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The Best 5 uTorrent VPNs of 2022: Download and Share Files Faster and Safely

This article collects the best 5 uTorrent VPNs for every type of user. Go and find the most suitable uTorrent VPN to download and share files without any concern.

uTorrent is a popular BitTorrent protocol client for users to share and download digital files on the P2P (peer-to-peer) network. Before starting a download & sharing process with this client, it is highly recommended that you use an uTorrent VPN. Besides being a good restricted-content unblocker helping you access region-blocked torrent resources, a good VPN for uTorrent will encrypt your personal data and hide your real IP address by rerouting traffics through an encrypted virtual tunnel. It’s time to use a VPN to build a watertight security defense for your torrenting activities!

uTorrent VPN

The following are 5 top uTorrent VPNs for your selection. They are featured by fast and stable performance. Moreover, some choices additionally offer advanced features for more needs.

iTop VPN - The Best Free VPN for uTorrent

iTop VPN is among the top picks of free VPN services. It is well optimized to cater to all scenarios where people want to anonymously surf on the Internet. While offering 100% free servers for various purposes, it constantly strengthens performance for top-class security protection and robust network connection.

Because of truly fast VPN free and advanced multiple protection techniques including Kill Switch, AES-256 encryption, Split Tunneling, DNS Protection, etc., iTop VPN enjoys a high reputation as the best uTorrent VPN free service. With it, your IP address and personal data will be well encrypted during uTorrent activities. Even if there is a sudden disconnection, the Kill Switch mode will be immediately triggered to cut the traffic from your real address.

iTop VPN is also a fairly simple solution requiring no further manual configuration modification on it or uTorrent. Everything goes with smart presets out of the box. iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It supports simultaneous connections on 5 devices.

Best Free uTorrent VPN - iTop VPN

Reasons to Choose iTop VPN for uTorrent:

  • Specialized and efficient VPN servers for uTorrent.

  • Latest security options above the norm: Kill Switch, AES-256 Encryption, DNS Protection, Security Reinforce, Split Tunneling.

  • The latest IPV6 Protocol amplifies privacy and user identification.

  • Free and fast servers to download large files at no time.

  • Up-to-time servers list covering over 100 virtual locations and 1800+ servers.

  • No sign-up or password requirement.


Some extremely high-speed VPNs are only available for subscribed users.

ExpressVPN - High Level Encryption and Fast Speed for uTorrent

Well known for the highest level of encryption and striking speed, ExpressVPN is a popular choice for cybercitizens to build up security defense when downloading files on uTorrent, as well. It reroutes all traffic to a designated IP address instead of the real one and encrypts all personal data, along with the hermetic no-logging policy, to preserve user anonymity all the way. You won’t run into ISP throttling, security vulnerability, or privacy risk.

Meanwhile, ExpressVPN highlights fast torrent practices and there are no bandwidth limits. ExpressVPN covers not only all operating systems supported on uTorrent, but also Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV, and Kindle Fire.

Best VPN for uTorrent - ExpressVPN

Reasons to Choose ExpressVPN for uTorrent:

  • Optimized servers for BitTorrent clients.

  • Unlimited bandwidth for large file size download.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard - 256, Kill Switch, and other new IP protocols.

  • 3,000+ servers in beyond 94 countries worldwide.

  • Up to 5 devices support with the same account at the same time.


ExpressVPN doesn’t offer free VPN trials.


The lack of trials makes it difficult for users to get a glimpse of a product. Check the best VPNs for Windows free trial to try out before purchasing.

CyberGhost - Foolproof uTorrent VPN Server for All Users

If you’re a newcomer to VPN applications, CyberGhost is a good start, by which you can share & download files in your element. This VPN for uTorrent makes everything intuitive and easy to handle so you won’t fret about obscure terms or fall into complicated uTorrent VPN settings. Another virtue of CyberGhost is, it serves users with the biggest catalog of servers in the lineup, for users to access any torrent websites around the world. An excellent VPN server should hold always-on security protections like Kill Switch and no-logging policy. CyberGhost does make it good to fit the norm.

This VPN for uTorrent supports up to 7 devices at the same time and works perfectly on virtually all mainstreaming desktop and mobile operating systems.

Best VPN for uTorrent - CyberGhost

Reasons to Choose CyberGhost for uTorrent:

  • Compact UI design and easy-to-handle operation.

  • Dedicated servers for P2P sharing and video streaming.

  • Switch Kill, DNS leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, and varied protocols.

  • 7,400+ servers over 90+ countries.

  • Advanced preference settings.


  • Inconstant server performance.

  • The interface seems to be less impressive for experienced users.

NordVPN - Military-Graded Protection for uTorrent

It’s time to meet the big shoot in the industry, NordVPN. If you have ever searched for the best VPNs, you might have come upon it many times. Enthusiasts always like to mention NordVPN and ExpressVPN in the same breath, yet different from EexpressVPN for overall VPN solution, NordVPN puts more emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy. It brings you a completely no-risk Internet surfing experience, powered by the most advanced encryption, privacy protection, and no-logging policy approaches.

