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Top Data Protector: Solid Folder Lock to Safeguard Your Privacy

Lock your privacy in safety box
Your private documents, photos and videos with loved ones or other sensitive records will not be seen or accessed the way you want.
Keep data safe and sound
All your valuable project files, creative works and client data etc will be safe. No more worries about data loss or being maliciously modified.
Stop ransomware attack
A simple solution to prevent ransomware or other malware from hijacking your data by powerfully cutting down access.
Prevent file deletion & modification
Avoid important files being deleted or modified by a shared PC user or yourself after you set the lock option accordingly.

Hide files and folders to protect digital privacy

Photos, videos, work documents or other files on your PC can be easily seen or exploited by others if you do not protect them well. No matter if it is personal data or client data, the leaking can cause very serious results and economic loss. Therefore,to password protect folders and data is extremely necessary. Top Data Protector can password protect all your private data and files through hiding and locking folders. Simply drag and drop any types of files to the software interface, they will become invisible from their original location. The locked files can only be accessed via Top Data Protector using the master password you set.
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Lock important documents to avoid data loss

If you are sharing a computer with co-workers, family members or other users, your private files are at risk of being moved, modified or even deleted. It is without saying that data loss can cause serious results occasionally worth millions of dollars. Top Data Protector helps password-protect your folders and files in an easy and intelligent manner. All of the selected files such as images, videos or document files can be inaccessible except for yourself. Simply dragging and dropping files on your PC to the software interface, you can password protect folders and all formats or files in the safety box.
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Flexible folder lock options

There are certain cases where other users will access your computers for work collaboration or remote support. Top Data Protector provides flexible folder lock options for you to manage accesses. To make data completely invisible, simply enable "Hide" mode within the software. However, if you want to allow viewing only, enabling the "Deny Write Access" option can prevent data from being copied, modified or deleted. Whereas if you do not want anyone to check the file, you can toggle "Deny Read Access" to protect the data from being opened, read or copied. You can always protect data the way you want with Top Data Protector.
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Defend your files against ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been getting more dangerous in recent years due to the increasing number of remote users who are not protected by corporate firewalls. Once infected, the files and important data on your PC will be locked and very unlikely to recover. Imagine the case that all your client data, work assignments and other critical files were all encrypted and you are requested for a crazy amount of ransom. Luckily, you can prevent such scenarios by locking files and folders with Top Data Protector. Even when ransomware is downloaded on your PC, it is unable to affect any of your files that have already been password protected by Top Data Protector with solid security.
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Important folders you can lock with Top Data Protector

Business contract
Hide folders enclosing contracts, agreements or other confidential documents to avoid data breaches and file corruption.
Personal sensitive data
Family photos, videos, medical history documents or anything which is sensitive and needs to be saved in locked folders.
Client data
Everyone who deals with client data as financial records or medical reports must make sure that they are password protected and can not be accessed.
Personal creative works
Original creative works such as songs, videos or coding documents are so valuable that putting them in a "safety box" with Top Data Protector becomes more than necessary.

3 steps to get your folders protected now.

1.Download and run installer
2.Set password and log in
3.Add files to protect

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Top Data Protector: A must have Windows tool to protect important files and folders

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