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How to Speed Up VPN with 8 Tested Methods

If you want to know how to speed up a VPN, take a few minutes to try out these 8 tested methods to speed up VPN connections and make its performance stable.

A low VPN can be very frustrating whether you are working or watching a show. Here are a few tested tips and fixes on how to speed up VPN. We’ve spent hours researching and testing the methods, gathering tutorials, and trying them out one by one. All 8 methods to speed up VPN performance are proven to be useful and practical. Keep reading to learn how to speed up a VPN and get a stable performance. 

How to Speed Up VPN

If you have slow VPN problems, the server you connect to is the first thing you should consider. Many VPNs offer quite a few servers and you can connect to other faster servers to speed up VPN performance. First, try a server closer to you. Normally, the closer VPN server should have a faster connection speed. You can also consider another less busy server. When too many users or devices are connected to the same server at once and use up bandwidth, the VPN speed can be much slower than only one person using the VPN. If this is still a problem, find more tips below for how to speed up VPN. 

How to Speed Up VPN with Other Servers

One possible reason why the VPN gets slow on your device is the background apps and programs hogging your bandwidth and slowing down your VPN connection speed. Shutting down unnecessary background programs and apps can help speed up VPN performance. This is also a simple trick for how to increase VPN speed. The steps on how to close background apps can vary on different devices but it’s not a difficult task for anyone. 

If you’ve tried the above tips for how to speed up VPN speed and the VPN speed is still sluggish, here’s a quick and straightforward fix - use another free VPN like iTop VPN. iTop VPN has 1800+ high-speed servers and is optimized for fast streaming and gaming. 

1800+ Servers for Unimaginable Speed

iTop VPN provides 1800+ servers across 100+ locations around the world and ranks No.1 in the fastest high-speed VPN service of 2023. It is still in the process of expanding its server network, which helps bring more stable and fast VPN speed. You are free to select a server that is closer to you and less occupied, potentially offering a faster surfing experience. 

Optimized for Streaming & Gaming

iTop VPN has servers polished for 4K UHD/HD content streaming and lag-free gaming. This best VPN for streaming aims at connecting fast and stably without a fuss. Other speed-dependent tasks like browsing and torrenting won’t be slow as well. There’s no speed loss in any situation. The VPN speed is gripping and doesn’t affect the processing power of your device. Your search for how to speed up VPN connections ends here.

Free VPN

Its unlimited free plan is really surprising. You don’t have to try any other tips for how to speed up a VPN. This free VPN is the only one that’s truly free, without hidden tricks. Many other free VPN services have bandwidth limits and connection speed slows down. iTop VPN is fast, stable, secure, and doesn’t limit the speed, data, and usage time. 

If you’re tired of searching for how to speed up VPN connections, switch to iTop VPN. Here’s how to connect to this safe VPN.

Step 1: Free download and install iTop VPN with its popping-up instructions. Launch the VPN service on your devices. 

Step 2: Select All Servers, For Streaming, or other options under the Home section on the left panel. 

Step 3: Click the Connect button next to the fastest server immediately. 

How to Speed up VPN with A Faster VPN

How to make VPN faster easily? Just clear the cache and browsing history. Caches are full of outdated data and background information, which will result in slow VPN connection speed when browsing. If you use a web browser and the browsing is slow using a VPN, and clear the cache and browsing history. Remember to clear your cache regularly, weekly, or daily. This is a very quick and easy method on how to speed up VPN connections.

How to increase VPN speed if you don’t want to use a new router or reset it? Try using a plug-in connection and then connect to your VPN. Since multiple devices can connect to the same VPN and use the same wireless channel, the VPN connection may be unstable and slow. The Wired connection using an Ethernet cable can give faster speed for your VPN connection. If your VPN connection speed is still slow, use the next method on how to speed up VPN - shut down other unnecessary applications and programs running background. 

How to Speed up VPN with Ethernet Connection

Restart or reset your router and device so to give the device a break and refresh your VPN connection. A simple restart surprisingly fixes up to 90% slow VPN issues. If you experience serious VPN speed issues and other methods on how to speed up VPN don’t work at all, you could restart or reset your router and device right now. Reset the modem as well if you have one. Just restart everything, and turn them off and on again. Resetting your router and device won’t dramatically improve your VPN speed, but the easy fix will help. 

Your hardware and VPN server work fine, but if the VPN speed suddenly drops, you may have to check your device for viruses or malware. There are many free antivirus scanning programs you can try. Run an antivirus scan to check whether a virus or malware exists on your device and slows down your VPN speed. Note that some VPN services offer ad-blocking and malware scan features. If this doesn’t solve your VPN issue, continue to learn the next method on how to speed up VPN connections. 

How to Speed Up VPN via Scanning Virus

How to speed up VPN  when all the above methods failed? You have to contact the VPN service provider. Sometimes, the biggest problem is your VPN provider. There might be issues with the provider’s equipment and cable line. No matter how many other tips you try, the VPN connection speed can be still slow. You should contact the provider’s support to report your problems and they may help you out with more troubleshooting steps. This is your last resort and you should quit if the slow VPN speed issue continues. 


Slow VPN speed can be painful when you are streaming, gaming, or browsing. Use the above 8 tips for how to speed up VPN without wading through complicated technical steps. You should bring the VPN speed back to normal. If you don’t, here’s a free VPN worth checking out: iTop VPN. This VPN is ranked No.1 in the speed VPN for PC and puts no limits on bandwidth, usage time, and speed. Get iTop VPN here and make VPN speed faster than ever. 

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