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How to Change Location on TikTok for Watching Videos from Anywhere

How to change location on TikTok? Get an easy guide and watch TikTok videos from anywhere freely and safely by figuring out how to change region on TikTok.

TikTok is now a very popular and amusing application in the world. It has interesting content that adds to its popularity. However, there is an infinite series of restrictions on the application in different regions of the world. It filter what you can see according to your location. If you get tired of native contents in TikTok and hope to watch something fresh, you must change TikTok location.

How to Change TikTok Location

It agonizes the user base of TikTok to learn how to change location on TikTok. Once you have succeeded in changing TikTok region you can access unlimited content on it. You will watch the TikTok videos of other countries and upload your videos from anywhere. Well, this article will tell you how to change TikTok location, region or country and gain great access to viral content.

TikTok has funny videos that make people addicted to this application. This is the reason people look for ways to stop the application’s restrictions in their regions.

iTop VPN is a tool that helps in un-restricting TikTok in your region. By changing the IP address with iTop VPN, you can not only change location on TikTok and access the content without limits but also unblock Spotify to listen to music anywhere. This free tool is compatible with all devices, including iOS, and Windows and macOS.

Abide by the following steps to learn how to change TikTok location with iTop VPN:

Step 1: Download the Application

Firstly, you need to download and install the VPN for iOS or PC/Mac to begin the procedure. 

Step 2: Allow the Access and Connect

Now, tap on the “Connect” button and click on the “Allow” to add VPN configurations.

iTop Vpn Connect How to Change Tiktok Location

Step 3: Use the VPN Application

After you are connected to the iTop VPN, access the services, including live streaming, downloading, and browsing freely.

iTop Vpn Connected How to Change Location on Tiktok

Already known how to change location on TikTok, you can learn more about this TikTok VPN's features and functions to see if it is valuable to try.

  • Fast Connection with 15+ Social Services. iTop VPN serves a fast connection to many social services and streaming services, including TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Roblox, PUBG, Twitter etc. It replace your original IP address with VPN server address to provide you with a rapid connection.

  • Connect With 100+ Locations. The global network of iTop VPN and its 1800+ server locations offer users a thousand options of IPs. You can change your location by acquiring VPN services in the US, France, UK, and Japan. You don't need to sign-up or sign in to the free VPN for connecting to any location. Download the application on your device for free and connect to any location of your choice.

  • Watch Live Streaming. iTop VPN lets people browse, stream, play games, and torrent their favorite files boundlessly. It removes the restrictions on their IP address and displays various content on Netflix, HBO, and Spotify.

  • Offers Free VPNs. iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows, macOS and mobiles. However, its foremost priority is to protect the user's identity and his online activity. The software promises a guarantee of user security and makes sure to provide online privacy to its users.

  • Secure Internet Data. iTop VPN makes it obvious to create a secure connection for your data. When your data travels between your device and the VPN server, the VPN encodes and encrypts it. So, you don’t have to worry about insecurity or hacking issues.

Except for change location on TikTok, iTop VPN can hide real IP address once you connect it with your devices no matter your want to access streaming platforms, gaming websites or torrent downloading sites.

There is another solution of how to change TikTok location to access the TikTok application. It is said that TikTok uses SIM card information to know the location of your device. If you want to use the SIM card approach, you can use a regional or international SIM card, which is also a location changer to some extent,.

The problem with the regional SIM card is that it will not work in any other region. However, an international SIM card will be helpful answer changing TikTok region. A regional SIM can be bought from eBay or Amazon, and a virtual SIM is available on Zadarna.

Below, you will learn how to change region on TikTok by using SIM cards:

Step 1: The regional SIM bought from eBay for your dual SIM phone will work. But, if you have a single SIM phone, then it is needed to replace the SIM.

Step 2: You can use the virtual phone SIM from Zadarna if you have an e-SIM smartphone.

Step 3: After changing your SIM, you can access TikTok and use it at any location.

Compared to change region on TikTok by VPN, using SIM Card is not cost-effective on buying cheap TikTok coins. Because iTop VPN enables you casually switch to differenct countries to find the most cheap price for TikTok coins.

Besides changing the SIM card, there is another way of how to change location on TikTok. Changing your language on the TikTok app can help you to access the content of different regions. TikTok does not recommend this method on its own, so you must change the settings yourself.

Here, we will learn how to change TikTok country by changing the TikTok language of your account:

Step 1: Go to the TikTok application and click on the “Me” in the lower right-hand corner.

Tiktok Profile How to Change Tiktok Location

Step 2: There will be three dots located in the upper right-hand corner. Tap on it.

Tiktok Profile Settings How to Change Tiktok Location

Step 3: Click on the “Content Preferences” in the account section of settings.

Tiktok Profile Content Preferences How to Change My Tiktok Location

Step 4: Add the native language of your preferable region to watch its content.

How to Change Your Country on TikTok

However, this way to solve out how to change region on TikTok is not always work, using TikTok VPN is the most secure and simplest method.

We have discussed how to change TikTok region of common TikTok versions. Here, we will discuss how to watch the Douyin content (TikTok version of China) in our regions.

Following steps is a guide on how to change TikTok location to watch and make content on Douyin:

Step 1: Download the Douyin Application

The first step is to download the Douyin application and create an account on it.

  • Get Douyin on an Android Smartphone

Android users can download Douyin by finding the APK through a search engine or by the following link:

  • Download Douyin on the iOS device

If the iOS store location is not in China, you must switch the region before downloading Douyin. For it, go to the App Store and click on your profile icon.

Click on your name/email and select the country/region. Now, click on “Change country or region” and select the “China mainland” option. Now, you can download Douyin from the app store and create an account on it.

How to Change TikTok Region

Step 2: Verify the Douyin Account

For the next step, verify your account through Scan your Douyin account through the sent QR code. Now, you need to provide the following credentials for completing the verification process:

  • Account type (company or individual)

  • Category

  • Region of registration (supports overseas companies)

  • Region of operation

  • Offline stores’ presence

  • Business license

  • Name of the operator

  • Phone number of the operator

  • Email address of the operator

After completing the details, you can submit the form. Within five business days, you will hear back from the Douyin team.

There're are various ways to help with how to change location on TikTok for accessing international funy short videos on the app. To change IP address with a VPN is regonized as the best method for it can drive you to watch TikTok videos more freely and safely. iTop VPN is a leading and most secure VPN provider that can help you change IP address easily. It offers thousands of servers enabling you to surf worldwide internet and watch TikTok video in any country. What's more, it can perfectly protect you from being tracked/stalked online and gives superfast speed when you watch TikTok videos. Besides, there're other ways to change TikTok region on without a VPN, for example, using a SIM card of other countries, or changing the language. Well, using iTop VPN to change IP address is the most trustworthy recommendation.

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