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Set Up iTop VPN for Android in 3 Steps

Follow the 3 simple steps below to download and set up iTop VPN Android free easily.

Install iTop VPN for Android
1. Click Install to Open iTop VPN
Set Up iTop VPN for Android
2. Click "OK" to Set Up VPN Connection
Connect iTop VPN for Android
3. Open and Connect the VPN

Why Choose iTop VPN for Android on Your Phone

See the benefits of the best VPN for Android brings, and download iTop VPN Android free now.


Unblock Restricted Content for Free

Connect to the global network and bypass any restrictions with the iTop VPN for Android free. You can watch whatever you want, wherever you are.


Play Region-Locked Games

Enjoy your favorite games anytime and anywhere even they are restricted in particular countries or regions through the best VPN for Android.


Access Restricted Social Media

Access various blocked social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Stay connected with your friends and families in restrictive countries.

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Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Connect to iTop VPN and prevent you from being exposed to data theft or hackers while using public Wi-Fi from coffee shops, airports & restaurants, etc. Download the VPN for Android to protect yourself from snoops.


Stay Anonymous Online

Mask your real identity and appear to be virtually from anywhere with iTop VPN Android. You can enjoy the real freedom of streaming, website browsing and downloading. iTop VPN will clean up your browsing traces.

iTop VPN for Android Extended Features

Smart Connection

Auto connect the most stable and fastest server location to defeat from anywhere in the world.

Global Network

One click to connect your device to the network of the servers covering most countries in the world.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Stream, download or upload as much as you want. No worry about being stopped suddenly because of reaching the limits of bandwidth.

Network Solution

We provide you three network modes and you can choose an appropriate mode according to what you want to do on the Internet.

No Log Policy

We promise to never track, store or sell your data. You don’t need to worry about anyone of us seeing what you do online.

Dedicated Servers

We provide dedicated servers to ensure you better streaming on Netflix and gaming experience of PUBG.

24/7 Tech Support

Our technical experts are always here to help you solve the most challenging issues you face.

Split Tunneling

Use split tunneling to protect the traffic or apps you choose, without losing the access to local Internet services.

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What Are They Talking About iTop VPN?

Wyatt Witting

Sep 15, 2020

Really love iTop VPN, it is 100% free! Since I installed it, I can access all those blocked sites as I want. It not only speeds up the internet speed, but also changes the IP address so I can browse safely, without being tracked.

Cristina Schiller

Sep 24, 2020

Nice design, intuitive interface! It also provides lots of virtual private servers in many countries. Even more, there is no traffic limitation and no ads. I highly recommend you to download it.

Lance Wolf

Oct 2, 2020

iTop VPN is absolutely astonishing. There is no internet speed limitation, it is like using a normal connection. It is very convenient as it provides a variety of counties to choose from. Overall, it is really a great VPN.

Otilia Koss

Oct 5, 2020

Performance is quite good, friendly interface. I have had ZERO problems. Furthermore, the Kill Switch feature will stop all internet traffic in case the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, which can prevent personal data leaks.

Marcellus Terry

Oct 8, 2020

Easy to use. Performance is quite good, friendly interface. I really appreciate the auto match feature as I don’t need to choose a country and city manually to connect. It would be better if it adds more countries.

Hallie Gaylord

Oct 10, 2020

Great service, totally free! It allows you to choose your region and unlimited data all for free and there are no ads. I have been using this VPN for some while and my experience is quite good.

FAQs About VPN for Android

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iTop VPN for Android is a reliable App to help you unblock restricted content, encrypt your privacy, hide your IP address, etc. No more hesitation, download iTop VPN Android now!