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7 Free VPN for Fortnite | Get Unbanned and Play Fortnite With Low Ping

Fortnite VPN helps you bypass IP ban and play it with low ping. Here lists the 7 free VPN for Fortnite. Pick one to play Fortnite anywhere with no restriction.

Virtual private networks (VPN) have played an indispensable role in everyone's daily life, particularly for gamers. VPNs can not only break the geo-restrictions of games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox but also boost the network speed during gameplay.

However, thousands of gameplay VPNs are competing for attention, how do we choose the best VPN for Games? Say, the free VPN for Fortnite can drastically improve the in-game experience,  offering a low-impact and maximum-safety network. Lucky you, this passage gathers the four best Fortnite VPNs that can help you get rid of a Fortnite IP ban and accelerate your game speed. 

Best VPN for Fortnite

Stable connection to quality servers, unlimited bandwidth, and prevention of game interruption, a quality Fortnite VPN guarantees the premium in-game experience. Here are the best VPNs for Fornite that are designed for avid Fortnite gamers.

#1.TunnelBear VPN

Fortnite VPN: TunnelBear VPN

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear is a reliable VPN provider characterized by strong AES 256-bit encryption. According to the statement of TunnelBear official, its product is the only VPN having regular independent security audits to fix software vulnerabilities. 

TunnelBear is available on Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad, Android, browser extension, and even blocker. Henceforth proven itself as a suitable Fortnite VPN for gamers. Besides, TunnelBear VPN allows its users to surf the Internet from forty-nine countries and access the global content without throttling. The free version provides a testing and limited data cap to 500MB of secure browsing per month. 


1. Compatible with multiple devices 

2. A Chrome extension is available

3. Supports a free plan for trial 

4. Easy-to-use interface

5. Trusted and secured network

6. Zero logs policy


1. Netflix is unavailable on any of TunnelBear's servers.

2. Slow customer support

#2.iTop VPN

Fortnite VPN: iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a secured Fortnite VPN that offers optimized game servers and a lightweight UDP protocol. With the two features, iTop VPN exerts itself as an ideal choice for Fortnite games. And it has been receiving praises by virtue of its much faster & smoother game performance in multi-player video games.

iTop VPN also does a great job in bypassing geo-restrictions. Anyone with this free VPN can effortlessly unblock the Fortnite IP ban to collect character or weapon skins only available in that region. 

What’s even better is that this user-friendly Fortnite VPN requires no signup and login, and your personal information will never be logged, revealed, or sold. A free daily data of 700 MB will be sent for free.


1. One license support 5 devices

2. No login and signup

3.1800+ servers in 100+ locations

4. Connect up to five devices  

5. Affordable pricing

6. 700MB free data every day


1.No torrenting support yet

#3. Proton VPN

Fortnite VPN: Proton VPN

Headquartered in the privacy-friendly country of Switzerland, Proton is a trusted VPN that can be used for unblocking Fortnite IP ban. Differ from other Fortnite VPNs in the markets, Proton VPN pays more attention to security. It has DNS leak protection and full-disk encrypted servers to prevent your confidential information from being revealed. Proton VPN also has a VPN accelerator that can overcome CPU limitations and boost the VPN speed by over 400%. Therefore, this VPN will cause no harm during your Fortnite gameplay. (Also, click to see the Best Free VPN for Windows)


1. Reliable and secure

2. No-logs policy

3. VPN accelerator

4. Connect up to 10 devices


1. Limited servers in the Asia region 

2. Sometimes fail to bypass geo-blocks

3. Email-only customer support 

#4. Surfshark VPN


Surfshark VPN has 3200+ RAM-only servers in more than 65 countries, giving its users global access with comprehensive protection. Its CleanWeb function can help avoid phishing attempts, minimize malware risks, and block popping advertisements. Surfshark VPN also supports unlimited devices for connection. With just one subscription, you can enjoy playing Fortnite while your family can enjoy streaming online. (Click to see How to Watch Netflix Abroad?)


1. Global coverage with thousands of servers

2. Private DNS on each server

3. CleanWeb

4. Use on unlimited devices with one subscription

5. Strict no logs

6. Kill Switch 


1. Dodgy customer service

2. No free data or trial 

Geo blocks are annoying for sure. Fortnite video game is unavailable for residents living in China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and North Korea. However, the problem can be easily solved with a good choice of Fortnite VPNs. iTop VPN is one handy choice to unblock Fortnite given its stable performance, fast speed, and high-quality servers. Let’s see how to connect to another region in this world with one click. 

The features of Fortnite VPN – Make your gameplay faster than ever

1. 700MB Free data per day

iTop VPN generously offers free data for everyone (700MB per day, 21GB per month) to access region-locked websites from anywhere at any time. 

2. 10X faster speed when successfully connected

Just by paying a little bit more to become a premium subscribe, you can have a ten times faster speed and enjoy optimized servers exclusive for downloading, streaming, social, and gaming. (Click to see the Fastest VPN for Free)

3. Best-in-class servers covering the USA, Germany, Japan, etc.

This VPN for Windows, Mac, and mobile phones has a global network coverage with more than 1,800 servers in 100+ locations worldwide, including the USA, Germany, Japan, etc. 

How to Unblock the IP ban with Fortnite VPN?

Step 1. Download the iTop VPN application from the website and install it on your computer. 

Step 2. Double click it to open the main interface. 

Click the “For Gaming” on the left column and choose an optimized gaming server to play Fortnite video games. 

iTop Fortnite VPN to Break Fortnite IP Ban Step 2

Step 3. Hit the red circle for connection. 

The red button will turn in blue if it is successfully connected. Now you can unblock Fortnite IP ban and enjoy playing Fortnite.  

iTop Fortnite VPN to Break Fortnite IP Ban Step 3


In conclusion, the article introduces the four best Fortnite VPNs in the market with their pros and cons. Fortnite VPN free like the iTop are must-haves if you want to unblock Fortnite IP ban and play Fortnite video games. More importantly, Fortnite VPNs also act as a guard to prevent your personal information or sensitive data from hackers and snoopers. Hurry up to download iTop VPN and play your favorite video game without geographic restrictions!

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