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5 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free: Safe Streaming in Anywhere

Where to watch TV shows online free legally? Here are 5 best sites on how to watch TV online free and the best VPN to unblock sites for shows & movies online!

Are you finding a way to watch your favorite TV shows online free? It’s the most relaxing and comfortable leisure while you’re lying on the bed or sofa and watching fantastic TV shows or movies. But most of time, it’s a pity to miss the live TV shows due to your busy schedules. Then where to watch TV shows online free safe and legally? Many sites for TV shows steaming would charge you high and be full of overwhelming Ads. 

5 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

So, how to watch TV online without paying? No worries. Check the 5 best sites for free online streaming to eliminate your anxiety!

For where and how to watch TV live for free online legally, you can rely on online streaming services, which provide an exclusive platform for users to watch all kinds of TV shows and movies online, such as Hollywood hits, comedy, animation and so on. Also, you don’t have to download heavy files anymore.

Although some unsecured streaming sites would try to get your credit card information and assess you to private browsers, there are multiple safe sites to watch TV shows online freely and legally. Keep reading to find the 5 best sites to watch online TV shows.

No matter if you want to rewatch your classic favorite TV shows and movies or just catch up on hot shows recently, you’re smart to use these 5 sites to watch the programs online anytime when you prefer.

1. Hoopla  

How to watch TV shows online free? The top streaming site for you is Hoopla. It works as a public library which provides all kinds of digital videos, not just TV shows and movies, but also music, audiobooks, e-books and so on. To watch TV live online, you can create a Hoopla account and borrow TV shows episodes by using your local library card online.

Watch TV Shows Online Free - Hoopla

Major types: Action & adventure, comedy, family, reality, thrillers

Platforms: App (iOS and Android), Computer, TV


  • Wide variety of TV Shows and movies

  • No advertisements while streaming

  • Some videos are downloadable


  • Using your library card to sign up

  • Limits to “borrow” volumes

2. Pluto TV

The second online streaming site recommended is Pluto TV. The site offers free and ad-supported movies with multiple channels, including “Live TV” and “On Demand”, which means you can watch different genres of shows live or previous. But you’ll see occasional advertisements as traditional TVs.

How to Watch TV Shows Online Free - Pluto TV

Major types: Sitcoms and dramas, action, family

Platforms:  App (iOS & Android), PC (streaming), TV (app/casting)


  • Multiple genres of live TV channels and on-demand shows

  • Need to sign up


  • Unavoidable advertisements

  • Not support to download

3. Freevee

Another solution on how to watch TV shows for free online is Freevee. If you are a fan of Hollywood hit TV shows, you’re lucky to enjoy numerous top Hollywood shows and movies here. Similar to Hoopla, you have to create an account, which is free, but you can also log in with your Amazon, Google, Facebook or Apple account. Once logged in, you’re free to watch any TV shows you like. 

How to Watch TV Shows Online Free - Freevee

Major types: Comedy, chills & thrills, romance, documentaries

Platforms: iOS and Android, computer, TV (app/casting)


  • Sign in with other platform accounts

  • HD videos are allowed

  • Watch Freevee original videos


  • Limited free live shows

  • The videos are not available offline


If you are blocked to watch Amazon videos, you can get a free VPN to connect a reliable VPN for streaming.

4. Tubi

In addition, Tubi, which is owned by Fox Corporation, is an ad-supported streaming service like Pluto TV. It offers plenty of on-demand TV live shows and movies from channels, such as A&E, Fox, Lifetime, etc. Tubi is best for watching reality shows or movies, like “The Temptations”, “Dance Moms”. More importantly, you don’t need to sign up.

How to Watch TV Shows Online Free - Tubi

Major types: Action, family, foreign, kids’ shows

Platforms: mobile, computer (streaming), TV


  • Adjustable for video quality

  • Pup-up ads


  • Videos are not downloadable

  • Not many current TV shows

5. Crunchyroll

Finally, how to watch online TV shows for free on other sites? Here’s a great service for you, Crunchyroll. With Crunchyroll, you can watch thousands of anime in more than 200 countries and areas, which is big bonus for anime fans. You’re allowed to listen Japanese voice with English subtitles, or watch it dubbed in English. If you upgrade to premium users, you can watch videos without ads.

Watch TV Shows Online Free - Crunchyroll

Major types: adventure, animation, thriller 

Platforms: computer, mobile devices, TV


  • Free to stream without accounts

  • Manga & games are also available


  • Only premium users can watch new releases 

  • Videos can’t be downloaded for free

  • Limited videos types

That are all the 5 streaming sites for you to have a wonderful free online watching anytime. But what if you’d like to watch foreign TV shows which only air in local places? How to watch your favorite TV programs online when you’re blocked by steaming sites? Get a top VPN and all your issues are resolved soon!

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for steaming online on Windows/Mac/iOS. It offers you unlimited data for torrenting, streaming and downloading, at high speeds. With iTop VPN, you can assess any content without geo-restriction, including online TV streaming sites. You can choose from 1800 reliable and stable servers in 100+ locations across the world.

Best VPN to Watch TV Shows Online Free

Before we talk about how to watch TV shows online for free, let’s have a preview of multiple benefits of iTop VPN:

  • Easy to Connect Global Servers by One Click

It’s rather easy to connect global servers with iTop VPN for Windows/Mac/iOS, not only servers in US, UK, but also India, UAE and other areas. By just one click, you’ll connect to the target VPN in seconds, which hides your real IP address.

  • Free VPN for Streaming with Unlimited Data

It is the best free unlimited VPN for steaming. With unlimited bandwidth, you’re free to watch any of your top TV shows and movies without limits. Also, you can enjoy VPN for ITV, Hulu, Disney+ and other mainstream streaming services. 

  • Ultra-fast VPN for Browsing/Gaming/Socializing

Besides Disney Plus VPN for streaming, it is an ultra-fast VPN for browsing, gaming and socializing. With the strong split tunneling, your speed won’t be limited while you’re doing multiple tasks. You can be relaxed to play video games and socialize with friends.

  • Safe VPN with Best-in-class Encryption

Is it a safe VPN? Absolutely yes! iTop VPN will guarantee your online safety with the best-in-class encryption. There’s no log policy, so the VPN won’t track, nor record any online data of your profile. Besides, it offers IPv6 Servers, DNS Protection, and browser anti-tracking.

So how to watch live TV Hulu or other services with iTop VPN? Here are the steps for Windows users:

Step 1. Free download iTop VPN and install it on your device.

Step 2. Search for servers you need.

  • Select For Streaming, and you’ll see all streaming servers, like Hulu VPN;

  • If you can’t find the server in the list, just select All Servers, and choose the target country/area server.

Step 3. Click Connect to watch TV shows online free.

How to Watch TV Shows Online Free with a VPN


 If you’d like to know where to watch sen çal kapimi, which is also called Love is in the Air or You Knock on My Door, a Turkish TV series, connect Netflix VPN is okay.

The Bottom Line

How to watch TV live for free? You’ve must find your favorite site for TV shows online streaming as mentioned in the article. Just sign in to the site and enjoy your TV shows for free now! More importantly, if your TV shows are blocked due to geo-restriction, please download iTop VPN to easily unblock the site and have a smooth and safe streaming!

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