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How to Unblock Snapchat at School, Work, Anywhere with VPN

Want to get Snapchat unblocked at school/work? Use VPN to change Snapchat location to Unblock Snapchat login privately and safely.

Snapchat, the instant messaging app, greatly entertains people by sharing seconds-available photos, and videos with friends and families. Originally receiving great popularity among young generations, it now becomes one of the must-install social media apps for users of all ages. As a Snapchat lover, you don’t want to miss any shared funny moments. But, usually, you can’t access Snapchat at school/work because network administrators have blocked the app. On the other hand, Snapchat login is banned in some countries - like UAE, India, and Iran - due to government censorship.

How to Unblock Snapchat

Is there a way to access Snapchat bypassing restrictions? How to unblock Snapchat from anywhere with ease? Well, a Snapchat VPN can solve the problem.

VPN Can Change Location on Snapchat

IP address is the symbol of location. Governments and service providers always detect your region through IP address to perform geo-blocking. A free VPN features the ability to mask your original IP address and replace it with a new one helping you access Snapchat from a restricted region. Also, according to the servers a VPN client provides, you can enjoy global network to unblock more restricted services, apps and games in your country.

VPN Can Bypass Online Blocking and Tracking

Schools and workplaces block internet access to social media services to limit distractions or bandwidth consumption, which makes Snapchat inaccessible on school and work network/Wi-Fi. VPN creates a classified tunnel for data transmission that is able to hide your online activities and bypass tracks from network administrators. Therefore, you can easily break restrictions and unblock Snapchat at school, workplace through VPN.

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VPN Can Protect Online Privacy and Security

Privacy is the biggest concern when we surf online. Actually, there are several controversies on Snapchat for privacy, like Snap Map feature that broadcasts users’ locations, and rumors about spying on users. VPN utilizes encryption scheme on data to prevent sensitive information from being exposed or illegally used by online criminals. It empowers you to unblock and access Snapchat safely and privately.

At the beginning, you need to pick a reliable free VPN. iTop VPN is an easy-to-use VPN provider for multiple platforms. It experiences unblocking various social media services and websites, available to unblock Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix and more, no matter where you are.

iTop VPN offers free worldwide access to online content. It gathers thousands of VPN servers in over 100 locations allowing you to change Snapchat region after connecting a right server. Your real IP address is disguised as a shared one. Hosts can’t precisely detect the location and perform geo-blocking. And, all servers feature great performance. You don’t need to worry about connection stability and speed, no sudden drop or interruption. Just enjoy Snapchat from anywhere at all time.

This best free VPN for Snapchat guarantees the highest level of online security protection. It implements military-grade encryption on traffic. Your everything online, like ID, personal info, and browsing history, can be absolutely masked. Hackers can’t attack you or steal your data. Network administrators, ISPs, and governments can’t track you. What’s more, iTop VPN is a no-log VPN so that it will never retain your data to avoid leaks of your privacy.

Split tunneling is another highlight of iTop VPN. It enables you to access Snapchat using an encrypted VPN connection while using other unrestricted apps or browsing websites with local internet connection. Because of the technology, you can surf online or use any apps without slowing down the network.

iTop VPN is a versatile VPN for Android, iOS and PC/Mac. No matter which device you are using, a school/work computer, or phone, tablet, it can help unblock Snapchat without hassle. It also supports simultaneous connection on up to 5 devices. So, you can unblock Snapchat on different devices or share it with your friends.

2 Steps to Start Snapchat Login Unblocked with iTop VPN

iTop VPN has a straightforward interface that is friendly to beginners. In just 2 steps, you can unblock Snapchat on your device.

Step 1. Download and install Snapchat. Please make sure that you get the right version on the corresponding device.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN.

Click the Connect button on the center. Then, it will automatically connect you to the best free server. It is also suggested to go to All Server list and connect to a specific location (for example New York) if Snapchat is banned in your country.

Unblock Snapchat with VPN

After Connected appears, you can open Snapchat to send or receive messages without hassle.

Tip: iTop VPN also provides a quick access connection for social. Launch the Snapchat VPN and tap on For Social. Now, you can find Snapchat in the list. Click it to connect.

Quick Access to Snapchat

Way 1: Use Mobile Data

You can’t access Snapchat at school, or work because the administrators block it from accessing via Wi-Fi. But, your mobile network is not restricted. If you want to unblock Snapchat on iOS or Android, just change Wi-Fi to mobile data. If you want to unblock Snapchat on your computer, follow the steps.

Step 1. Open personal hotspot on your mobile. Connect the Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer.

Step 2. Download and install an emulator (for example BlueStacks) on PC or Mac.

Step 3. Install Snapchat from Google Play or App Store. Then, you can use it on a computer.

Way 2. Change DNS Server

Some network administrators block apps or websites only through DNS. If so, you can change default DNS to another one, for example, Google DNS, to unblock Snapchat.

  • For Android: Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Private DNS > Private DNS provider hostname > > Save.

  • For iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > tap on info icon beside school Wi-Fi > Configure DNS > Manual > Add “ or” for IPv4 or “2001:4860:4860::8844” for IPv6.


The above two ways only work in some special situations. If you try them but fail to unblock Snapchat, you’d better use VPN.

How to unblock Snapchat? The trouble is easy to solve with a VPN. iTop VPN, the best free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, provides the safest way to break restrictions on Snapchat. It can change Snapchat location by changing IP address to bypass geo-blocking. It also masks your online activities to prevent network administrators’ tracks. The world-class encryption of data will defend against online attacks and protect your privacy from leaking. It is no doubt that iTop VPN is the best solver to unblock Snapchat at school, work and anywhere.

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