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5 Methods to Fast Recover Data from External Hard Drive

How to recover data from external hard drive? This article will introduce 5 practical methods that can help you recover data from external hard drive fast.

With large storage, an external hard drive can not only help you transfer files but also save so much personal data, from your childhood pictures to graduation ceremonies to wedding memories, an external hard drive can carry them all. External hard drives are our digital memories in the modern world.

Putting all your data in one single external hard drive makes your data vulnerable. This is because these days data loss on external drives is pretty common due to various reasons. That’s why people want to know how to recover data from external hard drive. Don’t worry. This article will introduce the 5 most practical methods for external hard drive data recovery. Just keep reading!

Recover Data from External Hard Drive with 5 Methods

Data loss is a serious problem and it hurts to lose your precious personal data. There is always one method to help you solve problems: using the best data recovery software to fix it. Here comes the iTop Data Recovery, the most reliable data recovery service that works for data loss situations of all sorts.


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Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

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What makes iTop Data Recovery outstanding? Just have a look at the main features as follows.

Recover Data from Most External Devices

As one of the most professional recovery software, iTop Data Recovery can help you recover deleted data from a wide range of external devices, including FAT32, NTFS, HDD, SSD, USB, SDs, CF, etc. From internal hard drives to external devices to memory cards for cameras, with iTop Data Recovery, your important files and documents can be recovered with a single click.

Fast Data Recovery

Packed with an advanced and fast scan algorithm that is 120% faster than averages, iTop Data Recovery is the most efficient data recovery solution on the block. You can get your data back in just a few minutes. Offering various scan options tailored to multiple types of data loss scenarios, the fast data recovery software allows you to recover data from external hard drive quickly without running a full system scan.

Recover Data from Any Data Loss Situations

iTop Data Recovery is the most comprehensive service that can help you recover data from almost all data loss situations you can think of, such as accidental deletion, hard drives crash/formatting, virus infection and malware ruined files, etc. With iTop Data Recovery, you don’t have to Google “external hard drive data recovery near me” because your important files can be recovered with ease.

Support to Recover Data in Multiple Formats

Supporting 1000+ formats, iTop Data Recovery allows you to recover data without limitations. From your precious family photos/videos to favorite music to important project documents, all major file formats are supported. With iTop Recovery Software, you can not only recover data from external hard drive but any format from any device.

High Success Rate

While the average data recovery tools can probably help you get back only a handful of files, iTop Recovery Software can do much more. With a 95% success rate of data recovery, you have a better chance to get almost all your files back. Of course, minimizing the risk of overwriting increases the success rate. Just make sure to use iTop Data Recovery as soon as possible when you need to recover data from external hard drive.

How to recover data from HDD device - 3 Steps

Step 1. Free download and install iTop Data Recovery on Windows.

Free Download

For Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 2. Choose location and formats. Click on the “Scan” button to start scanning.

Scan to Recover Data from External Hard DriveStep 3. Preview the files you want to retrieve. Make sure they are recoverable and save them afterward.

Recover Data from External Hard Drive Fast

While iTop Recovery Software is deemed the easiest solution for external hard drive data recovery, there are a few methods that can help you recover data from external hard drives as well. But please mind that each method has its limitations, and some of them could be a bit complicated if you are not tech-savvy.

1. Try the Windows Recycle Bin

If you deleted your files like pictures and videos on external hard drives by accident, then you can try the Windows Recycle Bin to get your files back. The Recycle Bin is a temporary storage place for deleted data. It’s where you can find your deleted files and recover data from external hard drives before they are manually or permanently removed. Here’s how to recover data with Windows Recycle Bin.

Step 1. Open Windows Recycle Bin.

Step 2. Locate and select the files or folders you want to recover.

Step 3. Right-click on the files and select “Restore” to recover data from external hard drives. 

Recover Data with Recycle Bin

If your files have been permanently removed and you can’t find them in the Recycle Bin (Emptied), you might want to resort to specialized tools, for instance, iTop Data Recovery to help you recover recycle bin deleted files after empty.

2. Use the Command Prompt to Recover Data

Command Prompt, also known as CMD, is a command-line interpreter application available on Windows. You can recover data from external hard drive by giving your computer text commands. The method is quite useful when dealing with data loss caused by malware and the files are invisible or impossible to access.

Here’s how to get your files back on external hard drives with Command Prompt.

Step 1. Press the “Win + R” key to open the Command Prompt window.

Step 2. Type “CMD” and click “OK.”

Step 3. Type the commands: "ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D X:*.*" and hit Enter.

Recover Data with Command Prompt

3. Restore Files Using File History

File History is a useful feature on Windows that can help you restore files and recover data from external hard drive, especially for data loss like unsaved files due to power cuts and system crashes. But please make sure you have backed up files by enabling the File History feature beforehand.

Here’s how to restore files with File History on Windows.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Back Up, click “More options.” You can see an overview of backups if the feature has been enabled.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the “Restore files from a current backup.”

Recover Data with File History Restore - Step 1Step 3. Choose the files and folder you want to retrieve, click on the green “Restore” button to restore files.  Or you can click the gear button in the top right and select “Restore to” to recover files to your desired location.

Recover Data with File History Restore - Step 2

4. Restore Data with Windows System File Checker

You can also use the Windows System File Checker(SFC), a built-in Windows tool to help you recover data from external hard drive. This method is useful for data loss due to system crashes or your files have been attacked by malware. Similar to Command Prompt, the method looks a bit complicated so you might need to follow the steps carefully.

Here’s how to restore data with Windows System File Checker.

Step 1. Press the “Windows + S” key, type in “Command Prompt” and select the “Run as Administrator.”

Step 2. Type in the commands “sfc /scannow” and press “Enter.”

Recover Data with Windows System File Checker

Step 3. Leave the Command Prompt window open. Your computer will be scanning all your protected files and replacing the corrupted files with a cached copy.

You will see “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations” if the command runs successfully. If you can’t see them, just restart your computer in Safe Mode and try the method again.


Data loss on external drives is quite common due to various reasons, which can be a frustrating experience in our everyday lives. This article has introduced 5 practical methods that can help you recover data from external hard drive successfully. As you can see,  iTop Data Recovery is the simplest all-in-one solution because it can handle data loss of all sorts, while other methods are limited to certain scenarios. Want to get your important files back effortlessly? Try the best data recovery software iTop Data Recovery, you can surely have a better chance to get all your data back!

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