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How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos [6 Ways]

Have you ever mistakenly deleted a video from your YouTube channel or local disk? Here are 6 ways helping you recover deleted YouTube videos with ease.

YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms for sharing videos globally. According to the published statistics, it has an accumulated audience of 2.6 billion users worldwide until 2022. As a big fan of YouTube, you probably have experienced accidentally deleting YouTube videos. In fact, it happens to any one of us. Sometimes, YouTubers may delete their collections of saved videos by mistake during viewing, editing, sharing, or uploading. Some people may mass remove downloaded YouTube videos to free up space on their local disks but hope to retrieve them afterward.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

Can you recover deleted YouTube videos? Don't panic if any mistaken deletion occurs. The article provides 6 approaches to help you recover deleted YouTube videos efficiently.

Firstly, let's discuss how to recover deleted YouTube videos using the corresponding online approaches in different scenarios.

Way 1. Recover Deleted YouTube Videos through Back Machine

Requiring no technical expertise, the first simple method to recover deleted YouTube videos involves using the Way Back Machine. It is a non-profit website (, where many YouTube videos were archived as flash videos here. However, the premise of using to get lost videos back is to have the URLs of the lost videos. Therefore, the approach is ideal for video uploaders or those who are able to obtain the URLs.

Steps on how to restore and download deleted YouTube videos through

Step 1. Head to, paste the URL in the search bar and search.

Step 2. Search your deleted YouTube videos in the upload history based on the uploaded dates.

Step 3. Watch the deleted YouTube video and download it if necessary.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with

Way 2. Recover Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link

It is not always possible to be able to find the links of the deleted YouTube videos. How to recover deleted videos from YouTube if you don’t have URLs? Learn the second way and know how to bring lost videos back without links.

Step 1. Visit and create a free account.

Step 2. Allow “Read Only” YouTube access and hit “Recover Now” to get a title list of your deleted or private YouTube videos from the playlist.

Step 3. Go to and paste the deleted YouTube video title into the search bar to search.  

Step 4. Exam these results and recover deleted YouTube videos.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link

Way 3. Find Deleted YouTube Videos with Digits

Another way to recover deleted YouTube videos is using digits. You might have noticed that every YouTube video link contains a unique combination of digits and alphabets. If you have ever saved the URL of that deleted video somewhere else, this method is right for you.

Step 1. Copy the alphanumeric characters after “=” from the video link.

Step 2. Paste them in the Google Search box and utilize Google Search Operators to search.

Step 3. Browse the results to find and recover deleted YouTube videos.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with Digits

Way 4. Find Deleted YouTube Videos from Similar Sites

Funny as it may seem, many video platforms have the same video source in practice. Therefore, you can check other YouTube alternatives and look for deleted YouTube videos on similar websites.

Step 1. Type “ + YouTube video title” in the Google Search bar and search.  

Step 2. Google will present all the relevant videos from various video hosting websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Twitch, Break, and Vevo. You can check these results one by one and recover lost YouTube videos.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos from Similar Sites

Way 5. Contact YouTube Help for YouTube Video Recovery

The last solution to recover deleted YouTube videos is YouTube Help Support.

Step 1. Log in to your YouTube account and navigate to Help > Need More Help > Get Creators Support.

Step 2. Choose a category regarding your issue and get email support from YouTube staff to recover deleted videos.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos by Contacting YouTube Help

Secondly, we will talk about how to restore deleted YouTube videos using an offline approach. Maintaining a high level of 95% success rate, iTop Data Recovery is a fast and safe data recovery tool for Windows users to deal with any data loss situations. Regardless of whether you clear the recycle bin by mistake or lose files due to failed hard drive or system crash, malware or viruses attacks, or Windows update, iTop Data Recovery is your good helper to retrieve all kinds of documents.


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Highlights of iTop Data Recovery

● Unique recovery algorithm: Thanks to unique recovery algorithm, people can have an ultra-fast scan and get back lost files in just minutes using the data recovery software.

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● Preview before purchasing: Moreover, iTop Data Recovery gives people a free trial to try out all its features. After that, pay only $ 26.99 per month to enjoy unlimited-times recovery on almost all storage devices.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from YouTube with iTop Data Recovery?

Step 1. Download iTop Data Recovery and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

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Step 2. Launch iTop Data Recovery and tick to select scan locations and file types. If you want to restore a deleted YouTube video, choose videos as the File Type. Next, click the blue circle Scan button to start scanning.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with iTop Data Recovery - Select Scan Locations and File Types

Step 3. The scanning process will take a few minutes. When finished, you will see a result page demonstrating the numbers of deleted files, file types, file locations, file names, file path, file sizes, modified dates, together with recoverability status. Browse the results and preview the YouTube video to see if it is recoverable.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with iTop Data Recovery - Scan and Preview Deleted Videos

Step 4. After confirmation, click the Recover button to restore and save the lost YouTube videos on your computer.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos with iTop Data Recovery - Recover Videos

Undoubtedly, finding your YouTube video missing on your YouTube channel or local storage drive is rather frustrating. Though it is a difficult task to recover deleted YouTube videos, we are lucky to have these efficient ways to retrieve lost videos. After reading the article, we believe you have learned how to recover deleted YouTube videos using online and offline approaches.

Well, if you are trying to retrieve YouTube videos saved on your hard drive, iTop Data Recovery can offer a comprehensive solution to get them back easily and quickly. Moreover, besides videos, it can also recover any lost data from computer. Try it to get your important files back now.

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