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Touch VPN Review & Alternative - Free to Access Your Internet Safely, Fast & No Limits

Perhaps you have come across Touch VPN and wondered whether there is a better alternative. If yes, worry no more and go through this article.

Touch VPN is a relatively new face in the VPN industry. On its website, Touch VPN promises anonymous surfing and hacker immunity.  However, reality paints Touch VPN with a different picture. Although many people have Touch VPN installed on their devices, they have a different story to tell.

Touch VPN Homepage.pngYes, Touch VPN is a popular VPN service, but it is far from good. The array of security deficiencies, poor speeds, limited features, and plenty of other intolerable characteristics does Touch VPN an under-par VPN service. 

Therefore, if you are serious about a VPN service and don't want to sacrifice your security and privacy, you should never bank on Touch VPN. Kepp reading, this article covers a detailed review of Touch VPN and recommends the best Touch VPN alternative.

Touch VPN is a popular VPN service since 2014 owned by the US-based VPN 360. Despite years of development, it still has many drawbacks. But when you visit the official homepage of Touch VPN, you may easily fall in love with it because of its exaggerated features. To prevent you from falling into the trap, we dissect the Touch VPN using key VPN metrics highlighted below.

Is Touch VPN Safe?

The bold answer is a no. Touch VPN is simply far from to be a safe VPN for Android & iOS. The lack of critical security features makes you vulnerable to intrusion. If you are looking for a secure VPN, just give Touch VPN a red card. It uses outdated, insecure, and easy-to-crack encryption protocols like PPTP.

Besides, there are no advanced security features to fortify its user security and privacy. Again, the absence of a no-logs policy puts your data privacy at stake. The array of information it requests is a severe cause for concern. Furthermore, it doesn't have the kill switch feature. So when the VPN service is down or shut, your anonymity and privacy are exposed. So the bottom line is that Touch VPN is not a safe VPN. 

Touch VPN Safety and Privacy.png

Is Touch VPN Unlimited Free?

Touch VPN is a limited VPN service with only twenty-five servers across the globe within 30 countries! That is frustrating, and the numbers tell it all about its limitations. While Touch VPN can unlock hot sites like US Netflix and Disney+, it cannot unblock most other top libraries like BBC iPlayer.

Touch VPN Limited Servers.png

Is Touch VPN Fast?

Compared to other VPN giants, Touch VPN lags in speed. Touch VPN figures don't come close to the top-rated VPN services, whether uploading or downloading speeds. If you are looking for a fast VPN free with instant server responsiveness, then Touch VPN should not feature in your list.

Touch VPN Speed.png

Can Touch VPN Used for Streaming?

After finding out the frustrating Touch VPN speed, it is crystal clear that streaming is another disappointment in the pipeline. Again, its limited server selection will not allow you to access a wide range of amazing streaming sites, let alone the recent biggest success Squid Game Netflix. If you want a VPN service that gives you various cream streaming sites, play your cards away from Touch VPN.

Touch VPN Netflix Streaming Error.png

iTop VPN is the best free Touch VPN alternative in the market. Why?

Touch VPN Alternative-iTop VPN.png

1. iTop VPN offers a fantastic collection of features that makes it an ultimate choice for millions of users who are searching for the best VPN for Windows, macOS, Android & iOS.

2. iTop VPN is specially designed to give users a secure and fast way to access the internet. The combination of top-grade security features offers its users military-grade protection.

3. iTop VPN hides the IP address and encrypts users' data so that no information regarding the identity, location, or activity is accessible to hackers. When the VPN connection shuts down, you don't have to worry about the safety and security of your data, thanks to the kill switch feature, which protects your information and sensitive data even when the VPN service shuts down.

4. Again, iTop VPN has unlimited server selection. It supports more than 1800 servers from different countries across the globe. Users can break geo-restrictions and access content from top sites and apps like TikTok, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Wild Rift, Free fire, and WhatsApp, just to mention but a few and you can access all this content for free!

Military-Grade Security - iTop VPN has several advanced security features that fortify user security. Unlike Touch VPN, iTop VPN hides user IP addresses and data to shield them from intruders and hackers. It also has a kill switch feature that prevents exposure of sensitive data and information when the VPN is off. This feature stops your traffic immediately; it senses that your VPN service is disconnected. iTop VPN also uses a no-log policy, and it does not collect nor store your data. It is an important security and privacy feature because your data is not vulnerable to privacy risks.

Free Access to any Content - iTop VPN has the prowess to penetrate geo-restricted zones. This way, users can access any content for free, irrespective of geographical location. Ranging from social media apps, gaming platforms to streaming sites, iTop VPN gives you easy and free access.

Fast Streaming Speeds - iTop VPN is a top free VPN for streaming, and it is easy to see why. The fast streaming speeds support quality streaming, including HD content. It is suitable for streaming from sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Wild Rift, and several other sites.

Access to many servers - Another significant benefit of iTop VPN is the huge number of servers it can access. iTop VPN outshines many VPNs because it accesses virtually all major servers across the globe. You, therefore, won't be limited in the content you can access.

Easy to Set Up - Setting up an iTop VPN is a seamless and straightforward process. With simple on-screen instructions, you can download and set up an iTop VPN on your device.

Connect Multiple Devices - Most VPN services would require higher subscriptions to connect to multiple devices at once. However, iTop VPN allows you to connect to five users simultaneously using the same license. Again, it doesn't matter the type of device connected.

Top-Notch Customer Support - iTop VPN has one of the top-rated customer services.  iTop VPN's customer support is available 24/7 and responsive. If you run into any problem, be sure to get a quick response from the iTop customer service team.

As aforementioned, Touch VPN alternative-Free iTop VPN is an easy-to-use program. Newbies and experts alike won't experience significant challenges. The following steps illustrate how to use the Touch VPN alternative- Free iTop VPN.

Step 1: On your device, navigate to the iTop VPN download page.  Click the respective download button to fetch the program onto your device.

Step 2:  Once the program is downloaded, proceed to install and launch it. Use your account credentials to sign in to iTop VPN and get your 3-day VPN for Windows free trial. Then choose the target category of servers at the bottom of the interface. You can enlarge the respective lists by clicking the forward arrow.   

Choose VPN Servers.png

Step 3: After choosing the desired servers, it is time to connect your device to these servers.  Simply hit the conspicuous "Connect" button on the interface, and you will see it loading. When the color turns from red to blue, then the connection is now established. You can now safely access your internet without limitation.  

Connect to VPN Servers for Touch VPN Alternative-iTop VPN.png

This article has reviewed in detail about the Touch VPN and its alternative, the Free iTop VPN.  It is now as easy as pie to decide between Touch VPN and free iTop VPN. Touch VPN should scare you if you are serious about security, privacy, speed, and a great user experience. This tool has several drawbacks and is not the VPN service to bet on in the modern world. The good thing is that you have the best alternative in free iTop VPN. This great VPN has virtually everything you would demand from a modern VPN tool. Ranging from security, speed, quality streaming, a wide range of servers, and ease of use, iTop VPN should top your list. Don't hesitate. Download iTop VPN today and transform the way you access the internet.

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