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Can A VPN be Hacked? How to Prevent Hacking with iTop VPN

Can VPN be hacked? How does VPN prevent hacking & hackers? Which VPN can be hackproof? All you need to know is in the following post.

Can VPN be hacked? It is a serious question since VPN is now playing an initial role in our internet security protection. To better answer this question, you have to have general knowledge about how does VPN functionality work. And know which part of the VPN encryption system is reinforced, and which part of the VPN service step can be hacked. The post will also discuss the best free VPN for Windows that protects your cyber security, including local system security & online data security.

Can VPN be hacked

The last thing first, can a VPN be hacked? The general answer could be YES, but a Real Good VPN can proof that. Technically there is nothing security protection that could not be breached, it’s just a matter of time. The real problem is if the security level is strong enough to extend the hacker’s time complexity to breach your security. If the cost of time is approaching the infinite to hack your VPN, then surely hackers will give up the hacking. But once there are vulnerabilities exist, then hackers will always find a way to hack your VPN.

Can VPN Be Hacked?

Despite that, a VPN for PC is still considered one of the best ways to secure your internet connection and keep your internet data private. The reasons could be checked up in three different approaches:

Can A VPN be Hacked - AES Encryption Key

  1. Encryption key algorithm & protocol: The most general adapted algorithm to encrypt data through VPN data transmission is the AES-128 to AES-256 encryption. It is also the American government certificated digital encryption method. Generally speaking, to exhaustive attack an AES-256 encrypted data will need 2,117.8 trillion years. End up the result that a VPN can’t be hacked from the time complexity perspective

    Can VPN be Hacked - No-Log Promise Is Important

  2. The middle joint during data telecommunication can be the weakness hackers can make use of to breach into your system. The only process hackers can intervene in is when your data was sent to the VPN provider’s server & decrypted because it is the only moment your unencrypted data will write on the server storage. Thus, choose a No-log VPN, which means the servers will not log any of your transmission data.

    Can VPN be Hacked ? System Patch

  3. Local security vulnerability. Though the VPN can offer decent protection during the data transmission process, there are still ventures that lurking spyware or malware hiding behind a web link could become the trojan back door that completely breaches your system when hackers needed. Some VPNs, like the iTop VPN, can help you to fix the system vulnerability & block the suspicious website, that how does a VPN prevent hacking.

Can VPN be hacked? If a hack wants to break through the VPN security protection, he might like to hack you by hacking through the VPN provider server end & infecting your PC with trojan or malware. Does VPN prevent hackers from hacking through these weaknesses? Yes, there is – one considers the most secure VPN you may find online, the iTop VPN.

Can VPN be hacked? - Not with iTop VPN

The confusion of "can a VPN be hacked "will be diminished after the iTop VPN is adapted to protect your PC & internet security. The iTop VPN offers AES-256 level data encryption service to encrypt your online traffic just like other most secured VPN services. So there will be no opportunity for a hacker can breach your data through transmission. iTop VPN, different from another common strategy to prevent hacking, takes different approaches to protect the VPN transmission weaknesses.

iTop VPN System Security Enforcer 

Can VPN be hacked? As the post stated, benefitting from advanced encryption technology, the iTop VPN is given full protection during the data transmission. Then your local system security vulnerability could be the breakthrough for hackers to hack into your system. For example, the top Windows 10 Vulnerabilities like the Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities (MS15-079), or system policy settings would allow remote access to your computer and control it. To enforce your local system security is a important step for how does a VPN prevent hacks.

Can A VPN be Hacked - Security Enforcement

Outstands from other VPN services, the iTop VPN Security Reinforce offers a series of system security enforcement optimizations. To activate these protections, click “Privacy Protection”. Then find the “Security Reinforce” tab, click the “Protect” button, you will see the listed security enforcement options. You can select the options according to your security environment, or just click “Protect All” to enable all optimizable options. By the enforced security optimization activated, the possibility of hackers hacking into your system via breakthrough your system vulnerability is annihilated.

iTop VPN No-log Promise

Another process a hacker can hack your data while you are using a VPN is when your data was sent to the VPN provider’s server. Some VPN service providers acclaim that their servers are totally secured and promise no logging. But end up with compromise their server to the authority & government with their user information. One of the giants, ExpressVPN, was involved in a controversial event. During the investigation of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov. Under the pressure of the Turkish government, the Express VPN handed over the server used to store & operate relevant information from their user’s Gmail and Facebook accounts. When your private data could be easily seized by the authority, the consequences could be even worse than asking can VPN be hacked.

Can VPN be hacked Depends On If Your Data Been Recorded

iTop VPN abide strictly by the no-log promise. The iTop VPN will track none of these data, neither iTop will collect & store any user record & personal information on the iTop server when you access to iTop VPN service when connected to the internet as they promised. It is a true VPN with no log.

Know more about no-log VPN, also read: >> What Is VPN No-log? Which Is the Best Free No-log VPN?<< 

iTop Additional Safety Protection

If you still worry about can VPN be hacked, iTop VPN also provides additional safety protection. As a free unlimited VPN for Windows, it offers security tools including cleaning up your local browser files, IP address configures & protection, DNS hijack preventer and Adblocker… there are more than 10 extra security protections that iTop VPN offers to you. 

Can VPN be hacked? iTop VPN Toolbox

Some of the advanced features will need you to upgrade to VIP to unlock. But it is still considered one of the best fast free VPN you can find on the internet.

If you worry about can VPN be hacked and seeking a better VPN security solution, then you should not miss the iTop VPN. The iTop VPN strengthen the two weakness parts of your VPN data transmission, its security tools are offer coherently security reinforcement, too.

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