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How to Prevent Data Loss & How to Emergency Recover Data

In this guide, we’ll explain several causes of data loss and offer easy ways to prevent data loss on Windows 10/11 computer.

Data loss caused by hard drive crashes, file system errors, malware, or hardware problems can be a headache. Whether it’s family photos, vacation images, a presentation, or a report, it means the loss of valuable time, lost money, productivity disruption, or even business failure. 

How to Prevent Data Loss

Preventing data loss is overriding for both enterprise-level users and individuals. That’s where effective data loss prevention methods come in. In this guide, we will analyze the causes of data loss and walk you through how to prevent data loss on Windows 10/11 computers. A solid data recovery tool is also shared to get your lost/deleted data back when prevention fails.

There are several different causes of data loss, such as hard drive failure, file system error, and accidental deletion of data files. We’ve outlined the top 3 reasons here and introduced different easy data protection methods to prevent data loss in both hardware and software ways.

Hard Drive Failures

Hard drive failures, problems, or corruption could be the most common causes of data loss. When the hard drive fails, your computer freezes, slows down or shows a blue screen. Data gets corrupted with scrambled file or folder names, files not showing, or other error messages. You may also encounter overheating issues, boot-up failure, and strange whirring or clicking noises.

Hard drive failure can be caused by one or more of the following things. You have to avoid such things to prevent data loss on computers.

  • Overheating

  • Water, liquid, or fire damage

  • External damage like drops

  • Exposure to magnetic fields

  • Power outage or surge when the disk is writing

To prevent data loss caused by hard drive failure, keep the ventilation system clean to avoid overheating, defrag your computer more often, avoid static, uninstall unnecessary apps, or use a surge protector. Don’t power the hard drive on when it is failing, otherwise, you’ll lose your data faster. If the hard drive has failed unexpectedly, you can use data recovery software like iTop Data Recovery to restore the missing or corrupted data. The tool supports various types of storage media recovery, covering hard drives, USB drive, memory cards, SSD, and more.

Prevent Data Loss from Hard Drive Failures

File System Errors

File system errors can result in data loss on Windows 10/11. File system errors occur easily due to malware, software/file/data corruption, improper software installation, unstable drive read and tampering with the file system. Unexpected system shutdowns also always lead to data corruption and power failure or system issues may result in system shutdown. According to users' reports, system crash is a commonly mentioned cause of data loss. There are a few things to do to fix file system errors and prevent data loss on Windows 10/11. 

  • Don’t hot plug and unplug external devices.

  • Change to Windows default theme.

  • Clear the Windows store caches.

  • Use the Check Disk Utility Tool in Windows 10.

  • Keep your operating system and file system conflict-free.

  • Get rid of suspicious software, malware, or any unknown adware and run a virus scan.

Prevent Data Loss from File System Errors

How to prevent data loss on computers? You can do nothing with data loss from system crashes and shutdowns. If you are experiencing system errors and valuable data loss, resort to iTop Data Recovery. The file recovery software helps recover data loss from system failure with a click on Windows 10/11.

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is another main cause of data loss. It’s difficult to prevent data loss from human error and we delete data accidentally but permanently all the time. 

There are several cases that a file can be deleted accidentally, most of them will need you to recover with a backing up method: 

  • Files deleted from drives, like those accessed over a Network, which don't have a Recycle Bin

  • Files that are larger than the capacity of the drive that the recycle folder resides on

  • Files that are permanently deleted using Shift + Delete

  • Files deleted using the Windows Command Prompt

  • Improper removal of files

  • Improper drive formatting/partitioning

Prevent Data Loss from Accidental Deletion

Forgot to make a backup? Never mind. You can retrieve the lost data by using iTop Data Recovery. The tool can recover files deleted permanently using Shift + Delete or Windows Command Prompt, from accidentally formatting, or any other misbehaviors. It allows you to get all your deleted files back, including deleted emails, photos, music, documents, reports, and papers, to name a few.

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It’s a tough task to prevent data loss from accidental deletion, or hardware or software failure, and not all data are preventable, sometimes, things are just out of control. Luckily, you can resort to a solid data recovery tool, iTop Data Recovery, when data loss prevention failed. Better than tons of other similar programs, iTop Data Recovery offers a slew of stunning features.

Recover Lost Data After Data Loss Prevention Failed

Easy-to-use: recover your valuable data with a few clicks thanks to intuitive UI design.

Powerful data recovery features: restore 1000+ types of files.

All devices supported: recover deleted, lost, formatted, and crashed files from all kinds of storage devices.

High reliability & Successful rate: up to 95% recovery rate thanks to unique recovery tech.

Previewable: Access to preview files and data before recovery.

iTop Data Recovery - List of Files

iTop Data Recovery is a great helper when data loss prevention on Windows 10 failed. The tool makes it effortless work to recover data from formatting hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and other storage media. You can also get all your data back after accidental deletion, computer virus attack, or hardware crash. All the missing files can be recovered, such as videos, photos, music, documents, presentations, archives (ZIP, ISO, RAR), and many more, up to 1000+ file types.

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For Windows 11/10/8/7

Data loss prevention is something you must do. “Prevention is the best protection”. How to prevent data loss effectively? Remember to back up your data and you’d better encrypt your valuable files in case of theft. Update your software, check your hardware carefully, use trusted software, and there are quite a few other things you can do to prevent data loss. The pity is that data loss seems unavoidable and happens all the time. iTop Data Recovery comes to your rescue - recover any deleted, lost, and formatted data in a click.

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