN Setup on Android

WireGuard VPN server is not letter-perfect, for it has its setbacks in some matters too. Its stability and security issues, along with complex configuration, are a rising concern for every user. But for that, we have an amazing alternative for you, iTop VPN - a maximal protection VPN service.

Utmost online privacy with military-grade protection has become possible, thanks to iTop VPN. iTop VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your data, making it untraceable to hackers, along with additional features to enhance the privacy of your system. 

  • iTop VPN goes beyond the geo-restrictions of the region, so you can access restricted content on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services whenever, wherever you want to. Besides websites, it can also work as the best VPN for games and social media apps.

  • It provides the simplest interface with the fastest speed internet to make it accessible to everyone.

  • It provides a Kill Switch feature that blocks your internet traffic if your device shuts down.

  • It also provides additional Browser Privacy, and Ad Block features an automatic browser clean-up to strengthen the privacy of your system.

To use this all-in-one VPN on your Windows, follow the given guide and stay free of worries for the rest of your life:

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your Windows PC, or iOS/Android mobiles.

Step 2. Click the Connect button on the center of the interface. It will automatically connect you to the most stable and fastest server. Once the button turns to be Connected, you succeed.

Also, you can manually choose a server to connect. Click All servers and select a desirable server > Connect.

No matter which device you are using, you just need to apply 2 clicks to enjoy the connection instead of the complicated setup of WireGuard VPN.

WireGuard VPN is known as a solid free VPN provider available for multiple platforms. Despite of numerous merits, one should be aware of its drawbacks, too, which, in some cases, cannot be ignored. It is not recognized as an ideal VPN provider for beginners due to tricky setup. That being the case, so a straightforward alternative to WireGuard VPNiTop VPN is prepared for you. The safety and security, along with further privacy augmenting features, speaks for the impeccable functionality of iTop VPN itself. The choice is yours, but we have cleared which one is the better option to opt for.

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