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How to Change YouTube TV Location with Best Free VPN?

If you travel around, you might need to change YouTube TV location to watch local news and sports. The article provides a guide on how to change youtube location with the best free VPN.

Owned by YouTube, YouTube TV is a live streaming television with over 85 channels, including ABC, FOX, NBC, CNN, NFL, TNT, Discovery, MTV, NBA TV, and more. It provides programs covering all contents, from entertainment, game shows to news, music, and sports.

Change YouTube Location

However, YouTube TV is an address-based service, and it requires selecting a home area to enjoy local networks when signing up. For this reason, YouTube TV subscribers have no way to watch programs aired over affiliate networks in the home area if they are not at home. To bypass YouTube geographic restriction, it is necessary to change YouTube TV location. The article provides a comprehensive guide on how to change YouTube location. Keep reading and learn more details and know role of  a VPN for PC works on how to change YouTube TV location.

More than three million people subscribe to YouTube TV as of January 2021. Different from its traditional counterpart, YouTube TV doesn't have any hidden fees or annual contracts. In addition, it allows people to watch programs at home and on the go as long as they have an internet-connected device with a YouTube TV app installed. However, YouTube TV has downsides as well. As YouTube TV operates on a Home area basis, it is particularly unfriendly to those who travel a lot. They have no choice but to watch local programs available in that region.

change YouTube TV location

The location restriction is the most common complaint, and many users claim it deprives their rights to choose channels for themselves. The fact is that people will not always stay in one place to watch YouTube TV. Hence, the demand for changing location on YouTube TV is on a rise, especially for people who:

  • Travel frequently.

  • Spend a long time between two different homes.

  • Want to stream YouTube TV on vacation.

  • Hope to record YouTube TV outside of their home area.

  • Need cross-countries YouTube TV content to watch.

  • Reside in countries where YouTube TV is blocked.

Is there any way to fake your IP address and change YouTube TV location? The official approach to change YouTube TV location will detect your IP address based on your real location , where you can manage your home area, but it also has restrictions on the number of modifications. Utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) is a necessary approach to bypass YouTube TV location restrictions. After careful researches on various VPNs in the market, we have picked up one free VPN product to help you watch region-locked content. We will show you in detail in the following parts with a free unlimited VPN for Windows.

Fortunately, YouTube TV allows its subscribers to update their current home area and change YouTube TV location. Here is how:

Step 1.

Open the YouTube TV app on your TV and choose your profile picture for settings.

Step 2.

Go to Settings > Area > Home area. Select the “Update” option to change location on YouTube TV.

Change Location on YouTube TV

While the steps above are rather simple, there are two limitations people should be aware of when deciding to manage the home area.

1. YouTube TV allows subscribers to change YouTube TV location a maximum of twice per year.

2. YouTube TV requires subscribers to be physically in the new home area to change location on YouTube TV.

Change YouTube TV Location

To achieve a location change through the YouTube TV app, people will also employ a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions and watch whatever content they want. iTop VPN lies in one of the best free VPN for Windows to change YouTube TV location. Following is a tutorial on how to fake the actual address with the iTop freely and easily.

Change YouTube TV Location

Step 1.

Navigate to the official website of iTop VPN. Download and install it on your device.

Change YouTube TV Locatio

Step 2.

Launch iTop VPN on your device, and you will see its main interface pop up. Choose your needed server (location) in the All Servers List.

Change YouTube TV Location

Step 3.

Next, click the circle Connect icon for connection. Now, you have successfully changed YouTube TV location to your appointed city with an encrypted network.

The reasons that contribute to the popularity of iTop VPN can be explained in several aspects:

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iTop is a reliable VPN with free trial that people can try its 16 optimized servers for free with a 700MB daily data cap. It also provides a VIP plan packed with more features, including unlimited data, 1800+ server options, 10x faster speed, etc.

Stable and Fast

iTop VPN sets no limits on bandwidths. It provides a stable and fast connection with a download speed of more than 100Mbps.

Safe and Private

Though iTop VPN is a free tool, it never offends users' privacy. People can enjoy its services without signup and login. In addition, iTop VPN also provides military-grade encryption, allowing people access to the internet anonymously. What's more, Kill Switch can automatically cut off all Internet traffic when the VPN suddenly stops working and restore your internet connection when you reconnect to iTop VPN, preventing your sensitive data from leakage.

Four Network Protocols

  • The iTop VPN has four different network protocols that can meet all your purposes in different situations.

  • The auto protocol automatically picks up the most optimal server to connect with for online surfing.

  • The TCP protocol is an ideal option to transmit data, thanks to its high-level safety and stability.

  • The UDP protocol provides lightning speed, and it is perfect for streaming, gaming, and working.

  • The HTTPS protocol is a secure solution that allows users to carry out encrypted transmission and authentication.

In summary, the article introduces two approaches on how to change YouTube location. The first method to change YouTube TV location is through the YouTube TV app. However, it comes with limitations on modification numbers. The second method to change YouTube TV location is through iTop VPN. The iTop VPN provides a fast and stable Internet connection with more than 1800 servers covered over 100 locations worldwide. Meanwhile, it has a strengthened encryption technology that protects your private access safe and secure. Therefore, it is highly recommended for everyone to employ the iTop VPN to change location on YouTube TV.

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