As for sharing and downloading files from uTorrent, better yet, it owns the largest number of optimized P2P VPNs and can automatically detect P2P activities in the background and switch your VPN connection to a dedicated server for it. You can concurrently connect to a server on NordVPN to 6 devices. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Android, Amazon Fire, and Linux clients are accessible.

Best VPN for uTorrent - NordVPN

Reasons to Choose NordVPN for uTorrent:

  • A wide selection of dedicated P2P uTorrent VPNs.

  • Smart P2P activity detection and server transferring.

  • Extremely fast download speed.

  • Military-grade data encryption and personal data protection.

  • 5,100+ services across 60 countries.


  • Kill Switch protection requires manual start-up each time.

  • Less mobile-friendly UI design.

  • Not the best deal for budget shoppers.

IPVanish - Highly Customizable uTorrent VPN

As one of the long-lasting VPN brands, IPVanish has been keeping innovation and updates, and successfully makes itself one of the minor VPN providers of self-owned and proprietary servers. The other distinctive dissimilarity is the highly feasible and customizable VPN setting options. Because of this, IPVanish is more favored by adept users.

IPVanish has recently received a profound security improvement, which is beneficial to firmer security performance. New standards and protocols adopted by other mature uTorrent VPNs are also supported in this service. Its download speed is far less impressive based on tests, but which can be made up for by other features on IPVanish. This VPN service is for uTorrent Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Best VPN for uTorrent - IPVanish

Best VPN for uTorrent – IPVanish

  • Reasons to Choose IPVanish for uTorrent:

  • Built-in P2P virtual network on all servers.

  • Deeply customizable VPN for demands of different preferences.

  • Unlimited devices connections to one server.

  • 1,900+ Servers in 75+ countries.

  • Live-chat support


  • Incapability in accessing some popular streaming services.

  • Unexceptional server glitches.

The table below shows the main aspects people consider when using uTorrent with VPNs. You may choose the most suitable VPN by integrating your real needs.

Price (Lowest) Free Trial Free Server Personal Logs Encryption Speed
iTop VPN


Yes (Unlimited) Yes (Fast) No-logging Policy High Extremely Fast


No No No-logging Policy High Fast


Free trial ( 24 hours) No No-logging Policy High Fast


No No No-logging Policy High Extremely Fast


No No No-logging Policy High Medium

Usually, you don’t need to setup uTorrent with VPN manually as these providers all offer optimized and ready-made servers. But if you are looking forward to fast download speed at full blast or higher security, there is still something you can further modify. Here takes iTop VPN as an example to explain how to achieve it with iTop VPN for Windows. It is the only option offering both uTorrent VPN free and VPN versions.

Modify Settings on iTop VPN:

Step 1. Download iTop VPN and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Launch the app. Click Connect to intelligently connect to a virtual private network. The default Smart Location mode will select the fastest and most stable free server.

iTop uTorrent VPN

iTop VPN automatically computes and sets the best IP protocols based on actual network performance and location. You can change that to UDP (Fast Speed) for faster download or HTTPS (Double Encryption) for higher security level.

Step 3. Go Privacy Protection to enable Switch Kill or more protection options.

iTop uTorrent Privacy Protection

Warm Tips

iTop VPN also lists P2P VPN servers for ultimate torrent download experiences. Users can make use of all the optimized servers after upgrading to a premium subscription.

iTop VPN P2P Server

Modify Settings on uTorrent:

Here are the main settings for optimizing security and download speed on uTorrent:

1. Enable Add Windows Firewall exception.

Go to Option > Preference > Connection, and check Add Windows Firewall exception in case that uTorrent will be blocked by firewall or security software.

2. Enable UPnP Port Mapping

On the Connection dialog box, enable this option for easier P2P communication between devices.

3. Disable All DNS Hookup

To avoid the possibility of identifying information leakage, it is highly advisable that you disable every DNS lookup on uTorrent under Proxy Privacy.

Change Connection Setting in uTorrent

4. Turn off Forced Protocol Encryption

All uTorrent VPNs adopt protocols at a higher security level than the ones in uTorrent. You need to close the Forced function if you use VPNs when torrenting, to put the advanced protection standards into effect: Head to Options > Preferences > BitTorrent > Protocol encryption and change the status from Forced to Enabled or Disabled.

5. Disable uTP & Bandwidth Management

The uTP is for optimizing users' Internet experience by intelligently limiting bandwidth. Nevertheless, it always slows down the download process so you may turn it off for faster performance, under the BitTorrent Feature section.

Enahnce Speed and Security in uTorrent

A good uTorrent VPN can shield you from any security risk with impenetrable encryption. It also should be functional as a high-speed network server that helps you effortlessly deal with every large download task without buffering. Featured by industry-leading encryption and security standards, unlimited globe servers, and user-oriented functions, the 5 choices in the list can bring you exceptional results.

Specifically, iTop uTorrent VPN Free is a one-stop solution for all demands. It offers both P2P free VPNs and premium options, and the whole use is under watertight safeguard. New users may give CyberGhost a shot. Besides simple UI design, this VPN service also goes with the largest server repository. If you are more inclined to a well-known brand, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are available here. For tech guys, you can fully customize your virtual network system using IPVanish.

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