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iTop Private Browser
Stay Safe and Private Online

A fast, secure, private browser for Windows offers the safest environment for online surfing. Protect your online privacy with built-in Anti-tracking, fingerprint protection, Ad Blocker and free VPN.

iTop Private Browser

Surf the Internet Securely with iTop Private Browser

The incognito mode of popular browsers on the market is not as safe as it claims. In fact, even Google's Incognito mode cannot stop Google or its advertiser friends from logging or profiting based on your search history. iTop Private Browser, in verse, enables every user to surf the internet with utmost privacy by stopping hackers or trackers to track your online activity, preventing passwords from being stolen by cybercrimes, and avoiding Internet scams. In a word, the secure browser - iTop Private Browser, protects your privacy from multiple aspects.


Mask identity to prevent any sites or programs from tracking, collecting and sharing your data for business purpose. Auto-clean online info all the time.

Browser with Anit-Tracking
Browser with Anit-Phishing


Block malicious websites created to access data to go against potential online threats. Continuously identify and restrain harmful URLs with the updated database with the built-in anit-phishing protection service.

Ad Blocker

The iTop Private Browser, as an adblock browser, blocks ads, pop-ups, overlays to access website content without interruption and build a cleaner, faster web surfing. Allowlist enables you to set custom filters for keeping ads on specific sites.

Browser with Ad Blocker
Browser with Auto Trace Shredder

Auto Trace Shredder

Stop trying to clear cookies mannually when quit surfing the internet with auto trace shredder in the iTop Private Browser. It automatically clear browsing history, search history, cookies, caches, and the like to remove traces and avoid privacy leaks.

Fingerprint Protection

Browser finterprint is information collected about you to identify that cann’t be deleted and removed. iTop Private Browser employs fingerprint protection to avoid fingerprinting by disguising your online identity.

Browser with Fingerprint Protection
Browser with Fast Speed

10x Fast Online Surfing

iTop Private Browser optimizes network schemes to greatly speed up internet connection. You can browse, watch and download content from websites smoother. Page loading time is also dramatically enhanced for that annoying ads are blocked.

Free Private Browser with Built-in VPN

iTop Private Browser is more than a browser. It has a built-in VPN to hide your real IP address and allow you to get access to your favorite content at will. The free and secure browser surpasses Opera Browser with more than one free server and location to choose.

  • Built-in VPN

    Built-in VPN

    Designed as a free VPN browser, iTop Private Browser takes full advantage of virtual private network to encrypt data, bypass surveillance and defense against any online threat.

  • Website Unblocker

    Visit Websites Anywhere

    Quick access your favorite content anywhere. Easily visit video sites or social platforms by changing servers and locations no matter where you are.

  • Hide IP Address

    Hide IP Address

    The private web browser has built-in VPN that masks your identity and safeguard your online privacy. Hide IP address, or change other IP address to browse content annoymously.

  • No-log Privacy

    No-log Privacy

    iTop Private Browser never logs your activities and collects your information, such as browsing history, username/password or more. Nothing will be exposed online.

Comparison Chart of Private Browsers

As an annoymous browser, iTop Private Browser has obivious advantages over other common-used private web browsers in some aspects shown below.

Keep Privacy Online at Any Time with iTop Private Browser

iTop Private Browser is a safe browser helping you browse any content privately and annoymously. Online search and browsing, making payment, or logging into soical media accounts, whatever, it keeps absolute online privacy at any time.

iTop Private Browser FAQs

Why Should You Use iTop Private Browser?

iTop Private Browser is designed as a reliable web browser which aims to offer the most secure and private environment while browsing the web. It automatically clear cookies and browsing history to avoid data leaks.
In addition, thanks to the advanced technology on data encryption and protection, this secure browser with built-in VPN unboxes the power to prevent from being hacked, tracked and stalked. It enables you to browse websites freely.
All in all, with iTop Private Browser, you can surf the internet securely and freely.

How to Set up iTop Private Browser?

It is easy to set up iTop Private Browser, in only 3 steps.

Step 1. Download and Launch iTop Private Browser.

Step 2. Select a server and click Connect.

Step 3. Turn on/off Anti-tracking, Ad Blocker, Anit-phishing at will.

Will iTop Private Browser Keep Your Information?


iTop Private Browser is a no-log browser that will not collect or record any of your information, including browsing history, your profile, your IP, your clicks online and more.

What Platform Does iTop Private Browser Support?

iTop Private Browser is now fully compatible with 64-bit Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. More supported platforms will be soon updated.