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How to Hide VPN Data and What is Obfuscated VPN - iTop VPN

Will your VPN be blocked now? How to hide your VPN data from ISP? What is obfuscated VPN? And what is the best obfuscated VPN? Here is the answer for you.

When you are using a VPN to bypass your regional censorship to browse porn site, to access unblocked content, or to stream the restricted movie, you need to send your data request to your ISP, which is likely to reject your packet.

Obfuscated VPN

To solve the problem, you need to hide your VPN data, or more straightforwardly, use an obfuscated VPN, which can beat the ISP’s Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)  tech.

In general, unless the manual data analysis, your VPN data won’t be encoded by your ISP. But, the host of your streaming platform, social media and the government supervisor will track your goal of data by DPI, so that they can review your VPN protocol data, then shut down your VPN servers.

VPN obfuscation, however, will disguise your VPN data as normal data in your region, to bypass the monitor of your ISP.

VPN Obfuscation

Although a common VPN could meet most situations, your data destination provider doesn’t think so, they will try to close the door from your data entrance. Not come singly but in pairs, the following reasons will push you to install an obfuscated VPN rather than a normal one:

Bypass restricted policy: Only use the obfuscated VPN server, the data sent from your school internet, home limited routers, and highly censored region can bypass the firewalls of ISP and reach the targeted sites.

Lower data latency: To avoid the ISP throttling that may lift your pin or internet speed, obfuscated servers always carry dedicated servers for streaming and gaming, so you can have a regular virtual private IP in your region, allowing you to get a full-speed without being limited by ISP.

Increase your privacy and anonymity: An obfuscated VPN, compared with a normal one, will double protect your IP, by this mean, you will get a more prudent privacy and anonymity during the process of coding and encoding.

In fact, the benefits of an obfuscated VPN is more than the 3 above, besides, it could battle the geoblocking practices from streaming site, it could improve your VPN performance with lower latency.

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There are a few things you should know to better understand VPN obfuscation before we delve into how it operates.

Any data that moves via the internet's channels does so in packets of information. In addition to the actual data, a data packet often contains metadata on the protocol that was used to deliver the data. This is where the details of a VPN protocol are displayed.

Firewalls and anti-VPN technologies block your access to websites when a VPN encrypted data packet is examined by DPI and it finds the VPN metadata, which displays "access forbidden" or "proxy error" on your screen.

Comes with VPN obfuscation now. The VPN signature and any remnants of it "disappear" from the data packet when the obfuscation approach is used. Therefore, the firewall allows the packet to travel through a firewall like regular traffic because it does not detect any suspicious metadata.

How Does an Obfuscated VPN Work

As all-round endpoint security and VPN obfuscated client for individuals, iTop covers VPN Services (For Mac, Windows, iOS, Android), Dualsafe Password Manager, Top Data Protector, iTop Private Browser, iTop Screen Recorder, and iTop Data Recovery.

For individual VPN, iTop VPN provides you with obfuscated VPN servers for downloading, gaming, streaming, social, auto IP configure, IPv6 connection, TCP & UDP & HTTP protocols, and so on.

iTop VPN: iTop VPN is a free VPN client that offers users free services to bypass DPI blocks. It features torrenting, streaming, social, privacy protection, ads block, kill switch, DNS protection, browser privacy, and security reinforcement to prevent your endpoints from hackers.

Free Period: lifetime Number of servers: 1800+ Number of locations: 100+
Credit card needed: No Servers in the free trial: 20 Compatible platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS

Step 1: Download iTop VPN.

Step 2: Select the server.

iTop Obfuscated VPN Connect

Step 3: Tap the connect button on the Home page.

iTop Obfuscated VPN Server

Dualsafe Password Manager: The password manager will save you a lot of time when logging into your multiple accounts and will safeguard your password from hacking by creating, remembering, auto-filling, and syncing passwords for users' banking+email+social media.

Top Data Protector: With iTop Data Protector's folder lock manager, you are able to password-protect folders to restrict access, conceal confidential information from prying eyes, prevent unauthorized users from accessing, changing, or destroying your documents, and guard against ransomware's encryption and data theft.

iTop Private Browser: iTop Private Browser is a secure browser with built-in VPN, an adblock browser, it protects your browsing activity from tracking, hacking and fishing while you are browsing confidential sources at home.

iTop Data Recovery: Users' files could be recovered with iTop Data Recovery from the recycle bin, after a system crash, after a system upgrade, lost data from malware or viruses, and email recovery.

A VPN with obfuscated servers is useful because it allows you to access online content that is blocked by your government, school or workplace, your ISP, or websites that utilize anti-VPN technology.

You'll be able to access geo-restricted material on streaming services, bypass social media bans, and view other restricted websites by using obfuscated servers. Furthermore, obfuscated VPN servers provide enhanced online privacy as well as additional protection.

iTop safe VPN is the top VPNs with obfuscated servers and other obfuscation features.

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