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You Do Need A VPN in Your Daily Life

  • Online Security

    iTop VPN encrypts your online activities. Even when connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi, you don’t need to worry about privacy leaks.

  • Online Anonymity

    iTop VPN hides your real IP address, so that snoopers cannot trace anything back to your real location. Besides, iTop itself also won’t collect and share your information.

  • Online Freedom

    iTop VPN helps you bypass Internet restrictions. You can easily connect to its global servers and enjoy & access whatever you want.

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User Review

"If you’re keen on staying anonymous while surfing the World Wide Web, this minimalist VPN client can sort that out for you. Thanks to simple handling and a non-obtrusive behavior, it can be a reliable tool for such uses."


"The online world is full of shady websites and nefarious trackers that follow you and attack your privacy every second you are online. Use the iTop VPN and secure your online connection so you can browse the internet without any privacy concerns."

-Dorothy G

"Nice design, intuitive interface! It also provides lots of virtual private servers in many countries. Even more, there is no traffic limitation and no ads. I highly recommend you to download it."

-Alyssa G

"I want to say, this is the best VPN service I found in my 10 years internet journey, want to say thanks for your service."

-Kerwin W

"Performance is quite good, friendly interface. I have had ZERO problems. Furthermore, the Kill Switch feature will stop all internet traffic in case the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, which can prevent personal data leaks."

-Minor M

"The speed is incredible!!! I have a paid service and also a lifetime license for another service. However, your service is much faster."

-Herbert S

"iTop VPN is absolutely astonishing. There is no internet speed limitation, it is like using a normal connection. It is very convenient as it provides a variety of counties to choose from. Overall, it is really a great VPN."

-Etienne W

"Really fast to connect with no gap! I have tried numerous VPN and this the best! Thanks for this very good Vpn!"

-Berger M

"Really love iTop VPN, it is 100% free! Since I installed it, I can access all those blocked sites as I want. It doesn't change the internet speed, but changes the IP address so I can browse safely, without being tracked."

-Katherine B

"Easy to install and use. Performance is quite good, friendly interface. I really appreciate the auto match feature as I don’t need to choose a country and city manually to connect. It would be better if it adds more countries."

-Norma J

"Great service, totally free! It allows you to choose your region and unlimited data all for free and there are no ads. I have been using this VPN for some while and my experience is quite good."

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Browse without any personal data leak
Daily data cap allowed through iTop VPN 700 MB Unlimited
VPN servers optimized for your needs 16 1800+
Virtual locations available to choose 1 100+
Up to 10x faster connection speed Basic 10x faster
Dedicated servers for popular streaming services - Netflix, BBC, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Peacock, etc.
Dedicated servers for well-liked games online - PUBG, Roblox, Call of Duty Warzone, etc.
Dedicated servers for mainstream social networking - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, etc.
Extra Browser Privacy to protect you from trackers -
Deep Security Reinforce for better PC protection -
Block unwanted & malicious ads while browsing -

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    • · 1800+ servers16 servers
    • · Unlimited data usage700MB/day
    • · 10x faster speed
    • · Streaming VIP servers
    • · Gaming VIP servers
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