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How to Unblock Pornhub and Watch It Wherever You Want?

Pornhub is the most popular pornographic site but it is blocked in many conservative countries. But you can unblock pornhub with a VPN.

Pornhub is the most popular pornographic website due to the free service and the variety it has. Revealed  in Pornhub’s own proud stats in 2019: there were 42 billion visits to Pornhub, which means on average, there were 115 million visits per day, a number that equals to the populations of Spain and Germany. However, despite its popularity, pornhub is prohibited in many conservative countries, too. As an adult, it must be frustrating to see “this site can’t be reached” or “this video is not available in your country”. So this blog is going to tell you how to unblock pornhub and watch it wherever you want.  

How to Unblock Pornhub.png

Pornhub block is mostly done by the school, the company, or the government. They use a method called domain block by putting the site’s domain onto the blacklist on a router, so you can’t reach the site or watch the videos on pornhub.

Luckily, even though pornhub is not approved, it doesn’t mean that you have no access to it at all. If you want to unblock pornhub, a tool called VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is what you needed.

How Does VPN Work to Unblock Pornhub?

A porn VPN will encrypt your data and transmit it through a secure tunnel to your VPN service provider so that no one, not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see which website you’re going to visit. From the VPN server, then your data will be again sent to the Pornhub website directly, bypassing the censorship from your school, company, or government.


After knowing how VPN works to help your pornhub unblock, it is time to choose a VPN. Since watching porn is something private, you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve visited Pornhub. So the advice to you is don’t just linger at the surface level but dive deep into the security concerns. You should pick the best free VPN for Windows that values your safety the most like iTop VPN.

Why Should You Unblock and Watch Pornhub with iTop Vpn?

Though the iTop VPN is free to use, we have to put this advantage aside today. In terms of pornhub unblock and watching it in private, safety issues are what we’re after due to the sensitivity. But you’ll be protected very well with iTop free VPN. Why?

1. Military-grade encryption. It is extremely hard (nearly impossible) to decipher when your data is being transmitted between your device’s internet to iTop VPN servers.

2. No logs policy. iTop VPN would never store any user’s online history, so no one can profit from your online data or collect your personal information for nefarious purposes.

3. Kill-switch to prevent leaking. This feature does not require a deep understanding, just toggle this option on and leave it on since this feature exists for preventing your data from leaking when sudden disconnections happen - they could be a blackout, an Internet breakdown, and many other problems. iTop VPN offers this function for you for sure, assuring you that you will still stay anonymous when your Internet fails.

4. DNS leak protection. Serving as another layer to protect your IP, iTop VPN’s DNS protection feature can further prevent malicious threats, phishing, botnets, etc. Right now iTop VPN offers 5 DNS servers to its users: Google Public DNS Servers, Verizon Public DNS servers, OpenDNS Free DNS Servers, Comodo Secure DNS Free Public DNS Servers, and DNS Advantage Public DNS Servers. You can choose one from them, according to your needs and enjoy the doble-layer protection imposed on your IP.

Other Features:

Free to Access Any Content. With iTop Vpn, you can access not only Pornhub or unblock Xvideo but also any geo-blocked content, such as ITV, Pluto TV, PUGB, etc.

Unlimited Free. iTop VPN offers 700MB free data per day and you can use them to enjoy your pornhub time.

Fast Speed. Thanks to more than 1800 super-fast servers around the world, iTop VPN for Android will promise you the smoothest experience to watch Pornhub. There will be no frustrating lags during your entertainment.

Compatible with All Devices. Whether you are visiting pornhub through Android, iOS or PC, you can unblock and watch porn with iTop VPN.

Step 1: Download iTop VPN from Google Play, Apple Store or the official website. 

Step 2: Select a server of a specific Country where Pornhub is accessible. And the choice of USA can never be wrong. Then hit the ‘Connect’ Button on the right to proceed.

How to Use iTop VPN for Pornhub Unblock - Step 2.png

Step 3: Basically you are free to go, but if you have any advanced requirements over the connection, you are offered options to adjust the protocols, kill switch, DNS protection and much more. 

How to Use iTop VPN for Pornhub Unblock - Step 3.png

A completely free VPN may be enough for you to access Pornhub, however, it poses a risk to leak your personal information. Mostly, those free VPN will record your browsing history and profit from it. When it comes to porn contents, you should never use a completely free VPN unless you don’t care about the consequences.

The Bottom Line

Watching pornhub is pleasurable but for people in conservative countries things will become complicated or even dangerous. When you decide to unblock Pornhub, you’re recommended to be informed of all the severe consequences. In the end, a word of warning: you should access porn content always with a reliable VPN like iTop VPN. 

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