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5 Sites to Play Unblocked Games Online Free on Campus & Anywhere 2024

Want to play unblocked games online for free? Check out this article for a complete guide on playing unblocked games online free on campus and anywhere.

Unblocked games or public games are a type of game that people can play during work and school. Most of these games are small, quick, and fun to play. These games used to be flash games, but because flash is no longer supported by most browsers, so the majority of unblocked games these days are .io and HTML games. And because these games are usually on browsers, they are compatible with nearly all devices and platforms.

Unblocked Games Online Free

After knowing unblocked games, in the next section, we will list out the top 5 websites to play unblocked games online free.

Unblocked Games Online Free - gamepix

The first one on the list is is a website that offers free unblocked games. There are both simple games that you can play when you're bored and more complicated adventures that take many hours to finish and require you to save your game. The website also provides "big" unblocked online games such as the web version of Minecraft and some first-person shooting games. produces new games every month, and now they have over a thousand that can be played for free without any download or installation required.

Unblocked Games 24h

Unblocked Games Online Free - Unblocked Games 24h

The second unblocked games online free site is Unblocked Games 24h, which is a traditional unblocked games website. Unblocked Games 24h provides thousands of free games across several genres, including unblocked versions of classic flash games. Unblocked Games 24h supports multiplayer, allowing you to play with your friends. This website also provides a search bar for locating the game and is completely ad-free. 

Unblocked Games 24h has some of the most popular titles, including Temple Run, Sonic Heroes, and Snow Bros, that you can play for free.

Unblocked Games Online Free - hoodamath

The next website to play unblocked games online free is If you are looking for unblocked games to play on school computers and you enjoy math-related games, this is the ideal website for you because it has a huge collection of math games. There are games for several subject areas and grade levels. If you require help with a particular topic, the website provides a variety of math tutorials. In addition, the website offers several ways to practice a certain subject.


Unblocked Games Online Free - UNBLOCKEDGAMES666

UNBLOCKEDGAMES666.COM is another amazing free unblocked game site that you must try. UNBLOCKEDGAMES666.COM is for students who like to play games during their leisure time. The game selection is huge, and there always is something for everyone. However, because of its fame, many schools have blocked gamesfrom this site. In order to access the blocked games, you will need a proper online VPN like iTop VPN to make the games unblocked.

Unblocked Games Online Free - Unblockedgamespod

The last unblocked games online free site is Play hundreds of the finest unblocked online games for free at school, work, or anyplace else, and it is offered over a secure SSL connection. The games are available in several popular categories, such as Action & Adventure, Defense, Fighting, Driving, Puzzle, and Sports. The games on this site are made from HTML5 and flash.

They are several problems when playing unblocked games online, such as:

  • When you play unblocked games at school or work, your network administrator may monitor your online activity

Whether in school or work, there will be a network administrator. Through employee monitoring software, a network administrator can actually view your browsing history. You should assume that your company routinely reviews your internet history, and even if you delete your browsing history, nothing will change because the history is already recorded on the monitoring software.

  • There are a lot of websites with unblocked games, but not all of them are safe

If you go to an unblocked games website that is not on this list, your PC could be breached. There are many sites offering free games that are actually scams and virus-based redirections. 

  • Unblocked games may be blocked or banned by your school or network administrator

What's worse than being monitored by your network administrator is that the unblocked game website you want to visit is banned. Fortunately, using a free VPN can help you access the banned unblocked game again.

Need to break regional block of other games? Also read:

For gamers who need to accelerate their network speed: Best VPN for Mobile Legends with Faster Speed - iTop VPN [Free] >>

How to Use the Best Free VPN for Valorant to Play Anywhere Safely with Low Ping?  >>

To mitigate the problems mentioned earlier, you can use iTop VPN, which is the best VPN service to play unblocked games for school computers. iTop VPN has unique features solely for playing unblocked games online, such as:

  • iTop VPN can hide your online activity from your network manager. When you activate iTop VPN, iTop VPN will hide your activity from your network administrator, enabling you to play anonymously.

  • iTop VPN can enhance your computer security and keep you away from potential online threats and hacking. Hackers and trackers can't see your real IP address because iTop VPN hides it. This keeps your online privacy and security safe. With this feature, you can safely play unblocked games online without worrying about your Windows PC getting breached.

Besides that, iTop VPN also has other features like:

  • A powerful geo-spoofing function can help to bypass the ban. Geo-spoofing from iTop VPN allows you to access country-restricted content.

  • Free-to-use policy, unlimited free trial. You can enjoy iTop VPN for free forever with the free unlimited VPN policy.

  • Affordable pricing, lower $2 per month. iTop VPN is one of the cheapest VPNs in the market. You only have to pay $19.99 to get the premium iTop VPN for a year.

  •  Multi-features, gaming acceleration. iTop VPN is intended to be the most simple VPN service for gaming because it uses dedicated servers to accelerate your game.

  •  Anti-phishing. iTop VPN encrypts all internet traffic with military-grade encryption and masks the user's true IP address from hackers and trackers.

  • Ad Blocker. To stop ads from loading, iTop VPN cleans up your browser traces in Chrome, Firefox, etc., and blocks ads and harmful URLs while you browse the web.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch iTop VPN on your PC.

Step 2. You will be sent to the home screen, which displays your real IP address and current location, along with a "Connect" button.

Unblocked Games Online Free with iTop VPN - Connected

Step 3. Click the "Connect" button, and your real IP address and where you are right now will be hidden, and you will be given a virtual address.

Now you know the top 5 unblocked games online websites. However, there are several problems when playing unblocked games, like your activity may be monitored by the network administrator, and the game site is not safe. To mitigate those problems, you can use a VPN like iTop VPN that has a feature to hide your IP address, providing a secure and private environment for enjoying unblocked games online on campus & everywhere. Follow the guide above to try it now.

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