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How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Lag, Stuttering, Low Frame Rate on PC

Fed up with Hogwarts Legacy lag? How to play Hogwarts Legacy smoothly? Learn about the effective Hogwarts Legacy lag fixes to up your gaming experience.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game initially released on February 7, 2023. The video game has received huge popularity and sold out 12 million copies in just the first two weeks. More surprisingly, Hogwarts Legacy accumulated 74.1 million hours watched one month since launch, ranking fifth of all Twitch games.

Hogwarts Legacy Lag Fixes

When having received huge popularity since its release, Hogwarts Legacy is controversial due to multiple reasons. One of the downsides is that Hogwarts Legacy lag happens from time to time while people play the game. This article aims to show you workable Hogwarts Legacy lag fixes so that you can enjoy this game without a hitch.

The problems of Hogwarts Legacy lagging PC are often associated with an incompatibility between the current hard driver and the game. Because CPUs are in charge of handling all computer calculations and processes, therefore, Hogwarts Legacy lag can happen when you have an old, overheated, and high-utilization CPU. Additionally, outdated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) do not produce enough FPS, and it can hinder Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, causing Hogwarts Legacy to lag as well.

Hogwarts Legacy gaming problems may also attribute to conflicting system configuration with the game, improper game settings, old versions of the games, etc. Based on the usual causes, the following are the most effective Hogwarts Legacy lag fixes.

These Hogwarts Legacy lag fixes are also helpful if you want to fix lag frame drops in Hogwarts Legacy, Hogwarts Legacy stuttering, Hogwarts Legacy crashing, and similar gaming issues.

1. Lower Ray Tracing for Hogwarts Legacy

Ray Tracing is a lighting technique used in Hogwarts Legacy to make the game world more realistic and enhance immersion. However, many consumer-level PCs can’t truly support ray-traced graphics because it takes up a lot of system resources. Hence, turning off ray tracing in Hogwarts Legacy is advisable for gamers with low to mid-range computers.

Hogwarts Legacy Lag Fix - Lower Ray Tracing

2. Update Graphics Drivers

Updating the graphic cards is another effective Hogwarts Legacy lag fix option. As outdated graphics drivers can negatively affect the game performance, most times, lagging gameplay is caused by an old graphic drive. Updating can optimize graphic cards, boost speed, and display games faster.

3. Run Hogwarts Legacy at a Higher Priority

The third way to fix Hogwarts Legacy lagging PC is to prioritize the game through the task manager of the system. Putting Hogwarts Legacy on a higher priority level can boost performance and improve latency when the computer operates multiple programs simultaneously.

Hogwarts Legacy Lag Fix - Set High Priority

4. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Fullscreen optimization is a new feature of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It is specially designed for gamers and is usually turned on by default. Though the new function can provide a better gaming experience in borderless window mode, it can cause input lag, hurting your game performance. Disabling fullscreen optimization can help reduce screen stuttering and make Hogwarts Legacy run smoothly.

Hogwarts Legacy Lag Fix - Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

5. Configure Exploit Protection

Exploit protection is a security feature that protects your devices from malware attacks. As part of the Exploit Protection, the Control flow guard (CFG) can significantly mitigate potential threats, but unfortunately, it also causes Hogwarts Legacy to lag vastly. So, the usual Hogwarts Legacy lag fix solution for this situation is reconfiguring Exploit Protection and adding Hogwarts Legacy as an exception in Control Flow Guard to improve FPS drops.

Hogwarts Legacy Lag Fix - Change Exploit Protection Settings

6. Update Hogwarts Legacy

The sixth way to fix Hogwarts Legacy lagging PC is to update the game to the newest version. Game developers are often committed to eliminating bugs and solving problems in play sessions with updates or patches. That’s why video games are often constantly updated after release. Updating the game to the latest version helps boost gaming performance and fix lag frame drops in Hogwarts Legacy.

In addition to Hogwarts Legacy lag issues, many people may also face geo-restrictions that prevent them from playing Hogwarts Legacy. There is no official declaration yet people in certain locations may fail to play Hogwarts Legacy. For example, people in countries like Russia, Belarus, and Turkey often can’t order or play this game. When the play region and your Steam store region doesn’t match, you may also run into installation failure.

No worries! Here is an extra tip to get around geo-blocking for Hogwarts Legacy, iTop VPN.

iTop VPN is the most suitable solution to bypass regional restrictions thanks to its IP masking feature. Let’s check out the main features of iTop VPN.

• Access Hogwarts Legacy from Anywhere in the World

iTop VPN has 1800+ servers distributed globally, including some dedicated servers for gaming. It also provides free VPN no sign up. You can disguise your IP address in just one click and play Hogwarts Legacy in your area effortlessly.

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iTop VPN knows how speed matters to people, especially gamers. For years, it has devoted itself to providing fast, stable, and lag-free speed VPN for PC to satisfy the speed requirements of playing various intense video games. Besides, iTop VPN can help bypass internet throttling, so you will not have a slow connection speed and bandwidth cap.

• Top-Tier Encryption Protects Your Journey to Hogwarts

iTop VPN provides 100% safe VPN. It adopts military-grade encryption technology to preserve your privacy, and it promises never to collect your personal information and record your online activities. Besides, iTop VPN has a bundle of security-enhanced features like DNS protection and a Kill Switch mechanism to improve security.

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The following is a detailed step tutorial to play Hogwarts Legacy with iTop VPN.

Step 1. Tap the download button and follow the instruction to install it on your PC.

Step 2. Launch it to access the main interface. Choose a VPN server location you want to play Hogwarts Legacy. It covers VPN for Turkey, Russia, and other 50 countries. A catalog of dedicated servers for gaming is also available.

Fix Lag Frame Drops In Hogwarts Legacy with iTop VPN Step 2

Step 3. Hit the Connect button to establish a virtual connection to the server. Now you can play Hogwarts Legacy smoothly.

Fix Lag Frame Drops In Hogwarts Legacy with iTop VPN Step 3

This guide has demonstrated how to use iTop VPN for Windows. With the same steps, you can also make use of it on macOS and iOS.

1. What is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG game set in the world initially introduced in the Harry Potter books. It has been ranked the hottest role-playing video games in various Hogwarts Legacy reviews in 2023.

2. What Platform is Hogwarts Legacy on?

You can play Hogwarts Legacy on multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you're experiencing Hogwarts Legacy lagging Xbox issues while playing, you can likewise try to fix it using the six methods in the article.

3. When will Hogwarts Legacy be available?

Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10th for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 players, but PS4 and Xbox One players have to wait until May 5th, and Nintendo Switch players have to wait until July 25th to release.

4. Is J.K. Rowling involved in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy?

No. She is not directly involved in the Hogwarts Legacy creation.

5. How will Hogwarts Legacy Fit into the Harry Potter Universe?

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s, about 100 years before Harry Potter’s stories.

6. Why is Hogwarts Legacy so laggy?

The fact that Hogwarts Legacy so laggy can be caused by a number of reasons, such as poor optimization of the game itself, a low configuration of the computer, the game not being updated to the latest version, etc. You can check and fix Hogwarts Legacy lag according to the method mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

The article introduces common causes of Hogwarts Legacy lag and six effective ways to fix Hogwarts Legacy lagging PC. To help you enjoy this game everywhere, iTop VPN has been recommended as the best solution to avoid region restrictions. iTop VPN can not only disguise IP addresses but also reduce Hogwarts Legacy lag by providing fast and stable free VPN. Try it now!

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