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How to Send an Anonymous Email Without Being Traced wiht 4 Ways

It's urgent to know how to send an anonymous email without being tracked. Follow the 4 ways in the article to send an anonymous email confidentially.

Email works as the primary approach for workspace communications and it efficiently connects individuals and groups. Sometimes, however, you may want to know how to send an anonymous email without being traced back. The closed-door action is advantageous in many instances.

Emailing anonymously is a risk-free solution for whistleblowers and people who are involved in particular occupations, to ensure 100% unmarked emailing activities. If you’re a highly security-conscious user, anonymous emails also enable you to keep in touch with others while protecting private information.

How to Send an Anonymous Email

This post guides you through how to send anonymous emails, with detailed steps and tips demonstrated. With this waterproof method, you are able to send anonymous email with attachments to others and completely hide your identity information.

You take anonymity and privacy seriously, so the first step of sending your email must be setting up a private network. Why? This practice will protect your real IP address and personal online data from being traced. Regardless of the email service you use, an internet connection without any security reinforcement makes your IP address easily traceable, through which people would identify your geo-location and online activities.

So how to send an email anonymously with a private connection? iTop VPN is what you need. iTop VPN is an excellent free VPN that sets up an encrypted tunnel between your devices and the outside network, in which your internet traffic is redirected through a designated virtual remote server. Therefore, your actual IP address becomes untraceable and all traffic data are under waterproof safeguard.

iTop VPN client is essential if you want to carry out anonymous online activities. You will benefit a lot from it:

  • Best Free Servers: You can use the completely fast VPN free.

  • Highest Security: The support for Kill Switch, DNS Protection, and IPv6 increases anonymity protection.

  • Strict No-Logs Policy: iTop VPN doesn’t require a password and never saves data information.

  • Easy to Use: Its built-in smart VPN connection achieves private connection at a click away, with no sign-up.

  • Multiple-platform Support: iTop VPN is an all-in-one solution for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone users and supports 5 devices concurrently with an account. 

How to Send an Email Anonymously on a Private Workspace

Step 1. Free download iTop VPN on your computer or mobile devices.

Step 2. Start iTop VPN, click Connect on the home screen.

Emailing anonymously on a Private Workspace

That’s all. You have connected to a 100% private network. The magic behind the efficient process is the Smart Connection function of iTop VPN. This program also has a wide selection of servers that you can use to safely send anonymous email for free.

Here is an additional list of VPNs for Windows free trial for your reference, as well.

There are three well-proven ways to send anonymous mail to somebody. That is to say, you can create a new account for your often-used email client, use a disposable email address, or turn to encrypted email services. The following are how to send an untraceable email with these methods respectively.

1. Create a New Email Account

Even though none of the popular email service providers include an anonymous emailing feature, you can create a wholly new account on them to send emails without being known. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail allow users to create free accounts readily.

How to Send Anonymous Email Gmail

Some of the popular providers may require you to provide a phone number for verification, but it’s advisable that you use a valid virtual phone number, rather than your actual one, in case of identity exposure. You can google for online services that offer phone numbers to help complete verification.

2. Use a Disposable Email Service

Disposable email service is primarily designed for short-term use. By taking advantage of such a platform, users don’t need to give their phone numbers and other identifiable information. This standalone process improves users' anonymity to a new level.

While there are various temporary email services, most of them are used for “receive-only” purposes. To send anonymous email for free to others, you should be careful to find a disposable email address that supports sending emails. Here are two of the few spots to go:

  • Anonymousemail.me

  • Guerrillamail

How to Send an Anonymous Email Guerrilla Mail

Warm Tips

1. Anonymousemail.me natively allows users to send non-reply emails only. If you want to get later replies, you need to add a “reply-to” email address. For your complete anonymity, you’d better take such a throwaway address from websites like temp-mail.org or 10minutemail.

2. You need to use a VPN to create an encrypted workstation. Check the best free VPN for Windows >>

3. Use an Encrypted Email Service

Information security becomes exceptionally important in today’s digital era, which brings about the increasing popularity of encrypted email services, and some of such services go with the anonymous email feature. You can take advantage of them to compose and send emails and keep your personal information from being observed. The following two services are regarded as qualified choices in a bunch of evaluations.

  • Protonmail

  • Tutanota

How to Send Anonymous Email Protonmail

How to send an email that can't be traced on encrypted email services? Most encrypted email services are only workable on their mobile or desktop clients and require a paid subscription to unblock their full capabilities. Even so, you will find them the most optimized way to increase email protection and anonymity once you get into them deeply.

Also see: How to install VPN for iOS and send email anonymous messages on iPhone.

Now you have gone through how to send an anonymous email from end to end. On the premise of an encrypted network, you can unitize any of the three methods above to compose and send your messages. Meanwhile, it’s important to twice check your email in case of any identifiable information involved. With all the methods and tips in your mind, it’s time to download iTop VPN and send anonymous emails!

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