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Why Incognito Mode Isn’t Anonymous? Use Best VPN Incognito to Protect Your Online Privacy and Safety

Is incognito mode a VPN? Detailed explain the difference VPN vs incognito and introduce the best VPN for incognito mode.

With the rising concern of internet privacy violation, in December 2008, Google initially launched its Chrome Incognito Mode with open arms. According to Google’s official statement, the Incognito mode can help you browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t be able to see your activity. However, your downloads and bookmarks will save on your computer.

The Incognito feature provides protection against overbearing browser history snoops at a time. When many of us would consider could getting caught while visiting some content that is not safe for works, like watching free porn during work, the Incognito mode would somehow relieve our concern. But, as both VPN vs incognito mode acclaim that they can protect your privacy, is that really that browser incognito mode will protect our privacy as well as a VPN incognito

VPN vs incognito

In fact, hiding your unmentionable browsing habits was hardly the reason a crack team of developers at Google made Incognito Mode. The term “protect your privacy” and “Not able to see your activity” somehow alludes to some shady behavior.  According to the former Google Vice president of Chrome, Darin Fisher, the incognito mode was not designed to protect your privacy.

Although the Incognito Mode surely earned some reputation as a tool to hide your browsing history, for not to be caught watching something you don’t want to share with your families. But does it shield your privacy technically? Google Chrome VP Says no. The Chrome Incognito will not protect your privacy like a VPN incognito.

google chrome VP claim incognito mode isn't desigend for privacy

According to Fisher, Incognito Mode was born in 2008 with the primary intention of making it easier and more convenient for people who share computers to do so without mucking up their devices with another user's cookies - the temporary or permanent files stored on your computer by websites to help them recognize you and keep track of your preferences.

That is to say, the incognito mode isn’t designed to keep your privacy & protect your data security. It is a feature that prevents multiple users from accessing the same device and messing up the user data & preferences. Need to mention that, if you are watching porn in Chrome Incognito Mode, your temporary files & downloaded resources, along with your web browser caches, are still exposed to the ISP and your internet administrator. Because your internet traffic will still flow through their server and they could intervene in your data flow. To protect your privacy from being detected, you should usea VPN for incognito mode, like the iTop VPN instead.

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Incognito mode isn't protect you from monitoring

Comparatively, in the domain of privacy protection, a VPN is doing its steady job to protect your online security and privacy. The Chrome incognito mode simply stores separately & curtains your browsing data locally on your device. But the VPN incognito will encrypt your internet data when sending & receiving. So the government & ISP will stand no chance to snoop your internet traffic. On the other hand, a solid VPN solution, like the iTop VPN can also clean up your browser trace (with temporary browsing files stored on your device) in order to prevent unmentionable moments from happening. 

As the post acknowledged above, Chrome's incognito mode doesn’t really help you protect your privacy. Darin Fisher, the Chrome VP maintains that the incognito mode is was also meant to help people hide behaviors they didn't want loved ones to see. For example, in the scenario, a boyfriend Googles for engagement rings and doesn’t want his loved one to be informed – with whom he shares a computer – to get any hints about his purpose. But it is way off the wishes for protecting your internet privacy. Theoretically, anyone with some computer knowledge could easily dig out your personal information, including your browsing history, your banking information, your exact address. Your privacy could expose to vicious hackers since the browser incognito mode does a little job of protecting your internet privacy mechanically. If you are watching online porn on PC & don’t want let others know, then you’d better to use a porn VPN instead of incognito mode.

Incognito versus VPN

Is incognito mode a VPN? No. But a VPN for Windows should be a better resolution to your privacy concern. As stated before, a VPN will adapt specific proxies & algorithms to encrypt your browsing and reroute your data traffic to a third-party server. So your local ISP and internet administrator would not be able to know what website did you visited. Some considered the best free VPN for Windows gives perfect VPN incognito service to protect your privacy.

To address these concerns the post mentioned above, the following part will lead you to a proper resolution of your privacy problems. Out of the fast VPN free for Windows, iTop VPN can be your go-to VPN.

Unlimited Free

You don’t need to register or log in anything to use the iTop VPN. It is easy to use and free. You can enjoy the 700MB free data per day. Unlike other free VPN which promised free services, iTop doesn’t ask for any of your banking information or ask your payment affiliation, nor need you to bind your VPN with any of your personal accounts like Facebook, Twitter

iTop VPN- real VPN incognito free to use

Protect Privacy and Stay Anonymous

As the most secure VPN for PC, iTop VPN takes users' privacy as its top priority. The iTop VPN will cover your exact IP address by generating a virtual IP to help you conceal your location. The iTop VPN has over 1800+ servers over the world, covering four continents, ranging from America, England to Japan, Spain, and so on.

Global Server Select - Improve Privacy

You can select your proxy destination as anywhere as you want to avoid censorship & monitoring. Undercover, iTop VPN can hide your location, identity, and all your online activities. With this porn VPN, no one can monitor your online behavior or steal your information, and your privacy will be guaranteed when accessing the NSFW content online.

Extra Features for Online Porn & Browser Privacy

No matter where you are, iTop VPN can break geo-restrictions and unblock the porn VPN sites for you. You could easily access online porn & NSFW content with one click in iTop VPN. You can find the “Secret Garden” tab under “Quick Access”, you can easily access hot porn websites like Xvideo and Pornhub with a single tap. This function could be useful if you live in porn prohibited regions like China or UAE.

iTop VPN porn support

You might concern about the browsing history after you visit private sites. Worry nothing because the iTop VPN could be a perfect VPN incognito that can clean up all trace including temporary files after you visit websites. Click “Browser Privacy” and “Clean”, your browsing history & internet caches will be completely cleaned. You can activate the “Auto Clean” feature so the iTop VPN will automatically clean up your browser history.

iTop VPN is now available on all devices, including PC (both Windows & Mac), Mobile (iOS, and Android). The following part will take you to how to use this incognito VPN in very easy steps.

Step 1. Free download iTop porn VPN on your devices.

Step 2. Execute the iTop VPN on your device and click the ‘Connect’ button.

Connect to iTop privacy secured VPN

Step 3. For enhanced VPN incognito option & Browser trace clean up, go to “Privacy Protection”. By activate addons in “Security Reinforce”, you can get extra VPN incognito support. The Browser Privacy can completely clean up your browser trace including temporary file your browser left in your computer.  

iTop VPN Privacy protection features

Then you are good to go! Your privacy is now fully covered by iTop VPN. You can watch whatever you want with VPN incognito & without being tracked now.

It is clear that Incognito mode will not approve your privacy surfing. instead, a VPN incognito will do fully protect to you online privacy. If you still hesitate to choose which way you use to protect your personal information, you might have a try to the iTop VPN & forget about the browser incognito mode!

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