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Use DStv VPN to Watch DStv from Outside South Africa Smoothly

If you want to watch live streaming on DStv but not in South Africa, you can try DStv VPN in 3 steps to get it down.

DStv, the Digital Satellite Television, provides multiple audio, radio, and television channels, and services to its subscribers in South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. 

Different from the global live streaming services, DStv streams live local shows for its users to watch rugby, cricket, soccer, and other games in real-time. Besides, it also offers award-winning series, latest blockbuster movies, and top-class entertainment.

Watch DStv from Outside South Africa via DStv VPN

However, it is not open to the whole world. So if you are not in South Africa, Nigeria, or Zimbabwe, you are unable to watch its real-time live local shows online. Don’t worry! This article gets a fast and effective solution for you - try DStv VPN. How to use VPN for DStv to bypass geo-restriction? Stay tuned.

Ranked at the 14th among Satellite Television sites, DStv offers more than 135+ TV channels and 95+ audio channels that range from sports, kids, entertainment, and lifestyle, to news. That is to say, DStv is not only suitable for individuals but also perfect for a whole family.

However, it provides all channels for users who have a premium subscription. So if you want to watch the live local shows or other attractive content on DStv, get to know its subscription packages in advance.

Watch DStv with Subscription Packages

DStv has 6 subscription packages. And each package has a different supported ratio on sports, kids, and entertainment channels.

Sports Channel

Kids Channel

Entertainment Channel

Total Channels








Compact Plus































DStv TV Guide shows all live streaming channels on its site in the 24 hours of the recent two weeks. So you can easily check out the schedule in case you miss them out!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using DStv


  • Dstv supports phone, tablet, and computer.

  • You can use an app to schedule programmes.

  • Catch Up records live local content automatically.

  • DStv supports Afrikaans channels.

  • DStv supports different appliances to one account at the same time.


  • Apple TV or smart TV are not supported by DStv to stream content.

  • The subscription is quite expensive.

As mentioned before, DStv is not available in regions outside South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. So it’s a pity for people who are living in the USA or other countries. Especially for the uprooted people, watching DStv live local programmes is a comfort like they are not far from their homes.

But it’s not a big deal for VPN to unblock DStv’s geo-restriction. This article lists 3 DStv VPNs (iTop VPN, Unlocator VPN, Cyberghost) to help you bypass the region limitations to watch DStv in the USA safely.

1. Dstv VPN - iTop VPN

iTop VPN is the best streaming VPN that enables you to access blocked content worldwide without data leaking and tracking. You can use it to watch DStv smoothly no matter where you are,

Get to know its detailed features.

Watch DStv No Lagging: iTop VPN offers stable and fast connection servers in South Africa. So you won’t worry about play lag when you connect it to watch DStv, 

Watch DStv No Geo-block: iTop VPN will hide your IP and auto-connect the fast-speed server in South Africa. Then, even if you are in the USA, you can watch DStv with no restrictions.

Watch DStv No Privacy Leaking: This safe VPN will encrypt your personal info as well as the transmitted data while using it.

Watch DStv No Virus Attacking: It also filters malware, prevents your devices from virus attacks, and alerts you when entering malicious URLs.

Except for the above features, iTop VPN has more expertise functions waiting for you to explore. And you can always use this free VPN no account if you wish.

2. VPN for DStv - Cyberghost

Cyberghost is one of the most practical VPN for Windows/Mac/iOS to watch DStv. By using it, you can watch DStv with no privacy leaking concerns either. It will set your IP address to a safe place in South Africa, and bring local live streaming shows from Dstv with a blazing fast speed. 

VPN for DStv - Cyberghost

It offers 3 packages that are a one-month plan($12.99/mo), half-a-year plan($6.99/mo), and 2-year plan($2.99/mo). But if you need further antivirus and security updater service, you need to pay $1 more each month.

You can also connect to it to watch Breaking Bad free on Netflix.

3. VPN to Watch DStv - Unlocator

Unlocator is another VPN for DStv to access blocked content due to region limitations. You can set it up on your phone, Windows PC, and MacOS PC. When you use it to access live streaming content on DS tv, it will encrypt your personal data, and hide your IP. Then, neither your ISP nor the government can not spy on your online activities. 

VPN to Watch DStv - Unlocator

Therefore, whether you use it to watch DStv or watch British TV in USA free, there are no barriers anymore.

In conclusion, 3 VPNs have their strengths and weaknesses, but for DStv, iTop VPN is definitely the most suitable VPN for DStv. Download and try it as follows. 

Even if you are outside South Africa, you still have ways to watch local live sport games on DStv if you follow the below steps.

Step 1. Download and install this DStv VPN on your Windows/Mac/iOS.

Step 2. Activate it on your device successfully and choose a proper subscription plan.

Activate DStv VPN

Step 3. Swift to the protocol you prefer. TCP is a commonly used protocol. UPD is for fast speed. And HTTPS is for double encryption. 

Select DStv VPN Protocol

Step 4. Click “All Servers” in the sidebar and search South Africa to connect.

Select DStv VPN Server

Step 5. Go to the DStv website or the app on your phone and enjoy the smooth live streaming immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you are searching for a way to watch DStv from countries outside South Africa, you must try the approach offered in this article. Use DStv VPN to unblock the geo-restriction from everywhere in the world. Especially the iTop VPN, a 100% VPN free, can be used to bypass geo-block, but more than that, it also protects your privacy, guarantees your view experience, and protects your devices safe. Download and give it a try at the moment!

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