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How to Fast Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 for Free

How to recover deleted files on Windows 10? Check 4 fast ways to recover deleted files Windows 10 for free, with/without software included.

How to recover deleted files Windows 10? It is a question frequently asked on Reddit or other platforms on the internet since many people get used to saving files on Windows 10 for work or study. You need to recover deleted files in Windows 10 for mistakenly deleted important files, or other reasons. Whatever, the point is the ways you can get to recover deleted files on Windows 10 as fast as possible with less effort. You’re in the right place. The article has offered 4 fast ways to recover deleted files Windows 10, starting from the easiest way. Keep reading to know detailed steps to recover deleted files that are temporarily deleted or permanently deleted.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10

Data recovery software has been listed on the first for it’s the fastest solution for all kinds of lost files: words, documents, music, videos, and so on. One of the best free data recovery software, iTop Data Recovery is put forward as it has many advantages over other software and helps you recover permanently deleted files Windows 10 fast free. Detailed steps are as below.

Steps 1: Download and install the best data recovery software on Windows 10 and other Windows versions 11, 8,7.

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Step 2: Launch the software on your PC. Click the Scan button to scan deleted files after choosing scan location and file types. The process takes few seconds.

Scan Deleted Files in Data Recovery SoftwareStep 3: Select specific files you want to recover, and click the Recover button at the bottom to recover deleted files Windows 10 fast. Preview is allowed to make sure the file is what you want to recover.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 with SoftwareAre you still hesitate? The way is feasible in multiple situations: empty Recycle Bin, formatted hard drive, unsaved word document... Don’t miss the excellent recovery software by learning some key advantages.

Ultra-fast scan and recovery. The data recovery software Windows 10 uses its unique recovery algorithm to speed up the scanning and recovering process. The whole process can be done just in minutes.

Recover files in various formats. It supports to recover 1000+ kinds of formats of deleted files, such common words, photos, videos, audios, and the like.

Safe data recovery. The fast data recovery software is clean and virus-free. And everything is completed locally. In addition, you’re not required to register until you purchase the premium version.

Generally, your deleted files will be moved to the Recycle Bin, where you can restore files manually. It’s one of the fast Ways to find lost files on Windows 10. To recover deleted files Windows 10 from Recycle Bin, you need to follow several steps:

1. Right-click the Recycle Bin icon and open it.

2. Select files you want to recover, right-click (or click the “Restore the selected items” option on the top), and choose “Restore” to recover deleted files to their original location. To fast find deleted files you want to recover, you could sort all files by their type, date modified, original location, etc. The method, of course, doesn’t work when Recycle Bin is emptied.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 from Recycle Bin

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File history is a backup feature on Windows 10 to help you recover a file to its previous version. It can back up files in multiple forms: documents, music, videos, and folders by default. This method works only if the File History feature turns on. 

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 with File History

How to recovery deleted files on Windows 10 through File History? Follow the instructions below. The first two steps are for steps to enable File History.

1. Connect an external drive to your PC.

2. Control Panel > System and Security > File History. Then choose the drive you want to copy files to and click Turn on button to enable File History.

3. Open File Explorer on Windows and navigate to the folder of files you want to restore.

Right-click inside the folder and select Previous Version. Choose a file version you want to restore and click ‘Recover’ button.

What if you cannot locate lost files from your backup, or you haven’t enabled the File History feature? Windows has considered this situation and designed a command line app available from Microsoft Store to help you recover deleted files on Windows 10 from local storage devices including internal/external drives, and USB devices. The app is Windows File Recovery available for Windows 10 or later.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 with Windows File Recovery

How to use Windows File Recovery to restore deleted files Windows 10?

1. Download it from Microsoft Store for free. Install and launch it on your PC.

2. In the Command Prompt window, enter the command: (The source and destination drives must be different)

winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/mode] [/switches]

3. Two basic modes can be applied to use recover files: Regular and Extensive.

  • Regular mode example

For a regular mode to recover files, recovering your Documents folder from your C: drive to the recovery folder on an E: drive should enter the command:

Winfr C: E: /regular /n \Users\<username>\Documents\

To recover PDF and word files from C: drive to the recovery folder on E: drive, enter the command:

Winfr C: E: /regular /n *.pdf /n *.docx

  • Extensive mode example

To recover JPEG and PNG photos from Pictures folder to the recovery fold on an E:drive, enter the command:

Winfr C: E: /extensive /n \Users\<username>\Pictures\*.JPEG /n\Users\<username>\Pictures\*.PNG

4. Enter Y to start the recovery option. This may take a while based on the size of your source drive.

In the End

Anyway, it is common to lose files for accidental human error, system crashes, virus infection, and the like. How to recover deleted files on Windows 10? This article has introduced 4 ways to recover deleted files Windows 10 free. And using the best software to recover deleted files Windows 10 is the fastest without considering how they were lost and where they locate. Download and use iTop Data Recovery to get almost all kinds of files back within minutes.


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