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Best VPN for fuboTV 2022: Unblock fuboTV Free with fuboTV VPN

A guide to using fuboTV VPN to unblock restrictions when seeing 'fuboTV content is currently not available in your location'. Download the best VPN for fuboTV.

Here is the situation: you travel somewhere outside of the USA and try to binge-watch your favorite soccer leagues live on fuboTV, only to be told that the content on fuboTV is currently not available in your location.

fuboTV Not Connecting Outside the USA

This is disappointing, undoubtedly. Actually, fuboTV makes it clear that most programming on fuboTV is only available in the United States and U.S. territories. Though some services are provided in Canada and Spain, they are different from those in the U.S. Under this circumstance, what you need is not " We're sorry" from fuboTV but a functional and helpful fuboTV VPN. This is because fuboTV distinguishes channels either through your actual GPS location or your IP address, while a VPN for fuboTV can hide and change your location with no fuss.

Interested? Check this post for the best fuboTV VPN and how to use it for fuboTV unblocking.

fuboTV is a streaming television service that broadcasts live TV, network shows, news, and movies with 100+ channels, as well as on-demand entertainment. It's emerging due to a wallet-friendly subscription and it's an ideal option for people looking to leave the cable company behind for good. Though fuboTV prides itself on offering a large menu of sports channels and the price of its live TV streaming service is more attractive than others, geo-restriction is an inevitable problem, just like other streaming platforms. fuboTV will identify if your location is allowed to be connected, whether you access it from a phone or tablet app, web browser, or connected TV devices.

Now you see why your fuboTV is not loading content from some locations. You may be wondering does fuboTV work with VPN since it's all about IP address? Yes. You can go for a fuboTV VPN with plenty of US servers, which can easily change your location and grant you access to fuboTV even outside the US. With the best VPN for Plex or fuboTV geo-restrictions unblocking, you can sit back and enjoy watching your favorite fuboTV content. 

Then what is the best fuboTV to bypass location restrictions? Your top choice would be iTop VPN due to its array of US servers, lightning-fast speed for streaming, and a wide range of device compatibility for multiple fuboTV connections.

  • Global Servers

iTop VPN covers over 1800 servers in 100+ countries all around the world. Necessarily, for watching fuboTV outside the US, you can easily break the blocks by connecting to US servers, Canada servers, and Spain servers.

  • Satisfying Speed

iTop VPN for fuboTV streaming allows you to watch live sports and more online with a blazing and stable speed. The majority of iTop VPN users are satisfied and compliment this free VPN for no obvious buffering or lag when streaming.

  • Extraordinary Compatibility

Most users would log in to their fuboTV accounts by downloading Apps for several devices, including smart TV devices, mobile phones, tablets, etc. This is convenient as you can watch whatever you want and whenever you want. iTop VPN is compatible with mainstream digital devices, such as VPN Windows 10 computers, Mac, Android phones, iPhone, and iPad, meaning that you won't be blocked when you are outside the US.

Step 1: Sign up for a plan according to your need. It's highly recommended to choose the yearly plan of iTop VPN as it's the best deal if you have a long-term plan for fuboTV streaming.

Step 2: Choose a USA server to connect. You can also hit on the "For Streaming" button to find a dedicated channel for fuboTV streaming.

iTop VPN-The Best fuboTV VPN

Step 3: Log into your fuboTV account, turn to your favorite channel, and watch live sports or TV shows from anywhere.

In case you want to learn about more fuboTV VPN products, this part kindly introduces 3 more VPNs followed by mini-reviews of each.

Stream fuboTV with iTop VPN

1. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish, a US-headquartered VPN service provider, has hundreds of servers spreading throughout the United States, covering cities like Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York. Therefore, it's expected to be a fuboTV VPN for unblocking geo-restrictions. However, it's not the best VPN for Windows fuboTV streaming due to:

  • Suspicious privacy issues because it was previously accused of handing over information to USA authorities.

  • Terrible customer support feedback

  • Lack of necessary functions


Another highly demanded product is NordVPN. It's undeniable that NordVPN is one of the best choices for watching fuboTV from outside the US—if relatively high prices were not a problem for you. NordVPN provides 5400 servers to effectively and securely unblock geo-restrictions on common streaming platforms, including fuboTV surely. But it's not the best bet when it comes to:

  • Relatively high expense

  • No dedicated streaming servers like iTop VPN

  • No kill switch on Android

3.Ivacy VPN

Ivacy provides a wide array of servers for unblocking fuboTV, including 75 servers in America, 21 servers in Canada, and 5 servers in Spain. It's also the most affordable fuboTV VPN known on the market so far. Though Ivacy has been a veteran in the VPN market, its established reputation could become a double-edged sword sometimes. Negative comments include:

  • Too reputed to be blocked by some streaming site.

  • No free or trial version

The End

The capability of streaming a wide variety of games at a competitive price is the main reason why sports enthusiasts want access to fuboTV, so definitely they are unwilling to be blocked by the geographic restrictions. fuboTV VPN is the best solution to connect to fuboTV from any desired location, which can protect your online privacy and security so that you won't get tracked by online hackers, government agencies, ISPs, or other third parties.

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows for fuboTV to bypass restrictions outside the United States. Try it and you'll never miss a big moment during a live game on fuboTV.

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