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How to View Linkedin Profile Anonymously with LinkedIn Private Mode?

How to find out who viewed your Linkedin profile anonymously? How to make LinkedIn profile private? Read and follow LinkedIn Private Mode tips.

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online service. As of September 2021, 774+ million users from over 200 countries and territories have registered LinkedIn. It is the largest professional network on the internet in the world. Users can use LinkedIn to find business partners, new clients, or potential candidates. However, it’s frustrated to find out your name and profile information is shared with the owners of the profiles you view as you just want to view it anonymously. The LinkedIn private mode can protect your privacy and avoid such inconveniences. Browse in secret with LinkedIn private mode.

How to Browse in Secret with LinkedIn Private Mode

LinkedIn privacy mode can hide you in the shadows when you are visiting other users’ profiles. This means your name and other profile information won’t be shared with the owners of the profiles you view. It was introduced by LinkedIn during the year 2015. You can turn LinkedIn privacy mode on if you don’t want people to get a notification that you’ve viewed their profiles.
When you browse LinkedIn in private mode, you will appear on the list as an private mode anonymous view LinkedIn Member. This function is especially useful for people who are concerned about their online privacy and don’t want their LinkedIn information to be tracked. All LinkedIn users can use LinkedIn privacy mode whether they have LinkedIn premium or not. However, if you are not a premium account holder, remember to turn it off once you finished viewing otherwise you cannot see people who are browsing your profile.

How to go private on LinkedIn with LinkedIn privacy mode? The steps below show you ways for LinkedIn privacy settings.
Step 1: Log into your account and select the drop-down menu under your profile on the right corner of your screen, then select “Settings & Privacy”.

Turn on LinkedIn Private Mode - Step 1

Step 2: Click “Visibility” and select the “Visibility of your profile & network”, then click “Change” next to the “Profile viewing options”.

Turn on LinkedIn Private Mode - Step 2

Step 3: There are three models: Public (with your name and headline visible), Semi-private (with your profile characteristics such as job title, company, school, and industry visible), or Private (no personal information visible). Select LinkedIn privacy mode to view profiles anonymously.

Turn on LinkedIn Private Mode - Step 3

Why do we need to turn LinkedIn privacy mode on? Different users have different reasons. Generally LinkedIn privacy mode is a great tool for people who are concerned about their online privacy and don’t want their LinkedIn information to be tracked like recruiters, job-seekers, sales specialists, marketers, etc.
For Recruiters
Recruiters like to look for potential candidates from LinkedIn as LinkedIn is basically a giant database of CVs. Normally they will start to make a list of suitable candidates by largely reviewing people’s profiles. With LinkedIn privacy mode, recruiters can keep them hiding until they are ready to reach out to the potential candidates.
For Job-seekers
Some job-seekers also prefer to stay private mode anonymous view while looking for new job opportunities, especially those who are currently employed. LinkedIn privacy mode allows them to look at different companies in their industry without their information  being tracked which is a useful and smart way in job searching. 
For Sales Specialists
LinkedIn can be a great help for sales specialists looking for prospective customers and clients. However, you don't want people seeing you snooping on their profile before a formal chance to connect. So setting your profile to LinkedIn privacy mode enable you to view profiles like you were never even there.
For Marketers
Marketers need to understand the overall market and trend before making proposals. Normally they will conduct competitor analysis first. With LinkedIn privacy mode, their competitors will not be able to know it which helps marketers to stay private mode anonymous view while looking around.
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LinkedIn is known for helping professionals to connect, however, it also faces some privacy, safety problems. For example, a few months ago, a hacker announced to sell over 700,000 pieces of personal information from LinkedIn. To have our LinkedIn accounts be more secure, we can practice the following two methods to reduce LinkedIn privacy concerns.
Method 1: LinkedIn's two-factor verification protection  
LinkedIn's two-factor verification protection requires users to use more than one form of verification to access an account which gives additional security. You can refer to the steps below to activate LinkedIn's two-factor verification protection.
Step1: Log into your account and select the drop-down menu under your profile on the right corner of your screen. Choose “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.

Turn on LinkedIn Privacy Settings Verification

Step 2: Select the “Sign in & security”, then click “Change” next to the “Two-step verification” to turn on “Two-step verification”

Turn on LinkedIn Privacy Settings Verification - 1

Step 3: Choose your verification method, which can either “Authenticator App” or “SMS”

Turn on LinkedIn Privacy Settings Verification - 2

Method 2: Free VPN for LinkedIn security protection
Although LinkedIn always focuses on users’ privacy and safety, there are still some disappointments, for example, scams and phishing. We need to understand it is really difficult for LinkedIn to manage millions of profiles, so spam messages and advertisements are unavoidable. But if we use iTop VPN for LinkedIn security protection, scam and phishing can be reduced drastically.

iTop VPN, an unlimited free VPN, guards your privacy for your LinkedIn accounts by way of removing pop-up advertisements and blocking malicious links when using LinkedIn with a browser. One distinctive feature of iTop VPN is its global connection that covers all over the world, you can break the location limit and change the IP address easily. iTop VPN is totally free, it provides a free data pack of 700 Megabytes, which resets every day.
Here are detailed steps to use iTop VPN for LinkedIn:
Step 1: Download the fast VPN free.
Click the below button to download iTop VPN, supporting VPN for Windows, Android, and iOS systems.

Step 2: Select Server & Connect
Open iTop VPN, choose “All Servers” to see servers in different locations, choose a server and click “connect” to enjoy the best VPN for PC. You can log in the LinkedIn account now and it will be under security protection.

Select Server and Connect to VPN for Double Security Protection

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End up

As the largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn provides a platform for career development over the years. The LinkedIn private mode also plays a very important role for users who need to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously. However, there is a rising concern about the security of information storage with LinkedIn. To have a more secured LinkedIn account, try to download iTop VPN now for higher privacy protection while using LinkedIn! It is the best free VPN for Windows which deserves your trust.

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