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How to Watch Sports Online Free - 2024 Full Guide

Want to know how to watch sports online for free and what is the best streaming site? Read this guide to get the best VPN to learn how to watch live sports online for free.

As big fans of sports, we cannot miss every sports event we like. Yes, watching sports events on cable is easy, but not everyone can find the right time to sit in front of the TV and wait for the event. Most fans are probably counting on streaming sites to watch sports online free, where we can get the latest sports news and events anytime and anywhere. So how to watch live sports online for free?

We've researched a lot and discovered the 9 best live sports streamings to watch NBA League Pass, MLB, NFL, EPL, UEFA soccer sites, and so on. Now follow the list to find the right site for you. 

BBC iPlayer


Free to watch and download streamings


15-20 seconds pause 

Only available in the UK

Peacock TV


Free to watch selected programs 

7-Day Free Trial to get live sports  


Only available in the US  

Amazon Prime Video


Free to watch 4K and HDR live events with Amazon Prime


Geo-restrictions content in different countries

Fubo TV


Tons of live streaming content

7-Day Free Trial


Only available in the US

YouTube TV


Excellent sports channels

14-Day Free Trial



Only available in the US

Hulu + Live TV


A Great option for sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc

30-Day Free Trial


Only available in the US 

DirecTV Stream


The only live TV streaming offers RSNs

5-Day Free Trial



Only available in the US 

Sling TV


Flexible streaming options

3-Days Free Trial 


Only available in the US



Lots of sports streamings



No free trial and no live NBA

Only available in the US

In fact, most of us will follow events not only in our own countries but also around the world. Sometimes we have to watch some foreign media broadcasts. These streaming sites can help us to watch sports online free all over the world. However, if we are from a foreign country or outside of the region like traveling abroad, we will meet geo-restriction. How to watch sports for free in these conditions? Read the following guide to get the best friend of our streaming sites.


Using a VPN, we can access any location we want and get our favorite sports content. This is where VPN is our best friend. And in the past several years, we have usually used VPNs to protect our privacy online and for torrenting safe. But now, unblocking streaming has become a common use of VPNs, and there are still a lot of VPN users who don't know the power of VPN to bypass the geo-restriction and watch live sports online free.

For some sites which only available in the US, we can choose a US VPN server to change our IP address and make a US virtual IP. In this way, these streaming sites will work when they recognize we are in the US. We can bypass geo-blocking and enjoy all of the channels, and streamings even if we are outside the US, the UK, or other countries.

For example, if we want to watch sports online in Canada, just connect to a US server, and then we can get the content of Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and other sites. 


Best iTop VPN for Watch Live Sports Online Free

What is the best VPN for sports streaming sites to get the latest events and can also protect our online security? I'll recommend the iTop VPN, which has a vast number of US servers and UK servers and even has special nodes for streaming. With one click, we can connect to ESPN, Hulu, Sling TV, etc. Besides, it's light and speedy for streaming. For most football fans, they can watch live football streaming HD via iTop VPN. Besides, iTop VPN is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We can watch sports streamings on websites or Apps.

iTop VPN enjoys the following functions:

  • Global Servers

iTop VPN covers servers of over 1800 in 100+ countries and special nodes for streamings. We can connect to US servers, UK servers, Canada servers, or any servers we need to bypass geo-blocking and watch sports streamings for free.

  • 10x Faster Speed 

iTop VPN provides unlimited bandwidth with IPv6 to get the fast speed for us. Even when we connect to the free server, we can enjoy a high speed too. And we can watch HD live sports with no lag.  

  • Private Security

iTop VPN is a safe VPN, which uses the best-in-class military-grade encryption and a no-logs policy to protect online privacy. We can enjoy unlimited content without any fear of our identity being exposed. 

  • Free to Use

iTop VPN provides a 700 MB/day Free plan for us and no log policy is required. We can surf the Internet from the free VPN and watch live sports streamings with no log.


How to Watch Live Sports Online Free with iTop VPN: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN. Then run it.

Step 2. Click All Servers to choose the server we need. For example, to watch Sling TV, we should choose US servers. And then click Connect.


Step 3. After the successful connection, we will see Connected on the home page.


Step 4. Now open our browsers, Apps, or other devices and enjoy unblocking sports streaming. 



If you don't know which server should be chosen, we can easily click For Streaming. iTop VPN provides some streaming channels, click Connect directly to watch HD live sports online.


For sports enthusiasts, streaming has become the #1 choice to watch matches all over the world and become closer to international sports icons. But due to the geo-restriction, they will be blocked. A VPN is necessary when we are trying to access geo-blocking content and watch sports online free. Using iTop VPN, we can connect to remote servers around the world no matter we are a foreigner or we are traveling and on business abroad. With only one click, we can switch our IP to any location where the streaming is available. 

If you are confused about how to watch live sports online for free, you should not miss the best free VPN for Windows and get unlimited sports content.

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