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8 Best VPN Clients to Protect Your Privacy Online 2024

The best VPN client can build a secure tunnel between devices and top servers for safe browsing. Here are such 8 VPN clients with top security protection.

VPN client greatly facilitates the process of setting up a virtual private network on user devices and helps users safely browse content over the network worldwide. It is why the netizen is more used to utilizing VPN clients to surf online, instead of configuring respective servers on devices for that. In this post, you will find out what is VPN client specifically and also the 8 best VPN clients so far. They are ideal for everyone who wants to encrypt online privacy or browse region-restricted content with minimal effort.

Best VPN Client

VPN client refers to a mobile or computer application with the core functions of VPN network connection. More theoretically, VPN client software is a necessary medium based on the client-to-site VPN, to initiate the connection between the end-user device and the remote VPN network.

The most distinctive side that makes it override other VPN approaches is, VPN server clients run with pre-configured & optimized servers and advanced privacy security protection, which lets all types of home and business users access secure private networks and organize servers in a more straight and controllable manner.

Many VPN service providers and VPN services have launched clients to serve the market demands. Let’s take a look at the best 8 VPN clients in this row.

Best VPN Client with Free and Fast Servers

iTop VPN wins the top reward as the best free yet premium-quality VPN client, thanks to the rich availability of high-quality free VPNs across the globe. Multiple layers of protection are well-equipped in iTop VPN to tackle potential threats. With this client, you can freely visit any website in any part of the world anonymously, without being tracked or getting personal data exposed.

Best VPN Client - iTop VPN

Designed as an easy VPN client, iTop VPN comes with an interactive UI and simple operation to let you safely run it with a simple click right way. Of course, it strongly meets all user demands, not just the entry-level users, with its highly tailored options and rich features.

Being weighed on feasibility, wide range of fast server free, and privacy security reinforcement, iTop VPN is a suitable solution for all cases where people need a private network.

Get the best VPN client free download to explore and use more free features:

NordVPN - Best VPN Client for Blazing-Fast Speed

Ranked among the top-notch VPN clients for both business and home users, NordVPN offers the perfect safe network solution, through a combination of ultra-fast servers, military-grade security, as well as easy operation.

The built-in WireGuard protocol helps to shape NordVPN as a preferred choice for users who take fast speed as the priority. The degree of security protection can imply how capable a VPN client is. On this point, NordVPN will never let you down with support for Kill Switch, TOR, Double VPN, and other new security options.

Setting up a VPN for Windows, macOS, Android, or iPhone is easy with NordVPN on basis of the optimized servers and self-explanatory UI. However, not surprisingly, this VPN client software is at a premium price, which may push many users who ask for an economical plan off.

Top VPN Client - NordVPN

OpenVPN Connect - Best VPN Client with Next Level Protection

Having long been deemed as an industry-standard VPN protocol, OpenVPN is more often used by other VPN services to realize simple VPN implementation. But now, the official OpenVPN Connect client is released as one of the best free VPN for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS, to simplify the connection to its self-hosted Access Server or OpenVPN Cloud using either site-to-site or remote access VPN method.

Functioning as an ultimate security network connection for business, OpenVPN focuses on private and safe network with multiple-protection support, including website content filtering, authentication certificates, Zero Trust Access, OpenSSL encryption, etc.

Compared with other of the best VPN client software on the lineup, it is slightly complicated to configure servers and use a private network in OpenVPN Connect, but for security-conscious users, especially enterprises, it is worth going through a deep learning curve when considering that OpenVPN is an optimal security network solution.

OpenVPN Connect

Windscribe - Best VPN Client for General Use

Windscribe is a lightweight client for general use. Whether you want to privately browse online without being tracked and personal data leak, or access geo-restricted content from other countries, Windscribe works as an effortless solution. It holds all features a qualified globe connect VPN client is supposed to have, covering fast servers and essential security protection.

This VPN client has extended feasibility on all mainstreaming operating systems and even streaming devices like Fire TV. A dedicated Windscribe extension for Google Chrome is also available. Using Windscribe requires registration on the web page. Then sign into Windscribe on the desktop to connect to a private network server.

