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The Best VPN Website for Unblocking in 2022[Free & Efficient]

Check out this guide where you can find the best VPN websites to unlock any sites when browsing on Windows PCs, Android phones, and iOS tablets.

Browsing websites on the internet is like packing your information and sending it to website servers through routers and network providers, and vice versa for the information you requested. However, the process of information transfer is open and transparent on the public internet, meaning possible information leakage. VPN, short for the virtual private network, can create a private tunnel between your device and the internet so that information is encrypted and can be exchanged safely. As a result, VPN website that provides VPN services to protect users' online activities and privacy are increasingly sought-after with our lives are becoming more and more digital.

But for newbies, it's difficult to tell which VPN website is the best since there are so many options in the market. This post will walk you through everything you want to know about VPN and introduce 5 top free VPN websites for your sake.

VPN Website

More and more people would choose a reputed VPN website to get secure VPN services, especially those who travel a lot and have to frequently use public networks. Whether you use a  ly or commercially when surfing on the internet, the benefits of accessing a VPN website online include but are not limited to:

  • To Disguise Real Location

Keep you anonymous on the internet by hiding your IP address and erasing your online activities so that you won't get tracked by network providers and exposed to people who are peeping or monitoring you.

  • Data Security

Keep your personal information encrypted. Even your data is intercepted by hackers and cybercriminals, they are unable to decipher it to get your banking account, password, or other credential information.

  • Private Protection

Keeps online activities private or erased especially after you using public Wi-Fi whose provider might sell your preferences, efficiently preventing disturbance from personalized advertisement and big data discriminatory pricing.

  • To Access the Online Content that Not Available in Your Region

Keep your online surfing experience smooth as VPN website unblocker can help you stream media content wherever you're traveling in the world and access blocked websites at school, work, or abroad.

VPN Website Unblocker

There are a large number of VPN providers on the market now, and most of them share an uneven quality. If you are a VPN noob, check these necessary factors when you are selecting a VPN for Windows PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, etc. 

1. Server Locations

Since one of the most important reasons for looking for a VPN website is to access blocked websites and redistricted online services by using different virtual IP addresses from all around the world, the number of servers and where these servers are located should be the key factor you consider.

2. Free Version

It's of vital importance that VPN providers allow trying the VPN website browser free of cost. You should check if the VPN tool has a free version or free trial period, especially for commercial products, because this is the only way to check if the VPN website is boasting its product.

3. Simultaneous VPN Connections

How many devices you can sign in to simultaneously with the same VPN website account is another thing you should notice. This means a lot if you have several devices, including desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. You don't want to be cumbersome every time you change a device to connect to the network. 

4. Price

Remember to keep an eye on the VPN pricing information and compare it with other VPN software you are going to purchase unless it's a VPN free website that provides VPN for unblocking websites for a non-profit purpose.

Taking these points aforementioned into account, this post concludes 5 best VPN websites that design VPN for blocked website access. Take a glance at the comparison table and see which VPN website is the best for you.

FeaturesiTop VPNNordVPNExpressVPNProtonVPN
Free Version
Special NodeGaming, Streaming, Browsing, Working, SocializingGaming, Streaming, Browsing, Working, SocializingGaming, Streaming, Browsing, Working, SocializingStreaming, BrowsingStreaming, Browsing
Simultaneous Connections5
Server Locations100+60945565
Blocks Ads


Monthly: $11.99/m 

Half-year: $6.99/m

Annually: $2.31/m


Monthly: $11.95/m 

Annually: $4.92/m

2-year: $3.67/m


Monthly: $12.95/m 

Half-year: $9.99/m

Annually: $6.67/m


Basic: $4/m

Plus: $8/m

Visionary: $24/m


Monthly: $12.95/m 

Half-year: $6.49/m

2-year: $2.49/m

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In the list of the 5 top VPN websites covered in the table above, as you can see, iTop VPN is ranked as the best VPN website when it comes to all advanced features mentioned, such as wallet-friendly cost, widely covered server locations, and advertisement blocking.

Why iTop VPN is the Best VPN?

In all VPN website free of charge, iTop VPN outperforms the others not only due to a wide range of websites, platforms, and services it can unblock, but also because:

100% Free: iTop VPN is a 100% Free VPN for unblocking restricted sites at school, workplace, or abroad.

Special Node for Situations: It offers special nodes for gaming, streaming, browsing, and socializing on different platforms.

Enhance the Privacy Protection: There will be no worry that hackers & scammers would possibly intercept your private files through the network, and your personal classified information would no longer be exposed to the government institutions & agencies which collect & gather your information to limit your freedom & choices.

Data Security: iTop VPN is designed with a strict no-log policy so that it would never save or track your browsing history. And its automatic kill switch provides real-time protection when changes are detected in the network environment.

Multi-platform Available: This VPN website offers VPN products for main operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and its macOS version is coming soon. That's to say, iTop VPN will soon be able to protect you from online attacks and help you browse blocked websites through any of your devices, such as desktop computer, laptop, Mac, smartphone, iPhone, and iPad.

How to Get iTop VPN from the VPN Website?

Step 1. Download iTop VPN from the official iTop VPN website and install it on your device by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Launch this best free VPN for Windows, iOS, and Android to select servers from over 1800+ options.

VPN Website Browser Free 

Step 3. Connect to a target VPN server or a special node for gaming, working, streaming, etc.

Connect to VPN Website For Free Browsing 


All in all, VPN is the most feasible and efficient way to prevent online attacking, browsing history tracking, privacy peeing, password stealing, undesired monitoring, unexpected site blocking, and so on. The key is what VPN website you should choose especially in the case that you don't know where to start. To save your time, simply download the completely free iTop VPN from the best VPN website and start enjoying a more anonymous, safer, faster, better-protected, unblocked, and risk-free online surfing experience from now on!

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