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3 Quick and Easy Ways for How to Get Into Safe Mode Windows 10

Windows 10 how to get into safe mode? This passage provides 3 solutions to help you cope with your buggy system, checking out the latent problems on your PC.

Do not know what’s causing the malfunction of your PC? Well, advanced users like you can easily narrow the problems down to a smaller scale with the help of Windows 10’s safe mode. However, many of you may find that the old way to bring out Windows 10 Safe Mode is not available.

This passage is going to introduce 3 practical new ways for you to booting into safe mode Windows 10, making your troubleshooting work easy and effective. Let’s dive in.

Cover of Windows 10 Get Into Safe Mode

If you are familiar with the old ways to open Windows 10 safe mode, you may only find out that the F8 or Shift plus F8 will no longer call out the safe mode. Well, the content below introduces 3 instant ways to help you troubleshoot your system. Let’s take a looks. 

Method 1. Booting to safe mode Windows 10 from settings

Enter Safe Mode from Settings

If your system does not paralyze and the settings panel is still available, then you can try calling out the safe mode with this method. 

Here are the steps: Open the Start Menu > settings > go for the updates and security menu > find the ‘restart now’ button under the ‘Advanced start-up’ > now you are entering the new interfaces, please select troubleshoot > advanced options > startup settings > press F4 to enter the safe mode without network, and press F5 to enter the safe mode with network.

Method 2. Getting into safe mode from the sign-in screen

Eneter Safe Mode from Sign In Window

If you have problems accessing your desktop screen, then there are workarounds by entering from the sign-in screen. 

Here are the steps: activate your screen by a click or a press of your keyboard > hit the power button > select restart > troubleshoot > advanced options > startup settings > hit F4 to enter the safe mode without network and press F5 to enter a safe mode with network.

Method 3. Enter the safe mode from a blank screen

Safe Mode Troubleshoot

Well, next we can try to fix your system assuming that it is completely not workable. Given your situation is quite tough the trick here will be more difficult than the methods above.

Here are the steps: try to restart your PC by holding your power button for more than 10 seconds (you may repeat this process 2-3 times until your system is fully restarted) > when you successfully restart, then you can select the troubleshoot > advanced options > startup settings > press F4 to enter the safe mode and F5 for entering the safe mode with the internet.

Basically here are the most common situations that you may encounter. After you get into safe mode Windows 10, you can implement some inspection right now to find out what’s being abnormal with your system.

The safe mode is of strategic status, not only can it detect if the reasons for your buggy PC are coming from the system or from some kind of malware. It can also help you increase the reflection speed of your system. However, this measure is not convenient and nobody is happy to use it unless they are reduced to it. Let’s have a comprehensive look at Windows 10 Get Into Safe Mode and see if we can find an alternative to save all the energy.

  • Safe mode’s advantages

1. Scan for malware and restore the entire system

2. A good indicator for those who want to roll their PCs to the previous version

3. Deal with the crashing problems

4. Uninstall suspicious software

5. Update your drivers

  • Safe mode’s disadvantages

1. 3-rd party services are not available

2. Windows 10 safe mode is not permanently available

3. No sound

After your successful entrance to Windows 10 safe mode, there are other complicated procedures you have to go through. But actually, there is one optimum tool that can safeguard you along the way, preventing attacks from hackers, malware as well as fixing your system’s problems. 

iTop VPN is versatile security software that ticks all the boxes. Unlike the ordinary VPN software in the market that focuses only on data encryption and location change, this free VPN adds way more security features within it to guard its users’ system. One of the most noticeable functions is auto fixing your PC’s problem, which features shares the core technology with a notorious system-care software out there. Let’s put aside the wordy introduction and directly see how does this best VPN for PC protects your system effectively.

  • How to Get iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is currently available for Windows 11/10/8/7, MacOS, Android, and iOS users. With 700MB of free data every day. Free users can enjoy enough protection already and a VIP license will escalate the security to a next level.

Step 1. Download iTop VPN from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2. Activate the protections from the settings and hit the ‘Connect’ button to protect your system.

Connect to A Server and Protect Your PC

  • Use the System Care function to help fix your system automatically

iTop VPN is equipped with a well-developed system care function to automatically inspect your PC and have the problems fixed. This feature requires no professional knowledge on PC and relief your burden as fresh hands.

iTop VPN System Care Interface.jpg

  • The data encryption prevents malware and hackers from the first place. 

Ads block, DNS protection, IP masker can help you avert potential risks on the Internet. No misoperation in downloading similar software and the malware comprised. No mislead by the advertisement and get your private info hacked. iTop VPN is the best choice to stop you from malicious attacks. (You may also like: Best Free VPN for Windows)


This passage introduces 3 desirable ways to help you get into Windows 10 safe mode without any hassle. And in a nutshell, the safe mode in Windows 10 is kinda for advanced users, to easily prevent your system from getting errors, iTop VPN is an optimum choice. Ads blocker, data encryption, IP masker, shield you from attacks of any kind. Just set free and enjoy the blazing-fast network speed iTop VPN brings to you. Please feel free to try this VPN for Windows free trial.

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