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How to Recover Data from HDD on Windows 10 - 2023 Free Way

How to recover data from HDD and all storage devices? This article will offer the best data recovery solution that is 100% working to recover data from HDD.

Short for Hard Disk Drive, HDDs are probably the most critical component of your computer. As primary or secondary storage devices, they are designed to store your data permanently when your computer shuts down. In addition, HDDs are the component responsible for booting up the operating system.

How to Recover Data from HDD

However, HDDs are prone to data loss due to mechanical failures or human misuse. This could be totally a disaster because your data including operating systems, important files, and installed software might be gone. But fear not. In this article, we’ll introduce a useful method to help you recover data from HDD. It’s efficient, reliable, and free. Just keep reading to learn more.

Before introducing how to recover data from HDD, let’s have a basic knowledge of it. Installed inside a computer, HDDs are non-volatile devices that control the reading and writing of the disk that provides data storage. Generally, there are 4 types of HDD and they are:

Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)

PATA hard drives are made of mechanical moving parts. Based on similar signaling technology, they can transfer multiple bits of data simultaneously.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

Adopting parallel and signaling technology, SATA hard drives transfer data one bit at a time with a speed of 150-300MB/S. They supersede PATA in size and power consumption with better pricing.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

SCSI hard drives upgrade in speed, storage, and operations. They can be connected to peripheral devices and transmit data at 320 MB/S internally or externally.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

With a data transfer speed of 550 MB/s, SSDs are the latest type of hard drive. They don’t have moving parts or use magnetism to store data, which makes them durable and less prone to damage.

So how to recover data from HDD? Before applying the recovery methods, it’s important to identify the data loss situations. Here are the 4 common scenarios that you might stumble upon, just check them out.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure/malfunction is one of the most often seen data loss scenarios. You may find hard drives frequently crashing or hard to boot up. The computer performance becomes increasingly slow and your files can not be accessed. A failing hard drive is often the primary perpetrator of file corruption and data loss.

Accidental Deletions

Human errors are another common situation that causes data loss. You might mistakenly delete the files or format your hard drive accidentally for misunderstanding the system error message. Either way, you can easily recover hard drive data if you manage to use HDD recovery software as soon as possible.

Viruses & Malware Infections

Viruses and malware are real threats, which are often infected by email attacks or phishing. They steal, destroy and encrypt your data. You may find your HDDs are completely corrupted or the entire network is infiltrated after virus attacks or malware infections.

Physical Damage 

HDDs are vulnerable to physical damage, which might lead to serious data loss. External factors like improper handling, water or fire damage, wear & tear, magnetic exposure, and dropping can cause fatal damage to HDDs. Data loss caused by physical damage is almost irreversible.

While data loss caused by serious physical damage can be irrecoverable in most cases, there are ways to get your data back for situations like hard drive malfunctions, accidental deletions, and viruses/malware attacks. The simplest way to retrieve data from HDD is to use a professional HDD recovery software, for instance, iTop Data Recovery. With multiple advanced features, the software can help you recover data from any data loss situation.


3,000,000+ Downloads
from 100+ countries & regions

Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

For Windows 11/10/8/7

Want to learn more? Just have a look at the main features as follows.

Recover 1000+ Formats from HDD

Supporting 1000+ formats, iTop Data recovery can help you recover file types of all sorts from HDD, from precious family videos to scenic photos to important work documents. It’s the best HDD recovery software that can identify any traces you have deleted on hard disks. With iTop Recovery software, you can easily recover permanently deleted photos with just a few clicks.

Recover Data from HDD & External Devices

iTop Data Recovery can not only help you recover data from HDD but also external devices, including USB, SDs, digital cameras, and more. Once you have iTop Data Recovery at hand, you will never be caught off guard when losing important files. Whether you want to make partition recovery on Windows 10 or perform SanDisk Recovery, iTop Recovery software is here to help.

100% Safe to Recover Data from HDD

iTop Data Recovery is fast and safe, which is 100% reliable to recover data from HDD. There’s no need to sign up, and the recovery process is completely offline. Your data, confidential information, and private photos on HDD will never be exposed via networks. You can have full control over the data recovery on HDD and get all your data back.

High Success Rate for HDD Data Recovery

With years of experience, iTop Data Recovery is a data recovery expert that guarantees a high recovery rate for any data loss situation. Whenever you lose important files on HDD, just remember not to overwrite the data and use iTop Data Recovery as early as possible. With iTop Data Recovery, you can recover a formatted hard drive with 95% success rate.

Data Backup on HDD Available

The backup feature released lately allows users to back up their important files on HDD. With sophisticated backup and recovery capabilities, you can have peace of mind because your precious data can enjoy ultimate protection.

With its impressive performance, iTop Data Recovery is simply the best data recovery software that can rival most industry leaders. It’s certainly your No.1 choice to recover data from HDD.

Now let’s see how to recover data from HDD with iTop Data Recovery.

Step 1. Free download and install the data recovery software on Windows.

Free Download

For Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 2. Select the File Types and Locations (your HDD drive). Click the “Scan” button to start scanning lost files.

Recover HDD Data with iTop Data Recovery Choose Options

Step 3. Preview files that have been found. Click the “Recover” button to recover files and save them in a preferred location.

Recover Data from HDD with iTop Data Recovery Recover Files

With an intuitive interface, the software is geared toward all users. Even average users can make hard disk recovery on Windows 10 with the 3-steps above!


With a large capacity, HDD hard drives are useful storage devices to save valuable data. Without HDD, your computer will not operate at all. While data loss on HDD is quite common due to various reasons, it’s important to know how to recover data from HDD with the most useful method. As you can see, with powerful features, iTop Data Recovery is the most comprehensive data recovery solution not only for HDD but also for almost all storage devices like SSD. Just try it for free and handle any data loss situation easily today!


3,000,000+ Downloads
from 100+ countries & regions

Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

For Windows 11/10/8/7

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