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8 Solutions to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working - Updated 2022

Spotify web player not working on your computer? Here are comprehensive ways to fix spotify web player not working.

Spotify, a Swedish audio streaming and media services established in 2006, has been the world’s largest music streaming service provider in 2021, according to data from Wikipedia. Spotify web player is a digital music service platform that allows you to get access to millions of songs. With it, you can play your favorite songs and make playlists. Still, many people report that Spotify web player not working for some reason. Have you encountered the same problem? Here are 8 fixes to solve the Spotify web player not working issue caused by different reasons.

Spotify Web Player Not Working

According to Microsoft, N editions of Windows 10 come without media-related technologies. In other words, it doesn’t have media functionalities. Windows Media Player, Skype, or certain preinstalled media app like Music, Video or Voice Recorder are excluded. To make sure Spotify web player runs on your Windows normally, you need to download the Media Feature Pack.

At present, you can log in and listen to Spotify on different devices as you like and up to 10,000 songs can be downloaded on each of up to 5 different devices. But note that you can play on one device at a time with one account. So if you find Spotify seems to work properly and no music is playing, a potential reason is that another device is playing music on Spotify web player. You just need to click ‘Connect’ at the bottom right and make sure ‘This web browser’ is selected listen to music smoothly.

When you use a browser, it generates cache and cookies from sites you visit. Usernames and passwords are saved at the same time. Clearing your cache, coolies, or browse history is suggested for online privacy and security. Besides, clearing them may fix certain problems like loading or formatting issues on some sites. Hence, if you find Spotify web player not working, go to browser settings to clear cookies, cache, browse history. If failed, try other solutions to fix.

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Some browser extensions may block Spotify web player. If your Spotify web player still does not work, open it in incognito mode or private mode in case it is caused by one of the extensions you installed. For example, some ad-blocking extensions will block Spotify until you add the site to the whitelist. The quick method to check is to open Spotify web player in incognito mode. If yes, then disable extensions and then re-enable them one by one to find which one is causing the problem.

Of course, it’s possible the problem is caused by the browser. In this situation, open the Spotify web player with another browser.

Enable protected content in settings is only feasible when you get a message that “Playback of protected content is not enabled” after trying to open the Spotify web player. How to solve this kind of Spotify web player not working issue? Here are tutorials to enable protected content to play in Google Chrome and Firefox.

On Chrome, click the three-dot icon at the top right and choose Settings < Security and Privacy < Additional content settings < Protected content IDs. Then choose ‘Sites can play protected content’.

Enable to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

On Firefox, click the three-dot at the top right and choose Settings < General. Then tick the box before “Play DRM-controlled content”.

Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working Firefox

Have you found Spotify web player not working when you travel to another country where Spotify web player hasn’t updated the location yet? As you have no way to change the region you’re simply according to copyright and accessibility issues, taking advantage of a VPN to change location and unblock Spotify is very easy. Here we take iTop VPN as an example.

iTop VPN is a free VPN that works on several devices: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Dedicated servers for gaming, streaming, social, and download are available. With 1800+ servers in 100+ locations, it helps you change location to most places you want with fast speed. Unblocking Spotify and other sites or apps is easy. No-log privacy and best-in-class encryption make it safe and private to connect iTop VPN when surfing the internet.

More features of iTop VPN free:

  • Ads block

  • Kill Switch

  • Split tunneling

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • DNS protection

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DNS server is needed when your PC gets access to a website to obtain the address. Flushing your DNS and clearing the DNS cache may get your Spotify web player to work again under the circumstance when the DNS cache data is invalid or corrupt. As for how to flush DNS, first press the keyboard Windows+R to open the Run box < type cmd in the box and click OK < copy and paste ipconfig /flushdns in the popup window. The notice in the window “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” implies the DNS cache is cleared.

Flush DNS for Spotify Web Player Not Working

Spotify has desktop app for many operating systems, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music as the Spotify web player does. So install the Spotify app on your computer when the Spotify web player does not work or work smoothly. To some extent, using the Spotify app to play music is more convenient than web player.

In the End 

With Spotify web player, you can listen to music all around the world at any time. But it doesn’t work for some reasons. The above are 8 solutions to fix Spotify web player not working issue, some for Windows PC, some for Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Hope these solutions can fix the problem you encounter when using Spotify web player. At lats, recommend iTop VPN for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS to unblock Spotify and other sites when traveling.

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