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How to Undelete Files? Easy Ways to Undelete Files in Windows Quick & Easy

How to undelete recover files & data? This post will introduce you three different ways to undelete files in windows 10.

This may have happened before: You have deleted some files and could no longer find them anywhere on your disks, Or You have deleted a lot of files in one batch, and heedlessly cleaned your Recycle bin and then have completely no clue where do what do to find your lost files. With all these terrible memories recalled and a good news arrival – there are different approaches to undelete files in Windows 10.

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This post will focus on giving technics and skills about how to undelete files on Windows 10. Several options will be listed below and part of them has certain pre-requisite and is adaptable in the specific situation. An all-around undelete files Windows solution pack will be proven. Also a powerful data recovery software is strongly recommended.

Undelete files by check out your Recycle Bin

First thing first, if you just accidentally pressed the “Delete” button or clicked delete on your file, you still stand a chance to undelete files in Windows 10. To take them back is as easy as a piece of cake, just visit your recycle bin (usually on your desktop, or you can search it in the search bar), right-click the file you need to undelete, click “Restore”, the file will be undeleted and send back to where it was in your folders.

Undelete File Windows 10

Or you can click “Restore all items” to undelete all your files in Recycle bin.

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Undelete files Windows 10 with File History

The feature “File History” is a backup solution included in Windows 10, kept from an elder version of Windows backup features. You can access the File History in “Settings” ->” Recovery” or enter “File History” in the Windows search bar in Windows 10.

Undelete File Windows 10

Notice: The File History feature requires you to have your data & file backed up on an external drive like a USB flash drive, or an external hard disk drive. To undelete the files in Windows 10 with File History, you will need to backup your data on the external storage in the first place.

Undelete File Windows 10

You start File History by backing up your files. By clicking the “Add a drive” button, you can select external storage to back up your files. Thus, external storage with ample empty space is strongly suggested in order to keep all personal files backed up on the disk.

File History External Drive.jpg

Also, you’d better have this backup disk keep connected to your computer, do lesser changes and modify the data stored on the disk in case your backup process is disrupted or your backup file structure gets messed up. After you select & set up the backup disk, the File History will tell you the function has turned on.

Undelete File Windows 10

While it doesn’t mean you can undelete files immediately. The way File History works are it will detect changes on your disk and record them like if you create, write, and delete files and bytes on your PC. The File History will undelete files on Windows 10 by retrieving data from the records.

Undelete File Windows 10

Return to File History’s screen and then click on “Restore personal files” from the menu on the left. File History will list all files which recently modified/moved. At the bottom of the window. Back and forward buttons on the bottom allow you to move between snapshots, offering access to different versions of your files.

Undelete File Windows 10

The File History does not automatically back all your files in all your folders. The default folders File History will back up are limited to your libraries, desktop, contacts, and favorites. If you want to add more folders and directories by clicking on “More Options” -> “Backup Options”, then click “Add a folder” to add extra folders. Theoretically, you can back up everything on your disk, just to ensure that the backup disk is big enough to contain all traces and records.


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Undelete Windows files on Windows with Windows File Recovery

As we could see File History isn’t a method that can undelete file Windows instantly after you delete your important files. It is much like insurance which remedies your deletion instead of a quick recovery & undelete files.

Undelete File Windows 10

You can get the Windows File Recovery APP in Microsoft Store, simply searching the name in the store and clicking get to download the APP.

Undelete File Windows 10

The most headache thing is the Windows File Recovery APP doesn’t have a graphic UI, all operation needs to be done by input command in the command line executor. While you install & execute the program, you will see a black window popped like below.

Undelete File Windows 10

Here is the basic command syntax for Regular recovery:

winfr X: Y: /regular /n \Users\NameOfUser\Folder\File.type

In the placeholder above, X is the source drive, Y is the destination drive, and the latter end of the command indicates the path to the file’s location before deletion. Edit this command based on your own drive names and file paths.

Another example: winfr g: d: /n \[path]

Here the path is the full path of the original file. For example, “111.png” in the “222” folder under the G drive (G:\\222\111.png) and the restored file will be saved in D:\ drive.

If you don't know the exact file name, you can use wildcard characters instead.

winfr g: d: /n \222\*.png

(The command means recover all files with “.png” suffix under “222” folder in g drive to d drive)

Undelete File Windows 10

Here, after you’ve input the command line, if it corrects, the APP will ask you if you need to continue, press “Y” on the keyboard to continue the undelete file in Windows 10 process. Once the scan is complete, a second prompt will ask if you want to view the recovered files. Press “Y” again this time.

Undelete File Windows 10

After the procedure, you can undelete files and those files will be saved in a new folder by default.

Notice: Due to the nature of Windows File Recovery, this undelete windows file is not a normal operation. It does not ensure that all files will be recovered and the undelete result will be affected by many factors.

Best & way to undelete the file in Windows 10

Windows File Recovery may help you to undelete file, but if the file has lost for a long period of time, or you could not remember the file name, or possibly, you have too many files need to be undeleted or you want to recover a big size file, the Windows File Recovery may not be able to accomplish.

Thus, an ultimate file recovery method is recommended here, the iTop Data Recovery can be the saver for you to undelete all kind of files in Windows 10.

Undelete File Windows 10

You don’t need to do any backup setting, nor learn how to use command line, just following the easy steps and you can undelete your file:

Step 1: Download & install the iTop Data Recovery, after installation, double click & run the APP.

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Step 2: Click the “Scan” button, the iTop Data Recovery will start to scan your computer and all deleted (and move) files will be fully listed.

Undelete File Windows 10

Step 3: Find the file you need to undelete, click “Recovery” then you can undelete the files in Windows 10. (Need to upgrade to a premium version)

Undelete File Windows 10

Notice: Then choose your recovery destination - A folder located in different disk partition is recommended.

Undelete File Windows 10

That’s it. The iTop Data Recovery will just dig out everything you deleted and then you can one-click undelete your file, if you are bothered to find your lost data/ files, the iTop Data Recovery is the best choice without a doubt.

The highlights of iTop Data Recovery

  • Recover files in all formats

  • Fast security, maximum capability to prevent data loss

  • One-stop solution, easy to use

There are different ways to undelete the files in Windows 10. All listed methods are available in Windows 10 and older versions of the Microsoft Operating System may not compatible. In general, the most appropriate way to undelete a file in Windows 10 is to use the iTop Data Recovery to undelete file, how about having a try?

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