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The Best Epic Games VPN in 2024: Bypassing IP Bans, and More

Want to play Epic Games uninterrupted? This blog shows you the best Epic Games VPN so that you can bypass IP bans, get lower prices, etc. Let’s check it!

Epic Games is a popular game developer and store, but some users are bothered by the Epic Games VPN ban. But don’t worry, this blog will tell you how to use a VPN to get around this restriction and access Epic Games Store no matter where you are. Using a VPN cannot only get around IP bans but also reduce lag, improve ping, etc. Are you excited? Keep reading to know the best VPN for Epic Games.

Epic Games VPN

Connecting to a VPN will not only protect your privacy but also bring you more benefits when playing Epic Games. What exactly are these benefits? Let's check them out!

  • Protects Online Privacy: Your devices are connected to other people and other devices (such as cameras, microphones, etc.) via the network while playing Epic Games. Once your real IP address is hacked, all your online activities will be compromised. However, if a VPN is employed, all your online activities will be well protected or monitored.

  • Bypass IP Bans: If Epic Games discovers you have violated established guidelines for online behavior, it will issue warnings to full account suspensions and IP bans. You need to create another Epic Games account and connect to a VPN server to change the IP.

  • Prevent ISP Throttling: When your ISP consciously reduces your bandwidth or connection speed based on what you're doing online, this is known as ISP throttling. A VPN can prevent ISP throttling by hiding the device's IP address and web activities.

  • Bypass Network Restrictions: Some places, such as campuses and workplaces, have restrictions on what can be viewed on the Internet when using their networks. Online gaming is one of the most commonly banned activities, including but not limited to Epic Games. Using a VPN to bypass network restrictions can easily fix this issue.

  • Get Better Price Deals: Epic Games offers regional pricing, which means prices will vary between country or region stores. So, you can bypass geo-blocking with the help of a VPN to lower the price of the game.

VPNs work by moving your Internet traffic through encrypted tunnels, which means your activity can get around network firewalls and website blacklists. Using a VPN can also greatly increases your online privacy and improve internet speeds. The key to choosing the right Epic Games VPN is latency, speed, security, and more. These four VPNs below do a great job at all of them. Let’s check what they are.

iTop VPN for Epic Games

iTop VPN has numerous quick and secure servers that helps users break geographical restrictions and access any online content anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, the IP address is hidden by military-grade encryption to protect users’ online privacy and security.

Benefits of Using iTop VPN for Epic Games

  • Bypass Epic Games IP Bans

Using iTop VPN for Epic Games can bypass the Epic Games IP ban by hiding your real IP address and then giving you a new virtual IP address.

  • Change a Region to Get Low Prices from Epic Games

Epic Games is not available in every country or region, so using iTop VPN( with1800+ VPN servers) can help you access Epic Games. What's more, you can obtain a low price for games because prices will vary across different country stores.

  • Protect Your Privacy via Military-Grade Encryption

iTop VPN protects your online privacy by encrypting all traffic passing through the VPN tunnel, which means that all conversations transmitted to and received from your device or during transmission are secure.

  • Free VPN Without Registration

iTop VPN is a user-friendly VPN that requires no sign-up and login, and your personal information will never be logged, disclosed, or sold.

So, how to access Epic Games using iTop VPN? Please follow the instructions below to set up a VPN:

Step 1: Download iTop VPN from its official website and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch iTop VPN to its main interface. Then, you can click the Connect button or the Hide Me button beside your IP to connect to your server.

iTop VPN for Epic Games


Before connecting to VPN, you can also view your real IP information by clicking the Details text. Once connected, you can only check your virtual IP information.

Besides, if you need to change servers, please click All Servers in the left navigation bar, choose a location where you’d like, and then click the Connect button on the right.

How to Change Epic Games Region with VPN

In addition to selecting different server locations, you can also choose some dedicated servers, such as VPN for downloading, streaming, gaming, etc.

NordVPN for Epic Games

NordVPN is a cost-effective option for Epic Games. It has a large number of servers available and allows up to six simultaneous connections. With the help of NordVPN, you and your friends can play Epic Games together with this secure and fast VPN.


Excellent performance and speed

Strong encryption standards

Minimal data logging

Six simultaneous connections


No unlimited free plan

Static IP addresses

NordVPN for Epic Games

ExpressVPN for Epic Games

Like iTop VPN, ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth but at a higher price. ExpressVPN, as a reliable and safe VPN for Epic Games, is also a good choice for you to play your preferred games at high speeds and without lag.


Government-grade encryption

Many server locations

No logging policy


Quite high cost

No app on Linux

ExpressVPN for Epic Games

Surfshark for Epic Games

Surfshark provides strong security features and unlimited concurrent connections. It emphasizes non-tracked, ad-free, and anonymous online activity, but its server speed appears to be slower than rivals. But, it is still adequate for you to play Epic Games without network restrictions.


Safe and private connection

Available on many platforms

Great prices


No split tunneling on iOS

Not the fastest VPN

Surfshark for Epic Games

Clients Unlimited Bandwidth Global Servers Free Version Lowest Price Supported Devices
iTop VPN Yes Yes Yes $1.66/month Windows, Mac, iOS
NordVPN Yes Yes No $3.99/month Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
ExpressVPN Yes Yes No $8.32/month Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Surfshark Yes Yes No $2.49/month Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

1. Why are Epic Games Blocked in School or Workplace? 

Most people have experienced network restrictions when playing Epic Games at school or the workplace. Why? Because gaming or other entertainment like social networking can make people diversionary. But in fact, appropriate entertainment can relax people so that they can continue to focus on work and study.

Also Read: Effective Tips on How to Bypass Blocked Websites at School >>

2. How to Solve Epic Games Not Working on PC? 

The reasons for Epic Games Not Working are various, but common solutions are as follows:

  • Deleting the Web Cache Folder

  • Adjusting the Display Settings

  • Reinstalling Epic Games Launcher

  • Ending Task Epic Games Launcher Process

If you have other issues with Epic Games, you can also go to Epic Games Support to find some fixes.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, using a VPN for Epic Games will give you a lot of benefits in terms of speed, security, privacy, and geo-blocking. Choosing the right Epic Games VPN, like iTop VPN, can provide everything you need to get the smoothest gaming experience when playing Epic Games. Now try it out.

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