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3 Best DNS Protection Services (VPN) for Your Network Security

DNS protection is protecting the DNS services with stress on security. Check the article to know the 3 best protective DNS services/VPN for better privacy in 2022.

What is DNS protection? DNS protection means protecting the DNS services with stress on security. DNS protection plays a vital role in network security, which can effectively protect your DNS infrastructure from cyberattacks and avoid potential risks.

Specifically, DNS protection services provide secure DNS servers that add an additional layer of protection between users and the Internet. The services help to blacklist dangerous sites and filter out malicious content, protecting your online privacy and security as a whole.

Best DNS Protection Services 2022 In this article, we’ll introduce the 3 best DNS protection services, which allow you to stay 100% safe online. Want to learn more? Just keep reading.

Short for Domain Name System, DNS is like the phonebook of the internet. It translates the human-readable domains, for instance, to web browser internet protocol(IP) addresses such as or more complex ones.

In most cases, most people use the DNS servers provided by the Internet Service Provider. However, these default DNS servers lack privacy features and sometimes they can be rather slow. DNS protection is to protect your DNS servers with encryption and prevent them from being leaked, which further enhances your online privacy and security.

Using ISP default DNS could result in many issues, which can be fixed by the protective DNS service. Just have a look at the 3 main reasons why DNS protection matters. 

  • Protect Online Privacy

Your online privacy can be a massive problem with ISP’s default DNS servers. Every request you sent has been logged and your online behavior is monitored. With DNS protection, your online activity will be encrypted and your ISP can no longer see what you do online.

  • Enhance Cyber Security 

DNS protection services can protect you against different types of DNS attacks, for instance, DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking, etc. In addition, a protective DNS service can also help to filter out malicious content, prevent malware, and block phishing, making it one of the best ways to improve cyber security.

Why DNS Protection Matters

  • Improve Internet Speed

Another issue with ISP DNS servers is that they are unpleasantly slow. With DNS protection services, your DNS server will be properly configured for caching, which can effectively improve the Internet speed.

Now you see the benefits of using DNS protection services, the next thing to do is to find the best service to safeguard your online security. So how to choose the best protective DNS service? Here are some criteria you should look for:

Best DNS Protection Services Criteria

  • Safe Browsing Features Against Malware: The best DNS protection allows you to browse safely just like you would with an incognito browser. And you can stay away from malware with its security feature.

  • Fast DNS Protection: A good DNS protection service can effectively improve your internet speed and page-load time.

  • Resolve External DNS Requests: It should fully resolve external DNS requests so everything won’t slow down.

  • Provide Greater Online Privacy & Security: The best DNS leak protection allows you to stay anonymous and protect you against cyber threats of all sorts.

  • Remove Geo-restrictions: You can bypass geo-blocks and access content/services that are not available in your region by spoofing your IP address.

To save your time and efforts, here we’ve collected the 3 best DNS protection services that can help you enhance network security. Just check them out. 

1. Best DNS Leak Protection VPN - iTop VPN

Even though iTop VPN is not a traditional DNS protection service, it is way more powerful than that. With iTop, a DNS leak protection VPN, you can enjoy absolute anonymity online with the best-in-class encryption. You might be wondering: is VPN safe enough to protect you from cyber threats? The answer is positive, as long as you use iTop, the best VPN. Just have a look at the main features to learn more.

  • Fastest DNS Protection Activation

As the best VPN for Windows, iTop VPN can be the fastest protective DNS service you’ve ever met. While most protective DNS services are too complicated for regular home users to pick up, iTop VPN allows you to activate the DNS protection with just one click. Once the protection is switched on, you can prevent your DNS from being hijacked by malware/hackers and stay away from spam/phishing.

  • Multi Protections for DNS Security

iTop is a VPN with DNS leak protection that allows you to stay 100% anonymous and safe online. Its DNS DDoS protection feature secures your entire network while ensuring excellent performance. In addition, as a VPN with Kill Switch, iTop adds an extra layer of protection for DNS security. Plus multiple features like Ads-block, Browser Privacy, Security Reinforce, etc, you can enjoy ultimate protection for network security.

  • High-speed Network for Browsing and Streaming

iTop VPN can effectively reduce lags and improve speeds by connecting to the nearest server. You can also avoid ISP throttling, the slow speed imposed by ISP when large bandwidth is detected. With iTop, the best free unlimited VPN for Windows, your internet speed can be fully optimized with minimal latency. It’s not only the best DNS protection service but also an efficient network accelerator for browsing and streaming!

How to Enable DNS Protection with iTop VPN

Step 1. Download and install the iTop free VPN on your device.

Step 2. Go to the Privacy Protection menu on the left and look for the “DNS Protection” tab. Toggle on to enable the DNS protection.

Best DNS Protection Services iTop Turn on DNS Protection.jpegBest DNS Protection Services iTop Turn on DNS Protection

Step 3. Go to the “All Servers” on the left and choose a server to change your IP.

Best DNS Protection Services iTop Choose Server.jpgBest DNS Protection Services iTop Choose Server

2. Cloud-based DNS Protection Service - DNSFilter

Want to look for more options? Check out DNSFilter, a Washington-based provider of DNS-based web content filtering and threat protection. The AI-powered DNS protection service protects users from phishing, malware, and more. Meanwhile, it’s fast and reliable with the largest global network spanning 48 data centers, which ensures low latency. In addition, it’s the best content filtering tool that can stop users from viewing inappropriate or undesirable content.

Best DNS Protection Services DFSFilter.jpg 

Best DNS Protection Services DFSFilter


- Powerful DNS protection features

- User-friendly interface

- Highly visualized platform for smart insights

- Real-time domain analysis for protection

- Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS


- Short trial periods

- No IP changer 

- No ads block

- No encryption for online activity

- More suitable for business

3. Fast DNS Protection Provider - Cloudflare

Cloudflare is another top DNS protection provider that allows you to have secure and private access to the Internet with the fastest speed possible. With 155Tbps global network, Cloudflare is capable of blocking an average of 70 million threats every day. Equipped with data centers in over 275 cities, Cloudflare delivers faster speed with direct connection to all major cloud providers with sub-50-millisecond latency. The DNS protection provider is widely recommended for its privacy-first policy and end-to-end encryption.

Best DNS Protection Services Cloudflare.jpgBest DNS Protection Services Cloudflare


- Fastest DNS protection provider

- Fast lookup responses

- Update parent DNS servers automatically

- Free version available


- Built for business not individual

- Steep learning curve

- Pricey paid plans

DNS Protection FAQs

Want to learn more about DNS protection? Just check out the frequently asked questions as follows.

1. Should I turn on DNS protection?

Yes. DNS protection adds an extra layer of protection that helps you avoid potential cyber attacks,  avoid risks of malicious sites, and filter out inappropriate content.

2. Is DNS a security risk?

Yes. DNS is designed with limitations that make it vulnerable to a broad spectrum of attacks, including DoS (Denial of Service), DNS spoofing, DNS hijacking, etc.

3. Can DNS be hacked?

Yes. It is commonly known as DNS hijacking, which means attackers redirect your traffic to a different domain name server. This can be done with malware or via modification of a DNS server.

The Bottom Line

This article has fully explained DNS protection and its significance as well as the 3 best protective DNS services on the block. With iTop VPN, the best free VPN for Windows 10, things are so much simpler. You can not only protect the DNS but also hide your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic easily, which makes it more comprehensive compared to DNSFilter and Cloudflare. The VPN is free to use, just wait no more and try it now!


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