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$1 VPN | 5 Best 1 Dollar VPN Services in 2024

Searching for a VPN for 1 dollar? Check here for the top 5 best $1 VPN in 2023. All listed 1 dollar VPNs are both affordable and reliable.

VPNs are very crucial these days. It creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the internet. This gives your data and communications a private tunnel for security especially when you are using public networks. More and more netizens are using VPNs to defense cyber attacks and data leakage. However, most big names in the market are a little high-priced. Do you want a VPN that costs less, like one that costs only $1? Here are the top 5 $1 VPN services that are both cheap and good at keeping you safe online. 

$1 VPN

The first $1 VPN that we would like to introduce is iTop VPN. It is a new star that performs very well for security and anonymity. It utilizes the most advanced encryption to take the sensitive and important information into a totally safe environment. You don’t need to worry about hacks, attacks or other threats.

It has a free VPN version that offers multiple free servers. To unblock more powers, you can subscribe the premium plan for $19.99 per year ($1.64 per month), $24.99 for two years ($1.04 per month), and $29.99 for three years ($0.84 per month). Well, you can get the VPN under $1/month with the 3-year subscription. Now, let’s check its abilities one by one.


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For Windows 11/10/8/7

Servers Around the World

iTop VPN employs 1,800+ servers in 100+ locations, making global internet access a reality. You can easily change your IP and location, once you connect to an available server, to unblock apps, websites and games from anywhere. This dollar 1 VPN also has a set of special servers for streaming, gaming, downloading. For example, you can access to Netflix VPN server, Lost Ark VPN Server, or servers for P2P torrenting. What’s more, it will gather more servers helping you access more interesting contents online in the future.

Fast Speed, No Lagging

All high-quality servers help deliver the most stable and fast network connection. No matter what you do, to watch a HD/4K video online, play FPS games or download a movie, it enables you to enjoy the internet with no lagging, no fps drop. What’s more, its ability to bypass ISP throttling allows you to use full bandwidth with no limitation.

Further Security Options

Besides military-grade encryption, iTop VPN has other options to further protect your security. Kill Switch will block the traffic if the VPN unexpectedly stops working to avoid data leakage. Security Reinforce can detect and fix any malicious things automatically. Browser Privacy can clean up traces in browsers.Plus no-log policy, iTop VPN is a 100% safe VPN service that you can trust.

Cross Platforms & Easy to Use

iTop VPN is a VPN for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. You can use it on at most 5 devices simultaneously. And, it is an easy-to-use program with straightforward interface. You just need to download and launch it > select a server > connect. Then, you can set up and use it on your devices for online security and freedom.

Best $1 VPN - iTop VPN

PureVPN is a premium VPN service with 6,500 servers in 78 countries. It provides unlimited bandwidth, P2P compatibility, and advanced security features, including strong encryption. PureVPN can unblock geo-restricted content based on the server to which you connect.

Additionally, it includes a dedicated Apple TV app. PureVPN also has four modes to choose from: Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, and File Sharing. PureVPN costs $10.95 per month. However, if you get their "24 + 3 Months Free" plan, you can get the PureVPN premium subscription for $1.99 per month ($53.95).

$1 VPN - PureVPN

All Protocols Supported by Multiple Servers

A huge number of PureVPN servers support all security protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, and WireGuard, to give you the highest level of protection regardless of where you connect.

No-log Certified

PureVPN never monitors, keeps, or discloses your sensitive information.

Engineered VPN Performance

PureVPN uses its own service and apps that are made to work best with broadband connections. The service provides the fastest speeds worldwide while running smoothly in the background.

The next 1$ VPN is LimeVPN. LimeVPN is a cheap VPN service that is based in Singapore. It has great speeds on third-party apps like OpenVPN GUI and SoftEther, but it only has a few servers. The strategically located servers enable it to unblock some of the most popular streaming channels and make it an excellent P2P VPN for torrenting service.

LimeVPN has two VPN services that can be paid for monthly, yearly, or every two years. The LimeVPN Basic package costs $2.49/month and only $1.49/month ($17.88) if you subscribe to the yearly plan. Meanwhile, LimeVPN Pro costs $19.99 per month or $14.98 per month on the yearly plan.

$1 VPN - LimeVPN

Corporate-class 256-bit Encryption

LimeVPN provides complete 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit keys.

No Logging and No DNS Leak

LimeVPN keeps no logs, and its DNS service prevents DNS leaks.

TOR over VPN

Use TOR on top of a VPN to stay anonymous on public networks (only available with LimeVPN Pro).

DDoS Protection

LimeVPN gives its clients DDoS protection. The DDoS protection also can withstand even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks (only available with LimeVPN Pro).

RayaVPN is a VPN that protects your internet traffic from monitoring, censorship, and interference. RayaVPN can also conceal or alter your location and browse the web anonymously from any place you want. 

$1 VPN - RayaVPN

RayaVPN costs 1$ per month, and with that, you can enjoy all its premium features, such as:

Hide Your IP

Your original IP address will be substituted with one from the RayaVPN network, preventing websites from tracking your online activities. This IP address will be shared with all other users on the server, making it harder to trace.

Wi-Fi Protection

When you use a public Wi-Fi connection, such as in a cafe or an airport, your entire browsing activity may be monitored. RayaVPN protects your privacy and keeps you safe online, even when you're using public Wi-Fi, by using 256-bit encryption technology.

Global Servers

RayaVPN has more than 200 VPN servers in over 7 of the most popular countries, and this number keeps growing.

The final VPN $1 per month, is Ivacy VPN. It is a VPN service that helps internet users all over the world. With Ivacy VPN, users can easily get around censorship and online threats.

Ivacy VPN has three pricing plans. The monthly plan costs $9.95, and the yearly plan costs $47.76 ($3.99 per month). Meanwhile, the 5 years plan costs $71.64 ($1.19 per month), and you will also get their Premium Password Manager.

$1 VPN - Ivacy VPN

Dedicated IP

Whitelisting IP addresses is possible with Dedicated IP. It is done to prevent unauthorized access to your business accounts or online accounts in general - it adds an additional layer of security.

Smart Purpose Selection

Purpose selection lets you choose why you want to connect to a VPN, such as for secure downloading, streaming, or unblocking. Ivacy VPN has your back in every way.

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It is possible to get a cheap yet reliable VPN. The $1 VPN list shows top choices to well protect online security while costing less. iTop VPN is highly recommended 1 dollar VPN not only because of its versatile functionality to safeguard privacy, access blocked contents, but the great performance to deliver you the most stable and fastest network. Download iTop VPN now to enjoy the best $1 VPN with its amazing features.

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