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5 Best Free VPNs from Microsoft Store [Free Download & Usage]

What is the best free VPN on Microsoft Store? Find the 5 best free Microsoft Store VPNs that can help you access the worldwide internet easily!

While concerns for online security have grown increasingly urgent, it’s important to surf the internet with a VPN. And for Windows users, the VPN Microsoft Store is a reliable source to look for the best VPNs with authenticity. The Microsoft Store houses plenty of VPNs that can help you gain private access to the internet with incredible connections. What’s more, these VPNs are verified and proven to be effective by a large number of users.

Best Free VPN Microsoft Store

Want to know the best free VPN on Microsoft Store? You’ve landed on the right page. This article will introduce the 5 best free VPNs from Microsoft Store that allow you to enjoy a high level of security for browsing, streaming, and gaming, and unblock websites easily. Just read on.

The VPN Microsoft Store offers a slew of options for you to choose from, which makes it tough to find the right one. But don’t worry, this part has concluded the 5 best free choices, just check them out.

1. iTop VPN

Packed with market-leading capabilities, iTop VPN is the first and the best one you should check out on the VPN Microsoft Store. The VPN is a one-stop solution for most Windows systems (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7), which allows you to access the worldwide internet with a free, fast, and secure network. You can truly have free access to the global internet privately and securely.

Main Features:

Free to Download & Use

Still Googling “free VPN Microsoft Store?” Look no further, check out iTop VPN. As the best free VPN without sign up for Windows, Mac, and iOS , it is 100% free to download and use without hidden fees. No registration, no credit card. Install it for free and you are ready to enjoy full internet freedom instantly!

Free Servers to Connect

While most VPNs provide very limited free trials with slow speed, iTop VPN lets you enjoy a lightning-fast connection for free! Offering multiple high-quality free servers located in US, UK, France..., it enables you to have up to 700MB of data every day at full bandwidth.

Free Features to Enjoy

As the No.1 trusted free VPN for Windows, iTop VPN offers free features to protect your online privacy and security. Whether you go for free or paid plans, you can enjoy ASE-256 bit encryption, no-log policy, kill switch, etc. for total anonymity and security.


  • Compatible with major devices

  • Free servers with unlimited bandwidth

  • 1,800+ servers in 100+ countries

  • Optimized servers for streaming, gaming, and social network

  • Ads-block, DNS protection, split tunneling, and more security features


  • No extensions for browsers 

2. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another VPN you can download for free from the VPN Microsoft Store. With 256-bit AES encryption, the safe VPN enables you to stay private and access worldwide content with fast and secure connections. Plus the simple interface, Hotspot Shield is user-friendly for anyone new to it. It offers free VPN servers in 3 countries, with a fast connection and download speed. Its patented Hydra protocol for seamless streaming and gaming with no buffering.

Hotspot Shield on Microsoft Store Free


  • 3,200+ servers in 70+ countries

  • Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, no logs policy, etc.

  • 45 days money-back guarantee


  • Limited protocol selections

  • Lack transparency

3. PaladinVPN

What other VPN can you free download from the VPN Microsoft Store? Checkout PaladinVPN. The VPN is not a popular choice for most users but it’s a 100% free VPN for a secure connection. You can have unlimited web surfing and paid features for free with PaladinVPN.

For the basic version, Paladin VPN is a free VPN no signup. No email is needed. You can enjoy free service with the Free Premium VPN subscription by allowing PaladinVPN access to your internet to collect information. Start to unblock global content with free servers across the world.

VPN Microsoft Store Paladin VPN


  • Unlimited free servers available

  • Support customized protocols

  • Specialized servers for streaming and gaming


  • Information leaks possible

  • Slow connection speed

4. WildFire VPN

WildFire VPN is a solid choice you can free download from the free VPN Microsoft Store. The VPN can effectively help you unblock any geo-restricted content with its global servers. You can surf the web anonymously while staying safe with military-grade encryption.

It offers unlimited free trial, no payment at signup and ultimate protection against hackers and big brothers. With worldwide servers, you can access global internet for 4K HD streaming, no-lag gaming and secure social media connections.

VPN Microsoft Store WildFire VPN


  • Simple and easy-to-use VPN

  • Pay as you go with low subscriptions


  • A very basic VPN without advanced security features

  • No support for BT and P2P

5. Touch VPN

Apart from the options above, Touch VPN is another free and reliable VPN you find on the Microsoft Store. This secure VPN app for Windows can successfully keep all your devices secure and private while accessing any website in any country. With 4.6 approval ratings, Touch VPN is a recommended VPN on Microsoft Store to check out. The 100% free VPN trial no credit card bypasses geo-restrictions and spoofs your IP address. Strong SSL encryption application protects your personal data from hackers.

VPN Microsoft Store Touch VPN


  • Unlimited free servers

  • No limit on session, speed, and bandwidth

  • Fast and easy to use 


  • Unstable free servers

  • Free version is not so safe

The previous part has offered an overview of the 5 best options for free VPNs Microsoft Store. Don’t know which one to use? Just check out the brief comparison to learn more about these 5 VPNs from Microsoft Store.

Free Windows Servers

Free Trial Duration

Free Windows Data

iTop VPN




Hotspot Shield








WildFire VPN




Touch VPN



500 MB/daily 

* 'Uncertain' in the table means that the writer cannot connect to the VPN and get any info from its product interface for unknown reasons.

Now you know the 5 best free VPNs on Microsoft Store, simply pick one as you see fit. Meanwhile, just have a look at the frequently asked questions that you might stumble upon when using the VPN Microsoft Store.

1. Why can’t I download VPN from Microsoft Store?

Here are the major causes when you fail to download a VPN from the Microsoft Store.

  • Poor internet connection

  • Your Windows is not up to date

  • The Microsoft Store is out of date

  • Glitches in your Microsoft account

  • Corrupt caches on the Microsoft Store

  • The antivirus program stops you from downloading

  • Your computer doesn’t have sufficient storage space

2. How to download a free VPN outside of Microsoft Store?

Apart from the Microsoft Store, you can download a free VPN no payment from its official website, which is also a reliable source. For instance, just click the link below and you can download iTop VPN from the official store.  

3. How to change your country or region in Microsoft Store?

There are 2 easy ways to change your country in Microsoft Store and they are:

Way 1: Head to Start > Settings > Time & Language > Language & Region > Region > Country or region.

VPN Microsoft Store Change Region

Way 2: Use iTop VPN free and select a preferred location server. Launch iTop VPN > Click Servers > Choose US > Connect. Then your location on Microsoft Store will be changed accordingly.

Use Free VPN to Change Microsoft Store Region


The VPN Microsoft Store is a trusted source to find a VPN and this article has introduced the 5 best free VPNs you should check out. As you can see, iTop VPN is deemed the best free VPN on Microsoft Store. It’s a rarely-seen free VPN that can help you unblock global content with sophisticated security features. This should be the most powerful VPN that allows you to regain privacy and stay safe in the dangerous part of the internet. The VPN is free to download from the Microsoft Store. Just get and use it no credit card, no signup, no payment! 

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