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DualSafe Password Manager

Manage Your Passwords, for Free.

Securely store unlimited passwords and auto-fill passwords with one click. Advanced password health checker keeps your accounts secure.

For Windows 11/10/8/7

Install DualSafe on Chrome

Best password manager for Windows Best password manager for Windows

How to Start Using DualSafe Password Manager?

  • Download DualSafe Password Manager

    Download for Windows

    Take only a few seconds to download, install, and launch the program. That's quite easy.

  • Create a master password

    Create a free account

    Sign up for free to get unlimited password management. No credit card is required.

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  • Cross device password manager

    Start and enjoy

    Safely store passwords and autofill any of your accounts. Start having a safe and simplified online life.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

Avoid data breach

Weak passwords result in billions of pieces of personal information being leaked on the Internet every year. Criminals steal your money, sell your private photos on the dark web, and use your ID number, or bank card number to commit fraud. A password manager can generate strong passwords, manage, and protect your passwords, as well as keep your personal information safe.

Personal info & privacy

Time-saving & productive

The Internet age requires efficiency. Writing down passwords with a pen and typing on a keyboard can spend a lot of your time. The password manager can store and auto-fill in all your account passwords, allowing you to log in to business, financial, email, social, etc. accounts without hassle.

Fill in logins and save time

Be worry-free online

Over the past decade, there have been multiple Internet data breaches in which hackers have obtained personal information for a crime. It's hard to stay online all the time, searching for data breach news, but a password manager can do it 24/7 and warn you of a potential danger timely

Send security alert for data breach

How DualSafe Offers Trustworthy Password Management?

  • AES  encryption

    Strongest encryption

    DualSafe Password Manager uses advanced end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and salted hashing to protect your passwords and personal information. Cybercriminals cannot decrypt or crack any data in your password vault.

  • Zero-knowledge encryption

    Local data storage

    No one but you can view the contents of your password vault. This is a commitment of the DualSafe Password Manager. Your data is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device, keeping it permanently safe and private.

  • How to make a strong password

    Healthy & strong passwords

    DualSafe provides you with advanced password management, generates strong and random passwords of different lengths and character types, checks your weak/reused passwords, and sends data breach alerts.

Trusted By Millions

  • Password manager reviews

    Overall, the functionality is fantastic. It provides end-to-end encryption for your data. Quickly loads up on your devices. The browser extensions that worked with auto-syncing were probably a big surprise for me and I'm now experimenting the new methods of working.

    Liam Davis

  • Generate a strong password

    I used DualSafe Password Manager for password security, and I'm pleased with its capacity to create strong passwords, which includes options for long strings of numbers, letters, and symbols. I simply rely on this tool to manage accounts.

    Rick Martin

  • Secure password management

    DualSafe Password Manager is simple to use and has outstanding overall functionality. I had trouble setting up my account, and the support personnel patiently and fully helped me. Other products do not provide the same level of attention and promptness in responding.

    Dylan Hooper

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DualSafe Password Manager free to use?

    Yes, it’s free for you to manage unlimited passwords, generate strong random passwords, and sync passwords anywhere.

  • Why do I need a password manager?

    Weak and reused passwords make accounts vulnerable to being attacked. It‘s difficult for us to remember many complex passwords. Therefore, you need a password manager to keep your personal information and property safe. Password managers can generate unique passwords with letters and symbols, store all passwords securely, and log in to your account with one click. Your bank, email, social and other accounts are always safe. Password managers can also check password strength and monitor information leakage. In addition, you can use a password vault to store your personal information, such as your driver's license, WiFi password, etc., to prevent information leakage.

  • Where should I use the password manager?

    When you log into your online banking account and log into accounts that contain important personal information and documents, you should use a password manager to keep your account secure and prevent hacking. Think about it, when you use Paypal to send money, buy and sell bitcoin, upload family photos to Facebook, send business contracts to your important partners, and store work documents in the cloud, if these accounts get compromised due to weak passwords, it will take a huge toll on your work, money, and life

  • Why not use my browser’s password manager?

    It is convenient for browsers to store passwords, but when you save your account passwords in one browser, the other browser does not synchronize the update. If you use several browsers, you need to spend time in each browser to save and update passwords. Additionally, it’s hard to generate strong passwords of any length or TOTP in browsers, check your password strength, and know if your email has been compromised.

  • How to use DualSafe Password Manager?

    Install the DualSafe browser add-on, log into your DualSafe account, and let us do the rest. When you register a new account on the website, DualSafe will provide you with a random password containing numbers, letters, and symbols, and automatically save passwords, so you can log in to the account with one click next time.

  • Is DualSafe Password Manager safe?

    Absolutely yes. DualSafe Password Manager uses AES-256 encryption, the strongest encryption algorithm used by the military and banks. It's also a zero-knowledge password manager, which means only you know your master password and only you can access the information in the vault.

  • Will I lose any data if I switch to DualSafe Password Manager?

    Never, DualSafe Password Manager exports all passwords from another password manager or web browser with one click. Your passwords are always safe, kept updated, and in your hands.

  • What platforms are supported?

    You can use DualSafe Password Manager in Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers as well as on your Windows desktop.

Store, protect, and manage unlimited passwords. Easy, secure & free.