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Most Secure VPN for PC to Protect Your Privacy & Security Free [2024 Guide]

Presents you with the most secure VPN for PC and how you can use it to protect your computer from viruses and threats of privacy breaches. Check it out now.

To understand why and how a secured VPN for PC supports your internet safety & protect your privacy, you need to first understand the mechanic of how does a VPN running & functioning to your computer internet in order to protect you.

Cover of the Most Secure VPN for PC

A secure VPN for PC enforces your data security by redirecting the data transmitting through your computer to a specially configured remote server managed by your virtual private network host. Thus, your data isn’t traveling through the ISP’s server or any other third party which could possibly expose your privacy to the public. Meanwhile, the VPN will encrypt the data you are sending & receiving with a certain algorithm. So even if they intercept your data, they will still receive a bunch of gibberish unless they find the way to decryption. 

How Does the Most Secure VPN Work on PC

Also, If your VPN connection suddenly drops due to a connection issue, your secure connection will shut down by the kill switch. A good VPN will be able to detect this sudden downtime and will quit preselected programs, reducing the chance of data lost & compromise.

And another benefit that a secure VPN for PC can have is that, by using a secured VPN, your traffic won’t go through your local ISP (Internet Service Provider)’s server, but send to the VPN (Virtual Proxy Networking) provider’s server. by doing that, your IP address will get masked by the VPN server’s physical IP address, your real IP which the local internet service provider assigned will not be shown up.

Hide Your Location with the Most Secure VPN

Thus, the attackers & scammers will not able to sniff & locate your physical position by analyzing your IP address. Which is one most important step for identity thefts committing a crime with their first step to steal your financial information or social network fraud.

The Usages of the Most Secure VPN for PC

As we mentioned above, we can take advantage of the mechanic of how VPN to hide our real IP address to bypass some restriction. For example, Netflix offers different libraries in different regions. If you are living in the U.K and you want to watch Van Helsing episodes but the Netflix will not let you do because the Van Helsing series is only available in the United States. By using a secured VPN for Windows, you can perfectly bypass the country restriction of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Just select a server located in the United States, you are able to watch Van Helsing in the U.K.

Yes indeed, you can find millions of different VPNs on the internet today. Though there are many different VPNs you can adapt to secure your internet. But is there a secured, full-featured, easy-to-use, and most importantly, a free VPN?

iTop VPN is an outstanding secure VPN service provider when we talk about all these factors about your internet security: the secure system, powered by banking-level encryption technic make sure your data transmission is fully protected by iTop VPN service. It also provides the kill switch in order to keep your absolute anonymity when a sudden drop of your internet. And iTop VPN offers more than 100 servers around the world in different countries for you to choose from (limited in free version), you can hide your identity & real-time location easily with iTop VPN. Significantly reduced the risk for identity theft.

The Most Secure VPN's Protocols

Besides the security concern of the internet. As we discussed, we could use iTop VPN to bypass the country restriction. You can easily access regionally restricted content by using iTop VPN. iTop VPN supports regional spoofing for both Netflix, BBC player, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount, you can watch regionally restricted content on those platforms. Other than online streaming, iTop VPN also unblock many social network software like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter so if you travel to these countries, you can still use iTop VPN to get contact with your friends & families by using social network software in a strong censored country.

The Dedicated Servers of the Most Secure VPN for PC

There are some useful features iTop VPN presents for you and I am sure you can benefit from them. Like the browser cleaner, it is important to clean your private data stored in your browser regularly because it leaks your online activities. If you don’t want your mom to go through your browser history then why let the hackers do that? Not to mention that your privacy & personal information could be easily dug out by analyzing the clustered temp files stored in your browser. iTop VPN also gives you the DNS protection function, which prevents your DNS been hacked or hijacked by malware or hackers, keeps you away from online phishing & pop-up Ads.

The DNS Protection of the Most Secure VPN for PC

Is it Hard to Use iTop VPN Service Freely? Not at all. 

iTop VPN might be the easiest & best free secure VPN you could ever find. Download from the official site install it, run it, then you are good to go. When you need to connect to the secured network, just click the “connect” button and that’s it. No manual setting, no credit card info, just click & use. iTop VPN offers 700 megabytes of traffic per day and resets every day. So that’s about 20GB per month. A good deal. If you are a game player who needs to play an online game with a friend across the region, like PUBG, these 700 megabytes could completely cover your need.

If you are seeking a free-to-use, secure VPN for PC & Windows, iTop VPN will be your best option. iTop VPN takes care of both ease of use and the capability of securing your internet privacy. And most importantly, it is free. Not like other VPN like ExpressVPN, NordVPN which require your credit card information, iTop VPN is a truly click-and-go. I would highly recommend you have a try if you need a secure VPN!

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