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Top 5 Recovery Software for Memory Card | Recover Data from Memory Card

If you are trying to recover data from a memory card, the best 5 recovery software for memory card listed here can give you a big hand.

Memory cards, also known as SD cards, are widely used for digital cameras, mobile devices, and game consoles to store videos, photos, and music files. They are lightweight and portable for carrying around, which is a cost-effective way to get a large storage capacity. However, data loss occurs on memory cards unexpectedly due to various reasons, for instance, deletion by mistake, physical damage, virus infection, etc. Even the most reliable brands can not be immune to data loss disasters.

Recovery Software for Memory Card

Hence, recovery software for memory card is the best solution to rescue tragic data loss. In this article, we have handpicked the 5 best memory card recovery software tools to help you successfully recover important files from memory cards. Just read on.

There are countless data recovery tools that allow you to recover lost data from memory cards. But which one is the best recovery software for memory card? Try iTop Data Recovery, the most professional one that can help you get all your data back!

Best Recovery Software for Memory Card -  iTop Data Recovery

Main Features:

Recover from Any Data Loss Situations

As the best recovery software for memory card, iTop Data Recovery allows you to fast recover data on memory cards from any data loss situation. Whether you have just lost your important files due to a formatted memory card, physical damage, or virus infection, iTop Data Recovery has got your back.

Support 1000+ File Formats from Memory Card

Supporting 1000+ file formats, iTop Data Recovery can help you recover any files from memory cards. Lost your precious scenic photos and family videos? Worry not, with iTop Recovery software, you can recover deleted videos, photos, audio, documents, etc. with ease!

Up to 95% Success Rate

With a 95% success rate, iTop Data Recovery is capable of recovering all types of memory cards. Want to perform SanDisk recovery? With iTop Data Recovery, you can surely get all your data back, just make sure not to overwrite the data and use iTop Data Recovery as early as possible.

Data Backup for Memory Card

iTop Data Recovery is not only the No.1 memory card data recovery software but also a practical backup tool. You can backup your important files with industry-leading backup capabilities, so they won’t be lost again.

Easy Memory Card Recovery

Designed with a minimalist interface, iTop Data Recovery is an easy-to-use recovery software for memory card. The entire process is highly intuitive. Scan, preview, recover and that’s it!


3,000,000+ Downloads
from 100+ countries & regions

Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

For Windows 11/10/8/7


  • All-in-one data backup recovery software

  • 120% faster than most competitors

  • Preview files before recovery

  • High success rate - up to 95%

  • Support a wide range of storage devices

  • Safe & offline data recovery


  • Support Windows only

Low on budget? Just try Recuva, the best free memory card data recovery software. The software allows you to recover files with the free version and you can pay to unlock more advanced functions.

Best Recovery Software for Memory Card - Recuva

Main Features:

Deep Scan on Memory Card

With the advanced deep scan feature, Recuva can quickly locate any traces of files you have deleted and identify files that are hard to find.

Recover Damaged Memory Card

Got your memory card damaged? Fear not. Recuva can recover files from any damaged or formatted memory card with a high success rate.

Superior Data Recovery

Supporting a great variety of file formats including photos, videos, documents, and more, Recuva allows you to recover important files from any rewritable media. You can even perform email recovery with Recuva.

Delete Files Securely

Want to wipe out your memory card completely? Recuva’s military-standard deletion techniques can make sure your sensitive data is gone for good.


  • Free & unlimited memory card recovery

  • Portable version available

  • Easy to use


  • No support for the free version

  • Limited features for the free version

  • Outdated interface

  • Work on Windows only

The marketing leading data recovery service, Disk Drill, is one of the best recovery software for memory card. With Disk Drill, you can not only recover data from memory cards but also a variety of storage media with just a few clicks.

Best Recovery Software for Memory Card - Disk Drill

Main Features:

Handle Any Data Loss Scenario

Is it possible to recover a formatted SD card? With Disk Drill, it’s 100% doable. The recovery software for memory card simply can help you recover data from virtually any data loss scenario.

Fast & Deep Scan

With its sophisticated algorithm, Disk Drills can easily perform ultra-fast and deep scans to recover any files from memory cards.

Recover Any Type of File

Want to recover deleted videos, audio, photos, documents, etc from your memory card? Disk Drill supports all file types so you can make data recovery without limit.

Easy to Use

With a modern interface, Disk Drill is super easy to use. The entire data recovery process is very straightforward, making it a solid memory card recovery software tool for average home users.


  • High success rate

  • Support all disk-based storage media

  • A good variety of bundled tools

  • Data recovery for mobile devices


  • Hard to locate lost files after scanning

  • 500MB of free data only

  • Pricey paid plans

Stellar Data Recovery is another reliable recovery software for memory card. The all-in-one software is capable of recovering deleted files from memory cards regardless of the data loss situations.

Best Recovery Software for Memory Card - Stellar Data Recovery

Main Features:

Support All Major File Types

As the leading memory card data recovery software, Stellar Data Recovery is a universal solution that allows you to recover more than 200 formats effortlessly.

Great Data Recovery Capability

Stellar Data Recovery can help you recover lost data from a wide range of storage media, including internal/external hard drives, USB, memory cards, and optical media like CDs and DVDs with a high success rate.

Simple Memory Card Recovery

Whether you want to make data recovery from a memory card or perform partition recovery on Windows 10 on your own, you can easily get started with Stellar’s intuitive user interface.

Preview Before Recovery

No matter what file types you lost on memory cards, Stellar Data Recovery displays an augmented preview of the recoverable files without specific software.


  • Various deep scan options

  • Customizable search feature

  • Powerful advanced tools

  • 1GB free data recovery


  • Expensive for home users

  • Slow speed for the deep scan

How to recover deleted photos on memory cards with a cost-effective data recovery software tool? You can check out R-Studio, a powerful memory card recovery software tool compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Best Recovery Software for Memory Card - RStudio

Main Features:

Advanced Data Recovery Algorithm

Its highly sophisticated algorithm allows you to locate files that are not recognized by memory cards or not found in the regular scanning process.

Comprehensive Data Recovery Capability

R-Studio is the best recovery software for memory card and many file systems. It allows you to recover all file types from heavily damaged and unknown file systems as well as network drives.

Useful File Previewer

R-Studio lets you preview videos, photos, documents, and more without the application installed so you can estimate the chance of recovery.

Additional S.M.A.R.T Tool

Short for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, the S.M.A.R.T Tool helps to monitor the health condition of storage media and predicts all possible failures.


  • Powerful data recovery software

  • Useful hexadecimal editor

  • Support network drive data recovery


  • Hard to pick up for beginners

  • No pause option for scanning

  • Complex interface


Data loss on memory cards is common in the digital world and it could be devastating when you lose your important files without backups available. But fear not, this article has introduced the 5 best recovery software for memory card to help you out. While each one comes with a unique set of features and flaws, iTop Data Recovery is a strong overall option that can help you retrieve data from memory cards fast and securely. Whether you lost your files on memory cards due to hardware failure or human error, iTop Recovery software has got you covered. Just get it and keep it handy, so you can recover lost files from any data loss situation!

iTop Data Recovery - Perform Expert Data Recovery
Lost your data? Here is how you can recover it, the right and easy way! 100% working.
For Windows 11/10/8/7
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