Secure Your Internet With Fast & Free VPN

Private Access to the Internet

Private Access to the Internet

Always encrypt your network data to make sure your location, your identity, and your activity are not monitored and controlled by hackers.

Besides, iTop VPN automatic Kill Switch can act as your guard net when the VPN connection shuts down. You'll never worry about exposing your information and sensitive data.

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Freely Access to Any Content

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Freely Access to Any Content

iTop VPN helps to get free access to any content wherever you are. Access to popular social media apps and watch videos, listen to music and visit websites you want without restriction.

More surprisingly, enjoy faster and better experience of streaming & gaming with dedicated servers of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, PUBG, LOL: Wild Rift and Free Fire.

Enhance the Privacy Protection

Enhance the Privacy Protection

Auto detect and fix any insidious or malicious bugs. More effectively protect your PC as well as your personal data from hackers with iTop VPN Security Reinforce.

You can also take advantages of its Browser Privacy and Ads Block for better privacy protection. Automatically clean up browser traces in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. and block ads & malicious links when you surf the web.

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Free iTop VPN

Should I Use a Free VPN?

Yes. Many people are skeptical about the security of free VPNs since they think that Free VPN providers have to maintain an infrastructure to keep their service running, by sacrificing users' benefits to get extra income, like collecting data, adding users' computers to a botnet network, etc. However, iTop Free VPN is a completely trustworthy free VPN provider, which encrypt your data, and sufficiently prevent hackers from tracking your IP address.
Our free VPN service is unlimited but with data limits daily (700MB/Day). If you prefer a premium version without any limits, please consider upgrading. Upgrade Now >

Why We Offer a Free VPN?

Online privacy is a fundamental human right. Protecting your online activities comes to our top priority. Providing free access to any content you want is our mission. The iTop VPN free plan is unlimited and guarantees security. No leaks, no gimmicks. Just online privacy and freedom for those who need it.
Secure Free VPN

View FAQs About Free VPN

Is it legal to use a free VPN?
It is absolutely LEGAL to use a free VPN. VPN software only focuses on your protecting your privacy and security. You will not break any laws when using iTop VPN in every corner of this world. Get this free VPN and enjoy its outstanding services.
How do I choose a free VPN software?
An ideal free VPN software should be 100% FREE rather than only offer free trials and start to charge you money after that or just support 1 device with one or two nodes in several countries. iTop VPN could promise you 100% free VPN service with 1800+ servers, 100+ locations, and 5 devices simultaneously.
Are there any drawbacks of using a free VPN?
The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The main drawback of using a free VPN is a slower internet connection. Most people would think about a free VPN must have limitations over speed, node, locations, etc. While iTop VPN is a free VPN software that has no compromises. You can enjoy a fast internet connection with a download speed of over 100Mbps.
More FAQs About iTop VPN

iTop VPN - Free, High-Speed, Safe VPN

iTop VPN apps are designed to give you quick access to high-speed servers while also being FREE for anyone to use anywhere.

Free VPN No Login

iTop VPN is the easy-to-use free VPN in the market that enables you to use free VPN directly, with no signup, no login.

100% FREE

iTop VPN is the rare free VPN in the market, which provides free servers and will not sell your data to third parties.

Fast Speed

Connect your device to the network of the servers covering most countries in the world at fast speed.


Secure your internet data with best-in-class encryption and never log your identity information.

Enjoy Global Network with iTop VPN Free

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    1800+ Servers
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    100+ Locations
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    Up to 5 Devices
  • USA VPN United States
  • Philippines Philippines
  • Australia Australia
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Singapore Singapore
  • France France
  • vpn Germany Germany
  • russia Russia
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • vpn India India
  • Korea South Korea
  • Canada Canada
  • Italy Italy
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Mexico Mexico
  • Spain Spain
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Iceland Iceland

iTop VPN Download for All Devices

iTop VPN offers compatible VPN software for all major operating systems: VPN for PC (Windows and Mac), iOS, and Android. Access your favorite content securely by downloading iTop VPN now.

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