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Benefits of SOCKs5 Proxy Server and the Differences Between SOCKs5 Proxy & VPN

What is the SOCKs5 proxy? What are the benefits of the SOCKs5 proxy server? What are the differences between SOCKs5 proxy and VPN? Get your answers here.

Using a proxy like SOCKs5 proxy to bypass geo-restriction is a normal way for you to access blocked content with a fake IP address.

But is it absolutely safe to keep your privacy and not a little bit leaking of your traffic?

SOCKs5 Proxy Server vs. VPN

This article will tell you what is SOCKs5 proxy and how to connect the SOCKs5 proxy server on Windows 10/Mac, besides, the difference between it and VPN. More than that, it also provides a SOCKs5 proxy alternative for you to 100% safely access blocked content online for free.

SOCKs 5 proxy server is the latest version of Socket Secure server which is the media to exchange network packets between the client and the actual server. With it, your real IP address will be hidden, and your privacy will be protected, but it doesn’t interpret the network traffic between you and the proxy server in any way.

Bypass Geo-restriction. Routing your traffic through SOCKs 5 proxy, you are able to access the websites, platforms, applications, and other blocked content with region limitations.

Simple Setup Demand. Only need SSH access to either the Edge node or gateway of a cluster, you are free to access back-end resources behind the firewall as an administrator or a developer.

Fewer Errors, Better Performance. Rewriting the data packets will increase the rate of misrouting and mislabeling the data. But Socks5 Proxy server doesn’t rewrite the data packets, and it supports UDP(stable) and TCP(high-speed) which allow users to have a reliable and fast connection. So it has a better performance than other proxies.

Easy to Set up. All you need to know about how to set up a SOCKs5 proxy are the IP address/hostname/authentication credentials(if there’re any).

As mentioned above, it is simple to set up a SOCKs5 proxy on your computer. But you have to prepare its information like IP address (or hostname), protocol (SOCKS5), port number, and authentication credentials (if necessary) first.

Next, we can go to the details of how to set up the SOCKs5 proxy server on your Windows 10/Mac.

Step 1. Configure SOCKs5 proxy on Windows by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy.

Set up SOCKs5 Proxy server on Windows 10

Step 2. Toggle the “On” button under the “Manual proxy setup”.

Step 3. Fill in the collected info about the SOCKs5 proxy server.

Step 4. Save the settings.

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Step 1. Configure SOCKs5 proxy on Mac by going to System Preferences > Network > (choose your interface) > Advanced > Proxies.

Set up SOCKs5 Proxy server on Mac

Step 2. Find “SOCKs proxy” in the menu and select it.

Step 3. Enter the proxy server address.

Step 4. Click “OK” to save the changes.

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This is always a misunderstanding that VPN and a SOCKs5 proxy are the same, but the subtle differences in their functions set them apart.

Privacy protection.

  • As written before the SOCKs5 proxy can mask your real IP and doesn’t rewrite your data, however, this may lead the data packet headers containing your personal info easily leaked.

  • VPN does much better in protecting your privacy, not just hiding your real IP address. It also allows you to use it anonymously and it encrypts your every data packet for assurance. Therefore, when dealing with sensitive data, such as banking, trading, etc, safe VPN is a more worthy selection.

Speed and Stability.

  • Generally speaking, the SOCKs5 proxy server has a faster speed than VPN, and it also does well in connection stability. Because it supports UDP and TCP, plus, the SOCKs5 proxy works well with P2P activities.

  • As for VPNs, though most VPN supports UDP and TCP, and P2P-optimized servers, they are not as fast as the SOCKs5 proxy server.

Free and Paid.

  • Free SOCKs5 proxy server will be crowded and show tons of ads, collect your data, and expose you to malware.

  • Free VPN has limitations on server quantity but no data collection or malware attack.

Compare the differences, VPN is slightly better.

VPN is an alternative to the SOCKs5 proxy. In some conditions, there is no big difference to use a VPN or a SOCKs5 Proxy, but when it comes to sensitive privacy and online property security, VPN is a better option.

Whether for starters or experiencers, iTop VPN is always one of the best VPN services globally. It has 5 elite SOCKs5 proxy servers for your P2P activities, TCP for fast speed, UPD for stable connection, HTTPS for double encrypting your every data pocket. That is to say, the iTop VPN is a fantastic combination that can satisfy all your demands for a SOCKs5 proxy server and a VPN.

100% Free. iTop VPN is a completely free VPN for it offers a bunch of free servers for every user without login. That means you can use it anonymously for totally free.

Quick Channels. This best free VPN for PC teases out a list of common activities and needs that you can reach instantly.

Organized Categories. Except for the quick channels, it also classifies your need into downloading, streaming, social, and gaming, so that it can match the most suitable servers for you.

Globally Access. With iTop VPN, you can access 1800+ servers in 100+ locations with 5 devices. So no matter where you are and what blocked content you want to get, iTop VPN will be the biggest helping hand.

Privacy Protection. To prevent your privacy from leaking. There are many tools such as

Security Reinforce, Browser Privacy, IP Configure, IP Checker, Ads Block, Split Tunneling, IPv6, Kill Switch, and DNS Protection. They will protect your privacy from every possible concern, And you can activate them manually or set them automatically.

iTop VPN can be easy to connect within 3 steps.

Step 1. Download iTop VPN and Install this VPN for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS. Signing up or not depends on your mind.

Step 2. Then you can set your preference like server and protocol and click “Connect”.

Connect iTop VPN Directly

Or you can go to the quick access or preset channels to connect a server by a specific requirement.

Quick Access to Connect iTop VPN

Step 3. Then you just need to enjoy the smooth online surfing globally with a masked IP.

The Final Thought

In conclusion, to use a SOCKs5 proxy server or a VPN relies on your needs. However, according to the article, iTop VPN is the best choice which blends all advantages of a VPN and a SOCKs5 proxy. Whether you concerned the privacy safety, fast speed, stable connection, property security, or IP address, it can hold all these well. Download to start your journey for streaming, gaming, and downloading amazon prime videos without geo-restriction right now!

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