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Best Free VPN for MacOS | Get Fast and No Lag Experience

What is the best free VPN for MacOS users? This article recommends the top 5 VPNs for MacOS. Choose one that suits you most to get a seamless experience.

macOS is not as secure as it looks and doesn't offer you the privacy you need. Also, considering the price of Mac devices, you don’t get to enjoy access to content from so many countries. So, macOS and Safari users are easy targets for frauds and hackers online.

So, the best way for mac and safari users to stay protected and access content worldwide while using the internet is using a secure VPN. There are not many free VPNs for macOS that we can consider safe and effective in terms of data protection and privacy.

Best Free VPN for macOS

However, today we will shortlist the best free VPN for macOS with unlimited bandwidth, super-fast speed, countless servers, and multiple device connections. This VPN will help you discover content freely, even in countries with strict censorship, while keeping your identity hidden.

Below is our list of the 5 best free VPN for macOS that you can use after reading their features like servers, number of countries for servers, block ads, and operating system support.

1. iTop Free VPN

The VPN that has topped our list of the 5 best free VPN for macOS is iTop VPN. You get 12-months free access to use this free VPN for macOS, Windows, and iOS, and protect your devices from all hackers while enjoying access to content wherever you want.

iTop free VPN is one of the best free VPN for macOS, and other operating systems as it offers you a download speed of 100mbps with access to 100+ locations iTop free VPN allows you a service with 1800+ servers. You can use it on 5 devices simultaneously.

Let’s discuss some other cool features that make iTop free VPN our favorite, among others.

iTop Free VPN Features

  • iTop is the best free VPN for MacBook and any other operating system because instead of a 3-day trial period, it allows users 100% free service (including all features) for a year.

  • iTop has a kill switch that turns on to cut all the internet traffic as soon as you turn off the VPN. The primary purpose of a kill switch is to protect you from exposing and maintaining your privacy.

  • You get tons of other features like a screen recorder (online/offline) and screenshot, making iTop the best free VPN for macOS.

  • Gaming is super easy and fun with iTop VPN as it offers PUBG VPN that will help you enjoy the game if you are in a country where it is banned.

  • The best part about iTop free VPN is that it offers 4 VPN network protocols (TCD, Auto, HTTP, UDP) to help all its users' access content worldwide.

  • You also get IPv6 support with iTop free VPN, making your connection and security even better.

  • iTop Vpn is compatible with all the new macOS versions, including X EI Capitan (10.11), and you can also use torrent with it.

  • You can get an iTop free VPN for chrome as it offers a no-log policy by adding an extension and browsing the internet without revealing your identity.

  • iTop is the best free VPN for macOS because it offers you split tunneling features, by which you can decide which apps to protect and what to connect using your regular connection.

Steps to Use iTop VPN

Step 1: First, you will have to go on to the official website of iTop free VPN and click on download for macOS, Windows, macOS, or iOS, depending on the device you are using.

Step 2: After downloading the VPN, you will select the server depending on the content of the country you want to browse.

Best iTop VPN for MacOS

2. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is easily one of the best free VPN for macOS and keeps all the browsing secure on Safari as it comes with 256-bit AES encryption. When you reboot any of the servers in this VPN, your browsing history gets removed. Express VPN allows you access to 3000+ servers in 90 countries.

Best Free VPN for macOS ExpressVPN

Features of ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN allows you to test all its premium features that are completely risk-free for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

  • The VPN comes with split tunneling and kill switch features that protect you even when you are suddenly disconnected from the VPN.

  • Express VPN works smoothly with all new versions of macOS.

  • It offers you 5 simultaneous connections and good browsing and download speed.

3. NordVPN

The next of our 5 best free VPN for macOS is NordVPN that has a straightforward user interface and lightning bolt browsing speed. It hides you from malicious ads and trackers while offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Free VPN for macOS NordVPN

Features of NordVPN

  • NordVPN allows you 6 simultaneous device connections without compromising the browsing speed.

  • You get 5200+ servers option in more than 60 countries where you can enjoy videos, movies, Netflix, gaming, and so much more.

  • NordVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth; however, it is not free.

4. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN masks your online presence and allows you to stream non-stop content in more than 60 countries. You don't have to fear leaking DNS information on your macOS or any other operating system because it comes with the strongest 256-bit encryption system.

Best Free VPN for macOS Windscribe VPN

Features of Windscribe VPN

  • You get the features of split tunneling and port forwarding for free. But the free plan has other limitations.

  • An ad blocker protects you from stealing information, and you also get to enjoy features like a WebRTC blocker.

  • Windscribe automatically changes your location and time according to the server you want to connect to on your macOS.

5. ProtonVPN

Proton VPN is a Swiss VPN that uses an encrypted Vpn tunnel to send you traffic and maintains your security and privacy on the internet. The VPN comes with 4 pricing plans, including a free plan; however, the speed is very average, and you only get 24 servers option in only 3 countries.

Best Free VPN for macOS ProtonVPN

Features of ProtonVPN

  • You need to sign up to access ProtonVPN, which can be a bit annoying.

  • The browsing and the downloading speed is average; however, you get an unlimited data limit per month.

  • ProtonVPN is compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12)+ and has a strict no-log policy.

  • Last but not least, ProtonVPN has 256-bit encryption and a kill switch that means you can use it on your macOS without worrying about security.

Now that we have discussed all 5 VPNs, we have decided that iTop is the best free VPN for macOS based on the features discussed below.

  • Stability:

Your VPN needs to stay stable and connected while streaming online, and all the VPN mentioned above provide you that. But iTop VPN, Express VPN, and Proton VPN are the ones with the power to unblock any site in the world.

  • Security:

All the VPNs mentioned above provide you with IP/DNS leak protection and keep your data private.

  • Speed:

We have checked the streaming and downloading speed of all five VPN, and iTop came out as the winner.

  • Customer support:

Customer support is the core of the VPN mentioned in this article which means you can find all the answers regarding their use on the respective websites.

  • Free to use:

A free VPN shouldn't give you 30 days free trial or limit features. Even though all VPN mentioned in this article offer you a money-back guarantee, iTop is the only VPN that allows 12-months of complete free use.

  • Easy to use on macOS:

All the VPNs discussed above are easy to use on macOS, but with iTop, you only have to download and connect, which makes it the best.

The best free VPN for macOS needs to provide you free unlimited access to any country’s content and protect you from information theft online no matter what website you are using. iTop VPN does both and, on top, provides you with tons of extra features to ensure data safety and protection.

If you are looking for the best free VPN for macOS or the best free VPN for Windows, download iTop VPN and enter the realm of stress-free browsing without fearing hackers or online malware.

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