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What Is VPN Server Address? Check iTop VPN Servers List

This page not only explains "What is VPN server address?" in detail but helps you choose the best server address for VPN to get the fastest connection speed.

VPN unboxes the power to guard online privacy and security. It encrypts internet connection to prevent your activities from being tracked by hackers, ISP or censorship, as well as, free you to access restricted websites, apps, games in any region. VPN server plays an important role to make what a VPN can do a reality. Furthermore, server address for VPN is one factor that affect performance.

VPN Server Address

Nowadays, more and more people try free VPN to experience safer and freer online entertainment. As for how to choose a reliable VPN that can be used for a long time, you’d better have a knowledge of “What is VPN server address” and “how to choose the best VPN server address for VPN”.

Before answering the question – what is VPN server address, it is necessary to make clear about VPN server.

What Is VPN Server and How Does It Work

VPN server can be physical hardware or virtual server that provides a secure connection to private network. It is usually configurated with VPN client to complete the mission of internet delivery with encryption.

Generally, VPN server utilizes protocols to encrypt the traffic from web server as well as the information like your activities, usernames/passwords to bypass the surveillance from ISP or government agencies, schools. That is, VPN server can help create a secret tunnel to delivery data without being exposed or hacked online.

What Does VPN Server Address Mean

VPN server address – also called VPN server location – is a specific place where a VPN server is located in. Geographically, the server address for VPN is probably a city, a region or a country. Virtually, it is taken as an IP address to replace your original IP. In other words, with VPN server address, you can hide original IP to access to blocked content.

Why Is VPN Server Address Important

A VPN client having good servers can deliver better performance, from stable VPN connection and faster speed. The client doesn’t directly show all servers they have or incorporate with, but demonstrates hundreds of VPN server addresses or locations where VPN servers from. Once you select a proper server address for VPN, you can work, study or entertain online safely and access to restricted contents smoothly.

There’re lots of VPN providers which take full advantage of VPN servers to offer numerous VPN server addresses. iTop VPN is the leading VPN provider that gathers solid VPN servers worldwide and shows 100+ locations across America, Europe to Asia. A rich list of high-quality VPN server addresses from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, UAE, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and more will be presented once you open iTop VPN. It is a free VPN for Windows, iOS and Android. So, you can access to the VPN server address list on PC and mobiles.

Besides diverse server locations for VPN, iTop VPN can drive you to enjoy more with brilliant features.

4 VPN Protocols

iTop VPN provides different network solutions (protocols) – Auto, TCP, UDP, HTTPs – to enhance performance and meet different requirements.

  • iTop VPN configurate Auto protocol as the default option for beginners. This protocol can guarantee both security and speed. When you browse or chat online, it is the best choice.

  • TCP protocol focuses on offering the high-class security service to completely avoid online exposure of your information. It is highly suggested to turn it on when you shop or pay online.

  • UDP dominates speed. It can help you reach a super-fast speed to streaming movies, playing games without buffering, lags or bandwidth throttling.

  • HTTPS is the protocol that excels in unblocking geo-restrictions. If you are restrained to visit websites for school or government censorship, it’s the best solution to free you.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is another way to prevent data or privacy from leaks. It monitors your internet connection situation every second. Once the VPN service encounters a sudden stop, the feature will automatically block all Internet traffic. All your online activities will not be exposed to the web thanks to the shutdown. iTop VPN activate Kill Switch by default to always keep your connection secure.

Static IP and IP Checker

Compared with some free VPN providers that assign dynamic IP, iTop VPN offers static IP  that is recognized to be trustworthy and legitimate. If you try to visit a website which announced blocking VPN service, static IP will be taken as a real IP leading you to escape the ban or block risk. iTop VPN also launches an IP checker enabling you to verify the current IP, track and locate the IP with detailed information to learn whether it is exposed.

How to find the best VPN server address from the location list from iTop VPN? You can follow two points below.

Distance Means a Lot

If you would rather like to have a fast internet connection speed than other purposes, you’d better select a VPN server address that is near to the place where you live in. No matter how decent the server is, the longer distance will lead more time cost to transfer data between your device and the website or service that you want to access. Therefore, it is a good choice to connect the VPN server location that is in your country, or neighbor country/region.

Do You Want to Bypass Geo-blocking

If in your region, the access to some contents is restricted, you need to select a choose a VPN server address where the content can be easily watched hassle-free. For example, you want to watch a TV show only available for Netflix US but you live abroad, you must select a US location to stream the TV show smoothly.

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Keep the points in your mind and then let’s learn how to get the best VPN server address with iTop VPN – the best free VPN for Windows and mobiles.

Step 1. Download the VPN on your PC, iOS or Android device.

Step 2. Launch it and then click All Servers.

Step 3. Select a location depending on your needs, for example United State Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or other address.

Step 4. Click Connect and soon you will be connected to the desired server address for VPN.

How to Choose the Best VPN Server Address


iTop VPN will automatically connect you to the fastest server thanks to the smart engine once you click the Connect button on the main interface instead of selecting server.

Final Thoughts

To choose a right VPN server address can help you enjoy high-level security and freedom on the internet. iTop VPN, the free unlimited VPN for Windows PC and mobiles, provides a diverse of high-quality sever locations. Depending on your requirements, for safety or geo-unblocking, now select the most proper one from the list to protect yourself from being exposed on web or access to any website from any region with ease.

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