Free VPN Client - Windscribe

ExpressVPN - The Best VPN Client Brings High Speed and Secure

Here comes a client from the well-established brand, ExpressVPN. The ExpressVPN client can be easily configured on almost all major operating systems. It’s also achievable to use this VPN service on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge by installing the right ExpressVPN extensions respectively.

ExpressVPN has been widely remarked for its wide range of rapid servers and pioneering & cutting-edge encryption norms. Its exclusive Lightway VPN Protocol will greatly contribute to a faster, more robust, and more secure VPN connection.

While ExpressVPN makes itself one of the best VPN clients in this world, it is also one of the most expensive options for use. There is no VPN free trial for Windows and other supported platforms, but given that it offers dramatically great performance for its price range, many users still add it into their cart.

Best VPN Client - ExpressVPN


The best Express VPN alternative, iTop VPN, is ready to give you an ultimately safe and fast VPN experience. It is free for good! Get iTop VPN Free >>

IPVanish - Best VPN Client for Unlimited Connection

If you are looking forward to a safe VPN connection working on multiple devices at the same time, IPVanish is highly recommended as the first consideration. It gives an unmetered device connections feature for this goal. Whatsoever, IPVanish delivers more than enough speed to let you stream from various on-demand devices, download large files, browse pages, and proceed on other activities smoothly. It also strengths the security of connection to any designated location, with the support for advanced encryption inducing AES 256-bit, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP protocols.

IPVanish is a controversial VPN client software option due to some failings, especially on the less user-oriented UI design, few extras of protection options, as well as narrow VPN servers distribution. But the perfectly solid performance for delivering fast and safe servers outweigh its drawbacks in many ways.

Best Client for VPN - IPVanish

Surfshark - Best VPN Client to Block Anything Harmful 

As a full-featured client for VPN, Surfshark hits all the basics ranging from the standard AES-256-GCM to no-logging policy and embraces extended security features that you can’t see on some similar products, such as the Camouflage and NoBorders features. When Surfshark puts heavy emphasis on non-tracked, ad-free, and anonymous online activities, its server speed seems to fall behind its competition, though, which is still good enough for you to achieve all daily Internet activities. Beyond that, the above-average price tag puts Surfshark on the expensive side.  People who are more concerned about unlimited connection and strong security features will find the client a promised solution.

Safe VPN Client - Surfshark

Hotspot Shield - Best VPN Client for Streaming

Hotspot Shield is an excellent VPN client software for streaming movies and TV shows. It excels at offering VPNs for Netflix, iPlayer, Disney Plus, etc. There are also dedicated VPNs for uTorrent, gaming, and more other purposes. The support for WireGuard VPNs theoretically ensures that you can get top speeds throughout your Internet browsing. Other powerful encryption options here further help you get rid of any possible risk from hackers or tracked by your ISP.

The subscription plans of Hotspot Shield are a mixture of free and premium options. With the basic free version, you will only be able to use Surfshark on a limited number of devices, certain platforms, or access parts of its features.

Best VPN Client - Hotspot Shield

Editor’s Pick
Concurrent Connections Global Servers Free Version Lowest Price Supported Platforms
iTop VPN 5 Yes Yes $2.31/month Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
NordVPN 6 Yes No $3.72/month Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
OpenVPN Connect 2 Yes Yes $75/month Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Windscribe Unlimited  Yes Yes $4.08/month Windows, macOS, Android, iOS 
ExpressVPN 5 Yes No $6.67/month Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Router
IPVanish Unlimited Yes No $4.45/month Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Fire TV, Routers
Surfshark Unlimited Yes No $2.21/month Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Hotspot Shield 5 Yes Yes $7.99/month Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, TV, Routers

All the 8 best VPN Clients make sure that you have a fast and strongly safe VPN experience, whilst they have different focuses that are apt to more particular demands, as mentioned above. Hopefully, you get your best bet after going through the information. If you are still in a dither about which is the best choice for you, it is highly recommended that you give iTop VPN a shoot. It gets all demands covered whether you want a free & fast VPN service, the highest security defender, or unlimited access to any site online. Get iTop VPN:

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